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  1. Blue Monday 19-02-2018

    I think that this fits the bill
  2. Young Watch Sunday.

    My one and only Auto
  3. nice four

    Don't know about that But he was a scottsman and a half a right guy to have his say one way or the other
  4. nice four

    Nice four an a Haggis made stand
  5. new in today

    Just arrived
  6. It's Friday again!

    Have a good weekend all H
  7. So you have Dual Time or GMT

    one of each
  8. Sunday 4th Feb 2018 young guns!

    Had to be this today
  9. Back for a bit. :)

    thank you KEV You made my day with this nice Seiko Nice to have you back H
  10. baught one in Torquey around 20 years ago sold it and it has taken all these years to get my hands on another .Not every ones taste but I like it and its not going anywhere
  11. Incoming

  12. New in

    A bit crowded but I,ll get over it7

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