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  1. Had to wait until today for this very young one off my young un' love that watch mate
  2. Foxdog

    World Cup Thread.

    Even better on ITV4 now 20's rugby final with the French shirt sponsors being BMW
  3. Foxdog

    Practice pictures

    Nice pics, well done YOU
  4. Foxdog

    What Are You Listening To

    Top choice, love this album , even had title track played at our wedding.
  5. Foxdog

    Practice pictures

    I've got to ask why are there random pic's with special effects being put on this thread, I was enjoying seeing Cassies practice pictures and could see improvement along the way and I even understand people with experience giving pointers to help, but then other peoples random pics, whats that all about ?
  6. Foxdog

    The Waterfall Project.

    Probably a bit late to suggest this Rog' but an old trick we used to use on new roofing tiles to help ageing the was to give them a sprinkle of BabyBio the lichens etc seem to take hold in a relatively short time and then flourish (couple of years) after this.
  7. Not me, it went straight to the UK version when I clicked you link. Your probably dead on with the amazon / argos situation, cheers.
  8. Foxdog

    What Are You Listening To

    This before going to see them tomorrow in Delamere Forest
  9. Same price in Argos
  10. Foxdog

    Steinhart Barrique.

    Bloody awful for me
  11. Foxdog

    Thursday timepieces.

    Citizen Modena 1 for me today.
  12. Foxdog

    Tyre recommendations, please.

    Decent tyre, reasonable price have a look at Maxxis unless you do stupid stuff they are fine, no quibble warranty also.
  13. Foxdog

    DIY LED clock kit

    +1 I did exactly the same, worked well the first time then I fried it about 12 months later and made me jump a mile after forgetting to turnoff the mains .
  14. Foxdog

    Sunday juniors after 1990

    Late in the gay now, but took the young un climbing for the first time in ages earlier and sported this for the day again for the first time in ages.
  15. Foxdog

    Fridays wristwear

    This for the last couple of days, sorry about the rubbish pic'.

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