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  1. Couldn't resist

    Lovely thing indeed. I think many of us have thought more than once about a Nomos - the long lugs are the only thing stopping me trying one again.
  2. If you had a spare £500

    As some members here are also on TZ-UK, there's not much point me rushing off to up the price on the one I've got listed there - NOS and unworn - at £400!
  3. GMT Master - Alternatives?

    My mistake. For some reason I remembered it as 40mm.
  4. GMT Master - Alternatives?

    Saving for a Rolex is not something everyone can or wants to do. So to address the original question: Squale GMT. I had one and would love another. They are very well made and I can't see why they too wouldn't last a lifetime. If a Rolex isn't an option I'd consider one of these. Davosa also make a good version, without fake aged lime, but the RRP is double the Square at about 1k.
  5. Tag hatred?

    TH is a victim of it's own success, and also its grating marketing. Unfortunately the Link range became massively popular with a lot of those who were into bling and showing the fact - "Loadsamoney" and wheeler dealers aplenty sported the watches on release - which coincided with Heuer fans beginning to disassociate themselves with TH. Then TH brought in their "Ambassadors", sporting sneers and watches as knuckle dusters, and the credibility and aspirational element of the brand began to slip while TH competitors learned, and tried to make their pieces more elitist. Omega is one example. Depreciation sharpened, which made other brands more appealing. TH then produced a few bland models, and the damage was done. They are now producing pieces which deserve more praise than they get, but the job of brand recovery won't be easy, especially with up and coming brands.
  6. Explorer or now my SD. I don't wear a watch when I'm likely to bash it e.g. gardening or DIY - what the point in the inevitable - but I wear it for diving, freefall and other pursuits, so it's certainly with me in extreme environments, and is either are more than up to the job. Failing that, a Sinn.
  7. Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    I'm not going to get into a p**sing contest about this as I have no loyalty issues. What I will say is that having followed threads discussing the potential design of at least half a dozen Time Factor watches, the Speedbird 4 being the most recent example, you not only see how the pieces are designed and with great input from forum members, but also the specifications being decided on by Eddie, and his detailed design blueprints.
  8. Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    Think you need to read up a bit on Timefactors. You will see that the watches are designed in Sheffield, manufactured and part-assembled in Germany, then completed, marketed and sold from Sheffield.
  9. Which one to go for

    Sumo for me - never liked the look of the Hydroconquest. Had a couple of the black variants - incredible for the money.
  10. Nicest Solar

    Mine - it's new and I just not brave enough to wear it!
  11. Nicest Solar

    I like it and had one. Sold it as I was wearing 36mm at the time. Back to 40 so I should probably have kept it.
  12. Half a cup would be advisable as he'll need the other half for the optician!
  13. Friday watches on my mind

    I've not wanted one before, but your photos makes it look stunning.

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