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  1. Bronze Beauties

    Great show. I might get another bronze one day.
  2. After an early appearance in the Wednesday quartz thread, now the formal introduction. Voiture mechaquartz racing chronograph by Swedish makers, Nezumi Studios. All the usual spec for these modern mechaquartz watches. The exception with this is an attractive sandwich dial. This will be my last for 2017 unless I go on the flip...
  3. Some tempting Vostok's.

    Very nice. I like the full lume and the compressor style. Tempted.
  4. Yes I've had a Tungchoy endmill. They are very comfortable and give a finer degree of adjustment than an oyster. You can get endmill style bracelets from Strapcode / Miltat. Edit - I see you are already on to Strapcode.
  5. Wednesday 22nd November Quartz

    Newly arrived mechaquartz Nezumi Studios (Stockholm) Voiture.
  6. A few pics of this. It's dial and text is difficult to capture in crappy light. It's a weighty piece that reminds me of the MM300 and Sumo by way of the sleek, bevelled shape of the case and recessed crown at 4 o'clock. The Seiko Ne15 movement is actually the same as the 6r15 you find in the Sumo and some other Prospex models. The combo of the grey/slightly bronze sunray dial, gold hands, gold bordered indexes and sapphire crystal and bezel inlay all works nicely. The shimmering black and gold sapphire bezel especially exudes a look of quality. I'm not sure regarding a strap but I suspect something very plain and dark will be best.
  7. Watches your watching/considering

    Can recommend the Glycine Combat Sub, Sumo and Turtle. All excellent watches. I have two on the way in. A really nice auto diver and a snazzy mecaquartz racing chrono. All spent for now. I was very close to buying a Squale 30atmos ceramica tropic or a 1521 Ocean Satinato. Not right now though.
  8. Monday WRUW 20.11.17

    Posting this again as it now has a nice new leather zulu strap. I nearly always remove the under-strap piece on these now. A decent quality leather zulu/nato has an almost elastic effect when you pull the thing on tight. You get a really comfy fit without the feeling of it being too tight. Infantry strap. Great quality. Cost a fiver.
  9. Monday WRUW 20.11.17

    18Q today.
  10. Is my latest pending arrival. Clubokies is a Spanish Seiko enthusiasts forum and they appear to have been responsible for crowdfunding the creation of this watch from Tactico (Crepas). It is an homage to the Marinemaster 6159 aka the holy grail. It is Seiko auto powered and my arrival is the non-bracelet version. It comes with an ISO and a nato with gold hardware to match the gold dial/hands accents. The ISO will never be worn but I am partial to a nato. I have some nice leather straps that will be great on this. I was all set to nab a Squale 30atmos ceramica tropic but this has userped it. But I may fall to the weakness of convincing myself I can afford both. Watch this space.
  11. Pick me a Seiko

    Sumo all day long.
  12. Saturday Automatic

    This again.
  13. For the love of watches

    Too right. I've really slimmed down my collection but it includes two watches that cost me a fiver or less. I like wearing them both. They're currently residing alongside my three main watches.
  14. Like the 7750 "wild rotor"?

    I have always preferred a rotor that you can't hear but can feel a faint movement from. The 7750 has always bugged me as it's a bit in your face (ear).

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