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    A big thank you to our Star Man DAVEY P for a smooth and trouble free watch deal as always its a pleasure to deal with this Guy cheers Boyo regards taffymeister as he calls me H
  2. Member Map

    My location is on there But the wrong Flag. H
  3. Anadigital

  4. not sure so taking a chance that I have chosen the correct dates !!!
  5. Saturday's watch parade~ 14th October 2017.

    Give this a go today
  6. Pair of Seiko,s

    Baught it off the forum member and yes is a nice watch H
  7. Pair of Seiko,s

    No I, m cutting back?......I hope lol One to come! I hope
  8. Pair of Seiko,s

    Postie called yesterday and Braught me goodies Sorry gremlins only the Seikos, s
  9. Pair of Seiko,s

    Postie called yesterday and Braught me goodies
  10. IMG_0860.JPG

    From the album No 2

  11. IMG_0859.JPG

    From the album No 2

  12. You Buggers !!

    mine too DAVEY H

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