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  1. Watch Nevers

    I agree with this one: - don't remove a case back if you don't have the proper tools to put it back on Unless you want an unscheduled tool purchase...
  2. I use do dive at university, and went down to about 30m. Sadly back then, I didn't really know much about watches, so bought a quartz 'Sea&Sea' branded, with a Seiko movement (probably a bit like an Apeks). It did the job, though, as I didn't drown or get the bends.
  3. £600 - What should I buy?

    With that kind of cash, he could buy both and have enough for a weekend in Blackpool!
  4. £600 - What should I buy?

    This is an outrage! He should by the Hamilton Khaki auto on the sales section, which is £10 cheaper than the iPad, and auto.
  5. CHr Ward sale.

    Just to say, I have an old old logo CW Trident 300 quartz, and I have been so impressed with the quality. Bezel click and the bracelet clasp are the best I've encountered this side of Omega.
  6. I tend to take off any metal bracelets when I'm at a keyboard, as it swirlies the clasp horribly.
  7. Wednesday 19th April 2017

    Aramar Transatlantic today.
  8. Friday 31st March 3017

    PRS3-LE today, with newly fitted bezel insert (count-up in place of countdown). Pictured on my new Facom screwdriver set. Oh, they are NICE!!
  9. Wednesday Quartz ( since I'm up).

    Late to the party. Aramar Transatlantic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It's Friday again!

    Newly landed solar atomic G-shock GW-8100. Cheers Tim!
  11. Thursday 23rd March watches

    Hammy on a Pav strap today.
  12. Friday 17th March watch parade

    Green for St. Paddy...
  13. What no quartz Wednesday?

    Chris Ward Trident, on an Eulit perlon. Damn, that's a comfy strap!
  14. Auto Thursday 9th March 2017

    Hammy Khaki for me.
  15. Date window

    I used to really dislike dates that weren't at 2, 6 or 9, but I've mellowed now, and it no longer bothers me (in fact, I have a CW Trident with the date at the position shown above). I think that is chosen as it means all of the cardinal markers (ie 3, 6, 9, 12) can match and the watch is balanced. Below 4 seems quite common, as again, it doesn't interfere with that marker- not an issue for the CW, but definitely for the Spork, which uses this location to great effect I think, and very discretely. I'm a bit undecided about the cyclops- I've had a couple of Rollies that had them, but they are so part of the Rolex look that they were ok. That said, these days I would prefer a Sea Dweller to a Sub, for that reason. One thing I do not like is date windows that don't match the colour of the dial. Not so bad if your dial is yellow or orange, but white on black/ black on white? No thanks!