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    Cars (especially 60's to 80's), rock music, watches, beer (the brown sort), rugby (union, watching nowadays, especially Harlequins)
  1. I seem to have recommended this to several people recently, so here's my Everest, currently on a black ZULU.
  2. I had the Glycine Combat Sub Stealth, which also had black lume. It was rubbish!
  3. Smiths PRS-25 Everest. 40mm, so a good size, Reliable Miyota auto, great looking, and will be appropriate with a suit or changing the tracks on a Centurion tank. Not an homage to the VERY iconic Rolex Explorer, but plenty of styling cues. Lovely thing, I wear mine alot. Looks great on the OEM bracelet, and equally good on a nice leather or a NATO. And at £245 new, you can get those boots... or something else!!
  4. I wear a charge HR, which suits me perfectly. It buzzes when my phone rings, and counts steps etc, and also displays the date, which means I can wear a no-date watch, and have the date too. Two of my three regular watches are now date free (Smiths Everest and Black Bay).
  5. I will throw in the Smiths PRS-25 Everest. Made by Timefactors (British company) using a Japanese Miyota automatic movement, 40mm, with a good OEM bracelet. Looks and feels really nice, a bit evocative of the Rolex Explorer. REALLY versatile, and looks great on the bracelet, leather straps or a NATO. The lugs are drilled too, so strap changes are a doddle, even without specialist tools. I have one myself, and I love it! £245 brand new, from the Timefactors website.
  6. Many thanks to wrench- loving my Walkman!! [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Newly refurbished Pogue... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Many good options here. I'd throw in the Obris Morgan Aegis, and the Smiths everest.
  9. New arrival today.
  10. I can't disagree with what's been said already. I would take a look at a Hamilton Khaki auto, I think. This one is £323 on Creation at the moment. If I got away without tax, I'd look to add a fun weekend watch, probably an Orange Monster!
  11. Downs- missed the courier to pick up the outgoing SMP for its journey to the Netherlands Ups- My new (to me) Black Bay is shortly to be on its way! Downs- APM101 junior is having a hard time at school (he's autistic) Ups- I won't be affected by the merger at work, just slotting in to a new role! Downs- My Pogue is knackered Ups- The Pogue is at the repairer, and should come back very shiny!
  12. If you like it, buy it. But do try it on first, if you can! One consideration is that bi-metal watches tend to lose value/ be harder to sell down the line. Up to you if that bothers you or not. As for straps, these are easy peasy to change, so grab the steel bracelet and a leather too- change at will. Generally, the different strap really changes the look to the point that it's almost like having 2 watches. Happy days!
  13. I'll need your address for the secret Santa gift please.

  14. Yay!!! I'm totally in- sadly missed last year.
  15. Santa baby, slip a Speedy under the tree for me Been an awful good boy Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight Santa baby, a Rolex Deep Sea Dweller too, in blue I'll wait up for you, dear Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight