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  1. The Cartier balloon bleu is fake. Not even a good one!!
  2. Thomasr

    IWC to challenge Rolex ?

    Iwc to challenge Rolex with a watch they're only making 50 of. That makes sense. As an iwc employee it feels like they've lost their way a little. The 80s, 90s and 00s was full of hardly modified ETA, then sellita. Now at last they're making in house calibres to replace the 7750.
  3. Thomasr

    Leica (yes Leica!) Watches

    the movement pictures look fab, ill see if i can find them and add them
  4. Thomasr

    My sales topics

    Must do. Spent a couple days there before being marked as expired. Haven't noticed before
  5. Thomasr

    My sales topics

    It seems they're now marked as expired. Still weird tho
  6. Thomasr

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    Yep trusted seller and my watch was one of the cheapest they had listed
  7. Thomasr

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    I have a little expertise with Chrono24, I purchased my breguet on there for around 12k from a trusted seller listed in Edinburgh, a month later the box only came from Germany, the filling month the watch cane from Poland. The seller eventually refunded the £60 postage but it was rather worrying when it takes two months for a watch to come from Scotland.
  8. Two of my old sales topics appear to be on page one of the sc. I haven't touched them, they don't seem to be marked as expired and no body has asked a question. What's a going on here?
  9. Thomasr

    SOTC - where to go from here

    breguet next!
  10. Thomasr

    JLC landed

    this one. Lazy work from dunhill didn’t even change the name on the weight
  11. Thomasr

    JLC landed

    A beaut. And it’s the same movement as my dunhill, although in a rather nicer case. White gold is the way forward
  12. Thomasr

    Fake Watches on Gumtree

    whats most concerning is gumtree is owned by eBay....
  13. Thomasr

    Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    I'm a little confused about the beef with IWC. The watch was bought second hand of unknown history and has not been serviced by them in the last 2 years (their service guarantee period) but has been 'repaired' by a third party place. Surely without sending the watch for diagnostics would mean they could only speculate, and when you call you're through to a phone team that handle billing etc rather than the watchmakers that repair them. if watchfinder serviced it a few months ago when this was an issue, complain to them and get it reserviced as two months or thereabouts is not a suitable time for the watch to work, failing that if they didnt service it send to IWC for a complete service, not only will you know its done properly you will also have a two year guarantee
  14. Thomasr

    Eta 210.011 omega calibre 1379

    i think the 210 replaced the 959, not sure if anything replaced that, maybe have a see if you can find the fault with the existing one, board-related you'll have to find one with a watch with a seconds hand, otherwise it'll only move once every 20 secs or so
  15. Thomasr

    Trading Standards and Fakes question

    I had the same issue with a Cartier Roadster from eBay. You need to get two letters, one to day it’s fake and one to say it’s been sent for destruction. This way you get your money back and the watch can be removed form the second hand market

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