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  1. Incoming (yesterday)

    Nice pair of watches. Enjoy

    My late 40s Omega has a very similar handset but mainly baton markers and what is left of the dial is more cream than white. Mine had a hard life though and is well worn.
  3. Omega SMP quartz for me
  4. New Arrival

    I like the look of these, but have never seen one in the flesh to be able to satisfy myself they're worth the outlay. If I saw one at the right time and price I'd probably take a punt, as they have something that keeps drawing me back to looking at them. I've never seen one on a bracelet so would be interesting to see if that suits as much as a strap.Enjoy yours
  5. The DHodge 1968 Diver

    Very nice acquisition. Enjoy
  6. SHOES

    Ive used altberg, lowa, dickies and haix for work previousy. All great solid, comfortable, long lasting boots. Currently sporting some hoggs of Fife dealer boots for the bad weather (supposedly made by Loake) but once the weather improves I'll revert back to my Loake brogues - most comfortable shoes I've ever had.
  7. Sunday newbies post 1990

    Omega SMP for me this morning
  8. Saturday watch parade

    Not worn anything all day as I’ve been playing veterans rugby. Finished now and put on the festina for post match libations
  9. Friday 12.01.18 WRUW

    Festina for me today
  10. In two minds

    Keep the speedbird and if you really decide you want an alpina save a few quid a week for one. Buy it and then if you prefer it sell the speedbird. That way if you get an alpina and decide you actually prefer the speedbird you’ve not got to find one again
  11. I'm not generally a massive fan of TW Steel as I find them too big, but that looks good. Liking the sandwich dial, lume and legibility. For me it could lose the date window completely and not be the worse for it. Strap looks good too. I'd be interested to see them both when you've swapped the straps over, as I think the swap over will suit them. Enjoy
  12. Thursday's mechanicals.

    Omega Dynamic again for me today
  13. First Rolex

    That looks extremely nice. Great purchase, enjoy
  14. Tuesday tickers

    Been trying the secret Santa Wakmann on waterproof leather strap today
  15. Sunday Upmarket Oldies, made before 1990

    Swapped to my Smiths Imperial, in 9ct gold Dennison case, on a pav strap. More classic than upmarket but I like it

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