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  1. Trigger

    Saturday's best 030318

    I've just been stressing about why there's a 4 second discrepancy between my phone's time and the atomic Casio which should be exact. Turns out the phone time is off. Oooft! The OCD relief.
  2. Trigger

    Saturday's best 030318

    GW-M5610 for now.
  3. Trigger

    casio f-91w lcd watch /black

    My orange and baby blue ones. They are ideal little beaters.
  4. Trigger

    Sunday Newbies~ Post 1990

  5. Trigger

    VK61A MechaQuartz “Hybrid” movement

    Autodromo. Nezumi. Vratislavia. Straton.
  6. Here we have a newly arrived pair of G-Shocks. GW-M5610 (3159) tough solar multiband. GA-150A (5255). Somewhat pleased with both of these.
  7. Trigger

    Young Watch Sunday.

  8. Trigger

    Valentine's day Quartz watches 14.02.2018

    Timefactors PRS-68 and me in cartoon.
  9. Trigger

    Just ordered.....

    It looks like a dial test indicator.
  10. Trigger

    Your Favourite Bulova

    Amazingly we've just been talking about watches in the work and I mentioned the Dave Scott NASA mission Bulova. That would be my favourite. :D No current Bulova but I did have a lovely Astronaut hummer a while back. That was sold to our honourable host.
  11. Trigger

    Tuesday Timepieces 06.02.18

    A few of my exes on show there. Explorer II, Speedsonic and Davosa 'Yachtmaster'.
  12. Trigger

    Tuesday Timepieces 06.02.18

    As per the G thread. My new vintage jelly Frog.

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