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  1. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    The Fairchild LCD today, circa 1976.
  2. Saturday's watch parade~ 14th October 2017.

    Put this Zeon Solsuno back on this morning after switching to it last night - ideal watch for the cinema and particularly appropriate for Bladerunner 2049.
  3. Friday de Firteemf 13 10 2017

    The perfect watch for the International Astronomy Show at Stoneleigh today..... HAGWE
  4. Steinhart today.
  5. Saturday Watch Parade 07.10.17

    Very nice, not seen this model before.
  6. Saturday Watch Parade 07.10.17

    Diesel DZ7223
  7. Fabulous Friday WRUW.

    Ventura V-Tec Sigma today HAGWE
  8. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    Seiko A354 circa 1980.
  9. Saturday Watch Parade 30.09.17

    Cheapo Ana-digi Zeon today with a very cool mirror finish LCD on the dial. (old pic again sorry)
  10. FRIDAY again. HAGW all.

    An old faithful today..... HAGWE
  11. Watch photo fix

    That's brilliant, thanks. I suppose it's only a matter of time though before the PB robdogs realise there's a loophole and plug it.
  12. Sunday Old Watch (made before 1990)

    Battered and bruised, this Casio AX-210 today circa 1983 - the only *actual* watch I have from my my misspent youth.
  13. Saturday Specials....

    This is pretty much the watch that started my collecting habit. Saw one in a jeweller's window on holiday, didn't buy it and pretty soon came to regret it. Took me months to find one.
  14. Advice please on a Seiko Pogue

    Thanks guys, I've learned a lot from your replies. Hi Rog hope you're well. I did read your refurb posts but sadly a lot of the pics have gone due to hosting issues I think. Again, thank for all the help. M.
  15. Sunday Young Guns (after 1990)

    And now for something completely different...... Seahope Scope 2

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