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  1. Bought a bargain Gshock

    Nice John, but for what it cost I would have put it in a sock , chucked it in the washer with some other clothes and put it on a quick daily wash cycle, a couple of my beaters have accidentally ended up with a 'Persil' wash and come out looking very well. I wouldn't recommend this for a decentish watch but a cheapy?
  2. Many happy returns from Wales @Roger the Dodger Gary
  3. Always look forward to this, and also had a great weekend down in Llanelli watching the Scarlets last week, but have to agree with so many injuries and the depth that england have to call upon, I think they have to be favourites
  4. New watch, nasty rash

    Especially for keeping fires going
  5. Friday 12.01.18 WRUW

    Bloody hell, thanks Deano, I had forgotten about these I have had my Youngtimer (the brown 70's retro looking version) well over 12 months now and never worn it except to take a photo when it arrived 15th Nov 2016 (just checked it on flickr)
  6. Friday 12.01.18 WRUW

    Had this on for most of the week. hagwe everyone.
  7. Just Pick a Cheapy

    Best cheapo of the year if fact wearing it now. I think it was about £26
  8. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    Thanks to @Iceblue Andy for my secret santa gift a strap selection and lapel badge which is now adorning my overcoat
  9. Hello everyone.im new in here.

    Well I never!
  10. Heads Up - Seiko Sea Urchin

    Can't believe that some has left a review on amazon link above, saying that he expects hours of problems setting the day and date because of the instructions not being of any help .
  11. Christmas Day Watch~ 25th December 2017.

    Finally been wearing the same as this for the last few days, sorry not got a decent photo of my own so borrowed this from tinternet. Hope thats ok, if not mods please delete
  12. Festive Watch Pics

    Here's your watch Foxy
  13. hows this for depreciation

    Looking at them I'd say they are going to drop by a lot more in the not to distant future, limited ed' or not its just 6 of the same in different colours. Not only that but they look tat! just my opinion.
  14. Hi, your question was 'is it good or not?' well from your forum name I guess you are into fashion brands and most likely so are your social circle, therefore you are probably going to be most happy wearing this style of watch. It goes then that you should wear what YOU are happy with so enjoy it mate and in that case it is good , On the other hand I don't like the look of it at all and would be sending it back by return post asap, but that just my opinion. Have a great Xmas

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