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  1. Birthday watch

    So I was finding it hard to decide, then a Poljot Blue Angels Navitimer pops up on the darkside, and I'm smitten. Deal done, should be with me well in time.
  2. Birthday watch

    The Moonwatch is great, but it's the same movement as the snorkel and the lobster, which are a third of the price...
  3. Birthday watch

    So it's my birthday in about a month. Naturally, thoughts turn to watches. With a contribution from me, I reckon I'm looking at a ceiling of £250, but less would be good. Current collection is: PRS3-LE yellow CW Trident Pro ceramic, white dial Seiko BM Aramar Transatlantic PVD Couple of G-shocks So I have the dive watch thing well covered, and the Aramar (size and shape of a PP Nautilus, but PVD) is my dressy one. I think I'd like a chrono. Shortlist is: CW rapide (used) CW Brooklands (used) Bulova Accutron II lobster (new) Bulova Accutron II snorkel (new) Bulova Moonwatch (used) Hamilton Khaki King (used, I know it's not a chrono) Alpha Newman or Speedy (new) The O&W M4 on here (used, I know it's another dive watch etc etc) I think right now, I' heading towards the rapide, but it's quartz and I would prefer a mechanical, and it's also on a strap (I do prefer a bracelet). All thoughts welcome!I Thanks!
  4. Friday 4 WRUW

    CW Trident Pro ceramic. Lovely bit of kit, excellent quality. Somewhere between a PO, SMP, GMT Master, all for a very reasonable cost.
  5. Watch Nevers

    I agree with this one: - don't remove a case back if you don't have the proper tools to put it back on Unless you want an unscheduled tool purchase...
  6. I use do dive at university, and went down to about 30m. Sadly back then, I didn't really know much about watches, so bought a quartz 'Sea&Sea' branded, with a Seiko movement (probably a bit like an Apeks). It did the job, though, as I didn't drown or get the bends.
  7. £600 - What should I buy?

    With that kind of cash, he could buy both and have enough for a weekend in Blackpool!
  8. £600 - What should I buy?

    This is an outrage! He should by the Hamilton Khaki auto on the sales section, which is £10 cheaper than the iPad, and auto.
  9. CHr Ward sale.

    Just to say, I have an old old logo CW Trident 300 quartz, and I have been so impressed with the quality. Bezel click and the bracelet clasp are the best I've encountered this side of Omega.
  10. I tend to take off any metal bracelets when I'm at a keyboard, as it swirlies the clasp horribly.
  11. Wednesday 19th April 2017

    Aramar Transatlantic today.
  12. Friday 31st March 3017

    PRS3-LE today, with newly fitted bezel insert (count-up in place of countdown). Pictured on my new Facom screwdriver set. Oh, they are NICE!!
  13. Wednesday Quartz ( since I'm up).

    Late to the party. Aramar Transatlantic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. It's Friday again!

    Newly landed solar atomic G-shock GW-8100. Cheers Tim!
  15. Thursday 23rd March watches

    Hammy on a Pav strap today.

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