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  1. Wasn't there an article where if the rotor wasn't aligned properly then it wouldn't wind the watch correctly on wrist, result being low power reserve? As others have stated if it's new then send it back.
  2. Did some testing and on my android tablet each sales section opens up in a web view but on my apple phone it takes me to differing threads, for the main watch related sales it brings me here.
  3. I can see the sales sub section but if I click on the watch sales section it takes me to this thread, if I click on non watch related it takes me to another thread. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  4. I have a skx013 which has a similar issue, was this way when I got and I've tried to fix it but I can't get the damned case back off, seems that it must have been screwed in using an impact driver.
  5. When I click on the for sales section from Tapatalk it links to this post? Any ideas what is going on?
  6. As JimboJames1972 mentions the SKX031 and 033 are slightly smaller and thinner, I have the 031 and find it very comfortable on my small girlie wrists. I've been trying to get a 033 at a reasonable price and condition for quite some time now but they hardly ever come up for sale.
  7. You might get hit for customs charges so take that into account before deciding.
  8. That Spirit and the SARB072 look bloody lovely. Didn't realise that the Spirit whiteface came with gold markers and hands.
  9. I've got the spirit SVC001 variant, head looks the same/similar but with a different bracelet and I do like it, so much so that I went and also got a SARB035
  10. WOW, that is a huge chunk of watch, no way in the world that I could ever contemplate something like that with my weedy girly wrists
  11. Cheers Martin, just logged in using a browser and although initially there was nothing logging off and back on and I can now see the classifieds. Pity I can't see them from Tapatalk.
  12. Has this gone? From Tapatalk I can see the sections but it takes me to a normal thread/post?
  13. They should be the same case size.
  14. The rotor on my skx009 has some vertical play but it's never caused any issues. No idea why it's like this except maybe for added shock protection which would allow lateral movement.
  15. There's a 009 for sale on the Christopher Ward forum if you have access and interested. Wants 190 for it.