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  1. Excellent watch and super giveaway ! i think I have a bracelet tucked away for one if these if I'm lucky
  2. back to the top

    Where have all the BFKs gone?

    Amazing lump for the money - the bracelet is really very good . I prefer it to the sumo I had - I found the sumo oem bracelet annoying in the way it looked like it didn't fit . No crown guard finished it for me . Great watch and beautifully finished but just not for me ! BFK is in my regular rotation :)
  3. That's really lovely :) Weight and size wise it's going to make the benchmark BFK look a little dainty :)
  4. back to the top

    Forum Server

    Yay ! looks like we are back :)
  5. back to the top

    Lets Have Some G-Shock Love

    Glad you're happy Rog - great pic and good choice :)
  6. back to the top

    Fake Gsock

    Especially a fake of a hundred quid gshock ! Unless you paid full whack and live in blissful ignorance ....
  7. back to the top

    Fake Gsock

    I got caught out a few months back - close but not close enough ! Cost me a few quid but lesson learned ! I was surprised anyone would bother given the relatively modest sums involved
  8. back to the top

    Fake Gsock

    Haha ! The displays should be negative and the buttons control the wrong functions ! Something wasn't right so I googled and sue enough they are out there . I've reported it but it's still up - anyone got a spare eBay account to sacrifice ? :)
  9. back to the top

    Fake Gsock

    Never knew such a thing existed ! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111555205824?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  10. back to the top

    Buying The Watch Forum

    That's a great idea - sort of a co op :)
  11. back to the top

    Gw3000 Warranty / Receipt

    I have lost the receipt for my recently arrived gshock - bought used . Anyone know what casio are like for repairs without a receipt ? I Think I'm going to find it an expensive exercise :(
  12. back to the top

    Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    Not after any links but thanks Dave - sort of trying to track down the yellow BFK !
  13. back to the top

    Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    Bit of an odd one gents - I've searched high and low - a few years back I traded a yellow BFK with someone here desparate for it to make a spork bracelet big enough - I took a blue atlas from him in trade if it jogs anyone's memory ? Or am I dreaming ! ?
  14. back to the top

    Monster Maintenance

    Rob at monsterwatches supplied me with one for 5 euros ish
  15. back to the top

    Angry Seamaster Seller

    Anyone fancy asking him if it's midsize and will he post out ?

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