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  1. Which one would you buy <£200

    How is the 009 for ladies?
  2. Help with SKX Modding

    Sorry can't help with proper advice but I'd avoid Timpsons, they can hardly resole/reheel a shoe never mind work on a watch.
  3. Seiko Service Centre UK

    Quite a few people have mentioned a "miserable women" wonder if it's the same person and if it is should she really be the face that greets the public?
  4. Seiko Service Centre UK

    I sent my daughters solar watch to them as it wasn't charging and all they did was charge it under a high power lamp and send it back,still has the issue that in everyday use it stops so they didn't look at or resolve the actual issue. My daughter as a result has gone off the Seiko brand and has since purchased a few watches, none of them Seiko.
  5. Orient Star Classic

    Love the black, red and white. Wonder if the bracelet would fit on a SARB033/035?
  6. SKX MOD'S

    Managed to locate the thread that I purchased my watch from and it states "Murphy bezel and dagaz vintage bezel insert fitted".
  7. SKX MOD'S

    No sorry I don't, I purchased the watch with it and the insert already fitted.
  8. SKX MOD'S

    For me changing the bezel for a coin edge version just completes the watch.
  9. SKX power reserve 20 hours!

    Wasn't there an article where if the rotor wasn't aligned properly then it wouldn't wind the watch correctly on wrist, result being low power reserve? As others have stated if it's new then send it back.
  10. Er Hello??????

    Did some testing and on my android tablet each sales section opens up in a web view but on my apple phone it takes me to differing threads, for the main watch related sales it brings me here.
  11. Er Hello??????

    I can see the sales sub section but if I click on the watch sales section it takes me to this thread, if I click on non watch related it takes me to another thread. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. Seiko monster help required

    I have a skx013 which has a similar issue, was this way when I got and I've tried to fix it but I can't get the damned case back off, seems that it must have been screwed in using an impact driver.
  13. Er Hello??????

    When I click on the for sales section from Tapatalk it links to this post? Any ideas what is going on?
  14. Seiko diver: smaller size

    As JimboJames1972 mentions the SKX031 and 033 are slightly smaller and thinner, I have the 031 and find it very comfortable on my small girlie wrists. I've been trying to get a 033 at a reasonable price and condition for quite some time now but they hardly ever come up for sale.
  15. Seiko Dealer Website Safe?

    You might get hit for customs charges so take that into account before deciding.