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  1. The Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    Not too sure I could be way out. I ,m sure that I will soon Be told if its in the wrong era lol H
  2. Sat watch

    sorry MODS about the double thread my fault should have gone to Specsavers H
  3. Sat watch

    SNOW Wot snow nice sunny day down here I Wales , well in his area so far
  4. Solar Choice

    this is my choice
  5. Pilot vs Diver

    Heres another one
  6. Pilot vs Diver

    My Zeno Pilots
  7. One word Bhaaaaaaaaa HUMBUG Unless you have Children
  8. Nice3

    Taste Style that could all change within a week for me just an old fellars fad that's all lol
  9. Sunday Youngsters ~ Post 1990.

    this one to start
  10. Nice3

    y You MY friend done a favour the Rodina is a great watch thank you OH and its not going anywhere soon i wear it sometime every week

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