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  1. Funtime Friday.

    Omega F300 cone for me today. Old pic
  2. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

    3 very nice watches, although I have to agree re the mesh on the Breitling. Not my cup of tea at all. I don't envy you choosing between them, but I doubt they'll hang around for very long once you decide which icon the block. Congrats on the milestone and enjoy the new addition when you get it.
  3. Thursday timepieces.

    Vostok KGB manual wind for me today. The end of a busy week and start of 10days of freedom from work
  4. New Phoibos

    I like the simplicity of that. Just had a look at their site and the dlc version looks nice too. Not bad value either given the spec. Enjoy
  5. A Trio of Quartz Divers

    I have the MDE version which looks good on most strap options. Currently it's sporting a waterproof leather with orange accents/stitching to match the orange minute hand. Also had it on a NATO and bracelet. I find it's a nicely built, robust and inexpensive diver. Yours are great. I keep looking at kirby Morgan versions when they pop up on evilbay. They seem to attract good money, enjoy yours .
  6. Big thumbs up to simon2

    , A quick big thumbs up to simon2, of this parish, at the request of my mate at work. All for his speedy and honest appraisal of his late father in laws Omega Deville dress watch and the prospects of successful repair. He sends his thanks and best regards
  7. TFI Friday 23.03.18

    My picture doesn't do it justice to be honest. Its a nice watch. It's got a few extra scratches/marks I imagine, but not as bad as it looks in my image. If I decide to move it on I'll let you know
  8. TFI Friday 23.03.18

    I bought this model from someone off the forum. Not sure if it's your old one though . Here it is although I'm not wearing it today. Its been the OMega SMP all day for me.
  9. Wednesday timepieces 21/03/18

    Still the Omega Imperial for me today
  10. Tuesday Tickers 20.03.18

    I've a couple of vintage Omega's but that particular one is a family heirloom from my late father in law. The dial wabi was all due to him, hence it not being refurbed. The movement had a service a few years ago and keeps good time. I wear it in rotation with my other watches. I'd definitely buy another. Can't fault a vintage Omega tbh.
  11. Tuesday Tickers 20.03.18

    Omega Imperial with a well worn dial for me today.
  12. The Super Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    Think I'll start the snowy day with the vostok KGB
  13. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    The DaveyP sekonda for me today
  14. Omega Deville corrosion

    I agree gimli it looks long overdo a service, which is beyond my abilities. This is exactly what I've told him. The fact it runs at all is both surprising and encouraging
  15. A colleague at work has just been given his late father in laws Omega Deville and asked if I'd replace the battery. I took the case back off which is stamped 1332 & found this slightly corroded 1337 movement inside. You can see the corrosion from the battery and the black goo I assume is what's left of the rubber seal. This has leached onto the movement over time. I cleaned it up a little with some rodico, being careful to lift the particles of corrosion, but didn't hold a lot of hope for it. It hasn't cleaned up too badly. As far as I can tell this takes a renata 381 or 391 battery. Unclear due to mixed messages on different sites. I had a 391 so put it into the watch. It fired into life immediately, but all isn't well. The second hand moves around quickly and the minute hand follows very slowly. The movement is set using a pusher near the crown and from instructions you're to push the pusher in with a pen nib or similar, hold for 5seconds, release, then push down again and hold. The second hand is supposed to move quickly and the minute hand follow, you then release the pusher at the correct minute. The hour and date are then changed using the crown. However, Releasing the pusher does nothing and the hands coninue to move quickly regardless. i think it's long overdue a service, unless the battery type isn't right as this seems the most obvious answer. Any ideas gratefully received. As an aside I think it must be a crossover year watch as the casebck says 1332 and the movement is a 1337. From omega's vintage archive this seems to suggest a 1979/80 era watch. Again I'd appreciate any thoughts. There's always the possibility the movement has been replaced at some point but given the appearance I doubt it. cheers jamie

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