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  1. I'm back :)

    Great to have you back boyo missed you H
  2. latest arrival

    Easy to read ,good lume just what I like
  3. Saturday Specials (7.4.2018)

    This nice Seiko mod today
  4. Classy digital watches?

    just 3 of mine Sorry about the 1st one being upside down never noticed it before
  5. Luminous Wtch Hands and Dial

    Agree with Robden Tritium everY time H
  6. Easter Saturday WRUW 31.03.18

  7. Tuesday tickers

    newinjunew in just plain and simp
  8. TFI Friday 23.03.18

    Dug this out ,nice watch but very fairly worn.
  9. this today Chinese or whatever
  10. marathon

    thank you will get it sorted nxt week H
  11. marathon

    I have no idea how old the watch is but I would like your help and am prepaired to pay all expenses to have this matter resolved I can send the watch RMSD if you send me your address and a quote please regards H
  12. marathon

    HI Simon I have a marathon which has had an Automatic movement fitted somewhere along it life which is working perfectly but the case is leaking condensation and is clouding the face .Is ir possible for his problem to be fixed I have tried loosening the case back and crown and with the help of the radiator warm air it goes but returns within a short time when used may be its the glass I just have no idea You can PM meif you can help please thanks H

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