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  1. IAmATeaf


    Normally to set the date/day you pull the crown out to the first stop and then turning it one will change the date and the other way will change the day but before I do this I always make sure I am at least 6 hours away from the normal midnight date/day change, so pull the crown out all the way and advance the hands until the date and day change, then advance the hands a further 6 hours then set the date/day.
  2. IAmATeaf

    Hand engraved Seiko 5 sports wristwatch by artist

    Some great patience and skills. How hardy/long lasting is the ink then?
  3. IAmATeaf

    Beware Frankenwatch ebay seller

    What were and is the current fault? Regardless of the pedigree of the watch it might be possible to repair/service and get it working, yes I know it will hurt as it's not what you purchased but at least you'll be able to wear it. Pics of the watch would be great, everybody here loves pictures
  4. IAmATeaf

    Repair cost limits.

    It is a nice looking watch. How did you oil it? You'd normally have to dismantle it, clean each component and then oil where necessary when putting it back together. In terms of what I've spent, for my SKX009 I sent well over £200 in repairing it, not because it had any sentimental value but being bone headed I refused to give up on it. I purchased it 2nd hand off another forum and then went away on holiday and never noticed that it had a problem a few months later, so I decided "how hard can it be", purchased some tools and oils and took it apart, after that it all went wrong but that's another story. I ended up replacing the entire mechanism and dial in the end :D
  5. IAmATeaf

    Skeleton Watches

    I used to like them many years ago but only as I found them intriguing but now, I've yet to see one that really thought wow, that includes some of the part skeleton watches. I find that whatever of the inards you can see through the face just ruins the dial for me.
  6. IAmATeaf

    Seiko Padi Turtle

    I actually like both but I just can't personally get over the turtle case, puts me off for some reason, maybe I need to see one in the flesh?
  7. IAmATeaf

    SKX power reserve 20 hours!

    The hairspring could be tangled, a well reported issue with this movement, a short but firm tap of the watch into your palm normally sorts this out. As the SKX doesn't have a display back you can't see or confirm if the hairspring is tangled but the a firm tap shouldn't do it any harm.
  8. IAmATeaf


    Ah Ok, thanks for the reply.
  9. For the last week or so I've been unable to access the forum using Tapatalk, complains that it can't logon. Is this as a result of a recent change?
  10. IAmATeaf

    Why are Tissot so Faked

    Until this thread I didn't even know that Tissot watches were faked, interesting read all round.
  11. IAmATeaf

    Orient Ray II - taking stem off

    I'd give the round hole directly below the stem and above the screw a try, no idea about the this movement but for Seiko 7S26 the stem has to be pushed in but unscrewed before it can be taken out.
  12. IAmATeaf

    Which one would you buy <£200

    How is the 009 for ladies?
  13. IAmATeaf

    Help with SKX Modding

    Sorry can't help with proper advice but I'd avoid Timpsons, they can hardly resole/reheel a shoe never mind work on a watch.
  14. IAmATeaf

    Seiko Service Centre UK

    Quite a few people have mentioned a "miserable women" wonder if it's the same person and if it is should she really be the face that greets the public?
  15. IAmATeaf

    Seiko Service Centre UK

    I sent my daughters solar watch to them as it wasn't charging and all they did was charge it under a high power lamp and send it back,still has the issue that in everyday use it stops so they didn't look at or resolve the actual issue. My daughter as a result has gone off the Seiko brand and has since purchased a few watches, none of them Seiko.

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