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  1. Rolex as a beater?

    Interesting thread! I have essentially three levels of watch. 1) Beaters. These are for doing jobs that might involve damage, so they are of low value, or already have been to the school of hard knocks. My go to at the moment is an old and slightly work multiband G-shock 2) Daily wearers. These are watches that I wear on a day to day basis, to work, at weekends, for general stuff. All watches fall into this category, except for really beaten beaters (the less beaten do get worn) 3) Special occasion watches. I don't have any- everything is a daily wearer, diver, chrono, dress. I've had a couple of Rolexes, and they were daily wearers. Omegas, Breitlings too, but also Seiko, Precista, Oris, Orient, the lot. I doubt I will ever own a watch worth that much that will prevent me from using it as a daily wearer.
  2. Thursday WRUW. 14.12.17.

    Orient Ray II today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ray Mears, despite the association with a certain Citizen... wears a Rolex Sub. Or at least he did in that programme he made about the USA recently.
  4. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    Don't worry, they were snatched from my hands before I even clocked what they were, and put under the tree... efficient wife, you see.
  5. View this Giveaway Lidl orange chrono, for the hell of it! Things are good at the moment, so I feel the need to share the love. Here's a quartz chrono I picked up in Lidl some time ago. Runs well, seems to keep good time. Came on a cheap rubber strap (not sure what happened to that). Now in a decent orange NATO. I will stick in a couple of surprises too... Submitter apm101 Expiration Date 6 days and 56 minutes Submitted 13/12/17 Category Giveaways  
  6. I should not have done that!!

    I used to have the same f300 diver. Wish I hadn't sold that, too!
  7. Davey P for Emperor

    I think Davey would make a benign and kindly Emperor. How do we make that happen??
  8. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    Mine was sent to littlelegs today, should be there tomorrow. Also received mine from Davey... there are THREE! I am extremely excited!!!
  9. Display Backs

    Here's my old Speedy Pro sapphire sandwich. Lovely thing.
  10. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    Cheers, Davey. I guess I have to wait until Monday to know who I'm sending to... unless we have some late entries.
  11. You can have a little competition. I once asked members to post a funny gif. Roger made a mash-up of the rubbish leaping cat and Felix Baumgartner jumping out of his capsule, which I loved so much that it's my avatar to this day. basically, anything to stop Davey winning his bodyweight in prizes each year...
  12. Perfectly Satisfied

    I tend to find that I am 90% satisfied, and then look for one thing to change. If only the dial was black instead of white... if only it had the date... if only it was smaller/bigger... Then I get something that fulfills the need, but has another fault, sometimes the opposite that makes me want the old one back. I had a 38mm quartz CW trident, white dial. Love it, but wanted an auto version. Bought a 43mm auto, white dial. Too big. Sold it and bought soem brewing equipment and an Orient Ray II. Actually, the only thing I don't like about the Ray is the cheap rattly bracelet. Now if I could change that...
  13. Automatics Thursday~7th December.

    Precista PRS3-LE in yellow for me today. It’s mildly modded, as I fitted a normal bezel in place of the countdown. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    I'm in! I'm in! Phew... I have a nice little item ready for the next guy, too. Ho ho ho!

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