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  1. My watch is against me I swear.

    Shouting at it doesn't seem to work, so it's heading to the shop tomorrow.
  2. Why all of a sudden has my Victorinox Alpnach Auto decided that the stopwatch hand is no longer going to reset to 12? Its so annoying and I'm too anal to let it rest, it needs to be fixed!! If it was a quartz, no problem, easy to sort out, an automatic has to go into the shop doesn't it? Grr.
  3. For the Fortis strap, I thought the main giveaway was that Fortis didn't use split pins for the links, I thought they all had screw-in pins.
  4. Anybody would think they had something to hide [emoji3], surely not. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  5. Looking to get a replacement stainless strap for my Fortis. Came across this site: http://www.classictimeparts.co.uk/product/new-fortis-20mm-stainless-steel-gents-watch-strap-matte-brushed-finish-flieger Surely this has to be fake? Looking at the other stuff on the site, Omega straps for £25 etc, I'm thinking, yep, dodgy as hell.
  6. Watching the Abyss

    Is it the extended version, best version but you're in for a long night. Oh, the watch is a Seiko, right?
  7. Citizen 2100 How to zero subdials? Help.

    Thanks for the reply. I tried running the chrono function and resetting, alas no luck. Taking it to my local repairer today, I thought adjusting the hand manually would probably be the answer. I've had watches that you can pull out the crown and by pressing buttons which adjust the hand around to wherever you wanted, but alas this watch doesn't appear to be one of those.
  8. Does anyone know how to reset the chrono sub dials on the Citizen Promaster 2100 watches? I have a problem with the minute dial. Ive tried a full reset and that didn't sort it. I'm on to the the random button pressing phase now and I'm getting nowhere. Can it be done?
  9. Grrrr. More Ebay Woes

    Quick update on this one. The case was closed today and the good news is eBay closed it in my favour, so I don't have to refund this guy. Phew. It got to a point where he accused me of not supplying any service card or receipt, which I did. But I checked with Tag to see if they even needed the service card should the watch be sent back and they said no, as the watch serial number would be logged along with its service history. So the guy didn't have a leg to stand on. Good result all round
  10. Grrrr. More Ebay Woes

    Don't have the receipt, but I supplied the card that Tag gave with all the service details on it.
  11. Grrrr. More Ebay Woes

    I may do that as well, as this guy is taking the proverbial.
  12. Grrrr. More Ebay Woes

    Ok, my reply was: "Hello, During the Tag Heuer service they replace all waterproofing seals & the watch is pressure tested, it also had a brand new screw in crown fitted, so I find it odd that the watch can have water ingress from just swimming. Was the watch fogging up during the month prior to your holiday? As the watch is still well within the service guarantee period, I would suggest that the watch should be returned to Tag Heuer for assessment and they will be able to find where the fault lies. As stated previously, the watch was working perfectly prior to dispatch and I personally cannot be held responsible for any potential fault with the Tag Heuer service or user error. Regards Chris " How does that sound?
  13. Grrrr. More Ebay Woes

    No, not a peep. All I heard at first was the business with the strap length & glass scratches (which was just rubbish).
  14. I sold a Tag F1 on eBay in July. It was sold with a new Tag service and it was pretty mint. Almost straight away the buyer complained saying there were marks on the glass and the bracelet wasn't the length I stated in the ad. I pointed out that the watch has a triple buckle which is why it may look short and it needs to be opened fully, I also asked for pictures showing the scratched glass. I heard nothing after that. A month or so later I now get case opened against me saying that after swimming with the watch on the glass has fogged up ans now the chrono functions don't work. I'm not quite sure what to respond here as it seems the me the guy didn't want the watch in the first place and is looking for any reason he can to get a refund. Should I just respond with "you have had the watch for a month and a half, I don't know what you have done to it in that time. I suggest you return it to Tag Heuer as the service is guaranteed for a year". I'm reluctant to refund the guy as who knows what I'm going to get back in the post?

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