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  1. Young Watch Sunday.

  2. Valentine's day Quartz watches 14.02.2018

    Timefactors PRS-68 and me in cartoon.
  3. Just ordered.....

    It looks like a dial test indicator.
  4. Your Favourite Bulova

    Amazingly we've just been talking about watches in the work and I mentioned the Dave Scott NASA mission Bulova. That would be my favourite. :D No current Bulova but I did have a lovely Astronaut hummer a while back. That was sold to our honourable host.
  5. Tuesday Timepieces 06.02.18

    A few of my exes on show there. Explorer II, Speedsonic and Davosa 'Yachtmaster'.
  6. Tuesday Timepieces 06.02.18

    As per the G thread. My new vintage jelly Frog.
  7. Good looking G-Shocks

    Frog indeed. It is a vintage Frogman DW-8201WC with translucent jelly bezel and band. A special edition for the World Coral Reef Conservation Society. We're all members, right?
  8. Good looking G-Shocks

  9. Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

    Mmmm very nice. Not a huge fan of the all surface high polish finish but nice nonetheless. Yes that is a pretty movement, isn't it?
  10. Monday Wrist Attire 05.02.18

    My now removed wearer from today.
  11. Good looking G-Shocks

    Spoilers.. spoilers.. spoilers.. tomorrow.
  12. Good looking G-Shocks

    A bump up from the depths. I have a good looking G on the way in. Watch this space...
  13. Sunday 4th Feb 2018 young guns!

    Magrette Vantage.
  14. Threes Up

    Multiples of 3? Well, almost, not quite, sort of and can't count. Here we have a pair of pairs. One pair is less of a pair than the other pair... which is a pair.

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