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  1. Advice please on a Seiko Pogue

    Thanks guys, I've learned a lot from your replies. Hi Rog hope you're well. I did read your refurb posts but sadly a lot of the pics have gone due to hosting issues I think. Again, thank for all the help. M.
  2. Sunday Young Guns (after 1990)

    And now for something completely different...... Seahope Scope 2
  3. Advice please on a Seiko Pogue

    Not at all @Pip, I appreciate the honest appraisal of the watch. As I have no idea as to the history of this example I just wanted to be sure of what it was I had. I guess this makes it awkward to move on though so I may just hang on to it and enjoy it a while longer. It is a very nice watch. Thanks for the info. M.
  4. Advice please on a Seiko Pogue

    Thanks for that link @scottswatches, very interesting. I've found another informative article here: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f281/how-buy-seiko-6139-600x-chronograph-collectors-buying-guide-140803.html I think you're probably right about the the bezel @Ptgrav, it is in such excellent condition it probably suggests a replacement. However, other than that, taking account of all the information I've found to date, I see nothing that would clearly identify any of the parts as aftermarket. Any more info/thoughts welcome. And thanks to those who have expressed an interest in the watch - if I decide to try to move it on it will be through the proper channels i.e. Sales/Classifieds - once I figure out how to describe it! M.
  5. Saturday Wrist Parade 09.09.17

    Seiko D138 circa 1982 - the one with the funky animated icons.
  6. Hi Eveyone Long while since I made a proper post so apologies in advance to be asking for help. Some time ago, I acquired a Seiko Pogue as a head only in a trade elsewhere. It was in very nice condition and working well. I added an aftermarket strap and was very happy with my acquisition. Recently, I’ve started a bit of a cull of the collection as I’m now semi-retired and need funding for other projects. I agreed a sale for this watch, again elsewhere, but on inspection the potential buyer believed that the dial and bezel were also aftermarket. I’m not completely convinced that it wasn’t an attempt to get the price down, though to be fair they didn’t try that on but nor did I give him the opportunity. To my eyes, the watch seems fine and everything is working as it should. The serial number I believe dates it to October 1976. The movement appears to be original, but as I said I’m no expert and I don’t want to do myself or con anyone else if I do decide to move this on again. Are there any tips or tricks forum members know to establish whether parts on these are aftermarket or not? If you have time to look, the pics are here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm4C3hR4 Thanks in adv. and HAGWE M.
  7. Fridays Watch Thread

    This Citizen Ana-Digi today....
  8. Sunday young guns - Post 1990

    Something different.....
  9. Friday watches 01.09.2017

    Hi all, not posted for a while, lost my watch mojo a bit of late. Wearing this today.
  10. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    Yet again it's been a while. Reissue Spaceview today.
  11. Sunday Oldies (made before 1990)

    Continental Jump Hour. Big'n'chunky.
  12. Saturday Watch Parade

    Hi Folks. For various reasons I've been out of circulation for a while but back with it today with this beauty. HAGWE
  13. Oldies Sunday (made before 1990)

    Just chillin' with my Bulova TV Spaceview today.....
  14. Friday wrist attire

    Did someone say oddities? Tian Harlan Chromachron HAGWE

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