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  1. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    I had the same issue with a Cartier Roadster from eBay. You need to get two letters, one to day it’s fake and one to say it’s been sent for destruction. This way you get your money back and the watch can be removed form the second hand market
  2. Patek Incoming

    It looks better in person honest And all babies are ugly...
  3. Patek Incoming

    Picked this up at the Brunel watch fair. Not too sure about the year of manufacture or which movement it is but very much like the dial. It’s a little marmite but here it is. When I’m brave enough will take apart to the point of ascertaining the serial number. It seems to be a funny case construction
  4. What?

    I would understand if the thread did anything. This seems to be externally threaded for no good reason. Maybe a watch maker with limited parts repaired it. Ot there are massive attachments missing that increase the size of the pushers
  5. What?

    273137357066 Threaded pusher tubes so it can be operated by ski sticks????
  6. Omega Constellation cal.564

    It would suggest to me its a 565 or similar auto work put onto a 564? also not sure if its the picture but the were pattern pin the weight suggests the post for the auto weight is worn and its been rubbing on the case back
  7. in case you forget what day has just been? its always seemed a needless feature
  8. New Calibre arrival...

    Yep thats not a screwed down on the Cartier either. 3atm water resistant only
  9. New Calibre arrival...

    What’s wrong with the crown? Seems a trend of dislike for it
  10. New Calibre arrival...

    Mine says hi. Nice quality watches these
  11. Any Android techys on here?

    update on this, the phone cannot be updated, the rom must be out there somewhere but ill be damned if i can find a working version, my older symbian vertu phones seem to be far better at power management than the more modern android versions. going to try to clone my other signature touch thats running the newer firmware, the standard update method won't work for as long as Vertu servers are off, which could stay like that if they don't find a buyer also filterlab, what are phone calls?
  12. Solihull Watch Fair 18th March

    Here’s my haul anyway Zenith xl tronic, 9k Longines with box and papers, Rolex precision, Rolex Datejust
  13. I seem to look at my watch, realise i forgot to check what the time was and repeat.
  14. Any Android techys on here?

    They are a little pricey to be chucking in drawers and buying replacement ones every year
  15. Any Android techys on here?

    It’s a Vertu Signature Touch circa 2015

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