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  1. does import not wipe out the savings?
  2. Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    That would have been amina then. She’s isn’t helpful. The issue is bad cleaning last service rather than the watch not being suitable for skiiing
  3. Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    Unless the full service was from iwc the warranty is with whoever did the service. Not iwc. Also if anyone hasn’t been inside the watch between and iwc service and now the warranty will be voided as someone could have been buggaring around in there.
  4. Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    it would cause the coils to stick to one and other, effectively changing the length of the spring to wherever along it is sticking
  5. Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    hi, as someone who services these day in day out its most likely I'm my opinion to be either magnetism or a sticky balance spring, the latter seems more likely as this would explain the intermittence of the issue, a, and the fact it has not received a shock before hand. Typically service from IWC would be estimated for and any additional movement parts (wheels, plates, etc) are covered in the initial estimate, if any issues are found with any part or the watch AFTER the estimate has been accepted its IWC who pay
  6. Incoming!

    Modern. Within the last 5 years or so. The strap will probs go for 200-300$
  7. Incoming!

    After some cider and the boredom of watching Jurassic world I decided to head over to eBay and picked this up. Its an IWC Da Vinci with a semi in house iwc 80110 movement. Will add better pics once it’s here
  8. Your current pride of the fleet

    I thought so but didn’t want to go in with accusations
  9. The Cull Mk2

    Here is is anyways. It’s a bregeut tradition 7027. Pretty much the entry level one but still very pretty with power reserve on the front (and back)
  10. Watch Fair at Solihull

    Quite a few of us head down there. Quite a good event to head for
  11. The Cull Mk2

    I struggled with the hollow bracelet and folded clasp. Felt a bit rattly Here’s a clue, the new watch has a leather strap so no bracelet related niggles
  12. The Cull Mk2

    Next wave of culling for a grail watch. Although this one took less casualties The two sold were a sub 16613 and my first gold cartier, the tank chronorelfex. Will add pics of the new in later! Happy weekending
  13. Omega seamaster automatic query

    poly watch will remove the glass scratches no problem, its about £3 a tube
  14. Gold For First

    Every day should be gold day! Or when feeling less flashy or on a white day
  15. Most complicated watch you've got

    this is mine. Not only do you have to set up the watch to know all the settings for the perpetual calendar you also have to remove the back to move the date hand. Unless you want to run down you battery and loads of time moving it through.

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