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  1. fake hublot?

    yes! a million pounds worth apparently, looked like a Chinese movement to me
  2. fake hublot?

    anyone watching the most expensive Christmas presents on channel 4? the hublot on there looked like an open heart Chinese jobby?
  3. The Seven Ages of WIS

    reckon im chilling at a 6 at the moment, hopefully 7 before too long, bought one fancy watch but am now chasing another, so the second tier of 'rubbish' is going
  4. Tourbillon watches

    I may have one coming. I’ll decide which side of the fence I am once it has/hasn’t arrived
  5. Best Backs AGAIN

    We seem to be looking at rather a lot of 2824 derivatives this is my favourite back although is can dig in a little
  6. Clear out challenge and result

    theres still two watch boxes full, this was only phase 1 aiming for 8-10 watches total when finished
  7. Clear out challenge and result

    The speedy may be returning. Ended up raising more than required
  8. Clear out challenge and result

    ^its a Cartier thing. The speedy was too thick with the back glass domed to fit in the enormous clock movement. Felt too shoehorned in there heres the correctly guessed calibre. Needs polishing but otherwise ready for wearimg is rose gold but seems to look quite yellow in pictures.
  9. Clear out challenge and result

    There’s a clue
  10. I’ve always had the urge to sell off several watches and buy one and I finally managed it. Said goodbye to my jlc master quartz, speedy 57, hublot, Zenith elite and my tank francaise chronoreflex. The result is he following: How many out there have done or nearly done this? I previously got about half way and gave up
  11. What is the "best" Speedmaster currently ?

    I’ve just bought one of the speedy 57s. They’re quite nice and he movements are pretty good looking not sure if a little too thick tho
  12. surely the thread is internal ?
  13. I have this coming. In need of some repair. Not really sure what yet but we shall see
  14. Are you a failure as well?

    I promised myself (and the other half) I'd stop buying watches at such a rate and lower down to a 5 watch collection i quite failed couple more on the way too and there's some overflow ones that didn't fit in the box
  15. i have my mistake purchase Seiko 7A38, was looking at it on eBay on the bus, looked at my phone an hour later and somehow id bought AND PAID for it, oops

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