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  1. Trying to use watches as an investment is a tricky path to tread. Anything new will be hit hard by depreciation. Good used is a better bet, but you have to factor in servicing to keep it running in tip top condition- you would need a decent amount of price increase to take that out of the equation. In general, stainless steel Rolex sports watches are fairly safe, and tend to accumulate slowly over time. relatively rare Rollies are possibly better, I would suspect the recent ceramic Daytonas will go up, as well as the DSSD blue. I'm wary of the sub LV Kermit, as that has gone up alot recently, and I wonder if it's a bubble? I reckon early Subs are not a bad shout, but you REALLY need to know what you're looking at, it's a minefield. The Omega 2254 is a also a good shout- less common than the Bond, and less tied to the film franchise. At the lower end, Seiko Monsters (the proper 200m version, sorry Mach) seem to be going up. Couple of years ago, you could buy a decent early model for £90 all day long, with bracelet- now they seem to go for £125 plus? Maybe as they're no longer made? Best thing to do is to buy what you like, good used, and enjoy it! Choose carefully, and at worst you won't lose any cash!!
  2. Pavel (miterant) on here makes fantastic straps, and very good value. Best I've ever come across.
  3. Just a couple of nuggets from me. 1) Buy a decent strap tool, ie Bergeon 6767F. No more scratched lugs. 2) Don't try to regulate a watch unless you have a timegrapher and a very steady hand! 3) A change of strap can be almost like a whole new watch.
  4. Ooh, ooh, ooh, blue lume!!!
  5. It's generally a good place to pick up interesting watches at good prices. But it's worth remembering this is a forum for chatting about watches first, and the sales section is a bonus!
  6. I have idea if this may be relevant, but you may want to consider resale value, if at some point you want to move it on? Any of those new watches will depreciate like a stone through a wet paper bag, the CW will be particularly prone to this. A well sourced, used Seamaster or Speedmaster, on the other hand, should retain almost all of its value. And give a great deal of pleasure.
  7. For £1300, you are well within secondhand Omega SMP territory, and an extra £100 or so would bag a Tudor Black Bay. Just saying...
  8. Congrats on the 50. Sail forth into SC, and buy all of it! My fave is this PP 5726: Fave of those I currently own... tricky...probably this PRS-3LE:
  9. I have always found it strange that pilot watches seem to come in two kinds: those like that Sinn and the Navitimer it's similar to, and those that are pretty much empty of dial stuff. Perhaps the pilot will need to wear two, as our esteemed Mach has?
  10. That is a cool piece of design in so many ways (especially the lugs)! What does the other crown do, though?
  11. Datejust II is a nice size, and would work well with a suit. Otherwise, I can't fault relaxer's suggestion of an Explorer II and a Speedy Pro. Of course the only chink in the Speedy's armour is the rubbish WR, but some of the newer co-axial versions would sort that.
  12. Looks like overpriced tat to me. Never had a Ronda quartz that was anywhere near hitting the second markers. Nice try but you have crashd and bernd, my friend (with credit due to relaxer7...)
  13. Ups: took delivery of a rather nice PRS-3LE with the yellow dial. Ups: liking my little collection at the moment. Downs: Flu has turned into a chest infection, not fun.
  14. Oris do some nice oblong watches, as I recall.
  15. Yes please, Roy. Looks great!