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  1. At a loose end

    What I hate is the second loop moving around and either travelling all the way up to the first loop or (more likely) moving beyond the end of the strap. Strap flapping isn't really the issue with this just that I think it looks bad. Almost all my leather straps do this. I am constantly fiddling with them. I even caught myself checking a bracelet the other day 'cos I'm so used to doing it.
  2. I Can Source Any Watch You Want

    Can you source the door marked Exit?
  3. A plea for help

    I would like to be able to see a list of all your watches for sale, sortable by price. You know the drill. Thumbnails photos with type of watch and price, 50 to a page (or whatever), click on the photo for full details. I like the new stock page but don't visit too often (sorry) so being able to see all your stock in one place would be good.
  4. I had to wear a Fitbit on my right wrist for an NHS walking challenge. Absolutely hated it. Refused to have it replacing my watch on my left wrist. It was ridiculously inaccurate. Credited me with over a hundred steps for brushing my teeth!!!!
  5. I've been having the same problem for the past couple of days. Even with box ticked my phone - android - kindle - amazon android - pc at work - ie11 - are all asking for sign in every visit. Something has changed on the server - maybe? Sent from my LG-K350 using Tapatalk
  6. Multi Function Digitals

    Yep I have used most digi functions in my time. As a serious runner chronos and countdown timers especially ones that reset themselves are essential. I've got one of those tide graph casios too which I once set up for a beach holiday. Didn't actually work as you really need to have the exact lunitidal interval for the particular piece of coast you're on. Also used a compas, an altimeter and of course alarms. Sent from my LG-K350 using Tapatalk
  7. Watches we bought THEN

    I quite like your Invicta, Rog. I never did get around to buying an all yellow dial watch. Used to really like the Raymond Weil W1. All the same, must be a bug%^r to tell the time with such a similar GMT hand.
  8. Salesman's tactic

    Auto and sapphire for me although most of my collection is quartz and mineral glass (lack of funds).
  9. Also frequently on sale at TK Maxx which is where I got mine for £40 although the battery was dead. When I opened it up it had a tiny Miyota movement. Not the same model though. Sent from my LG-K350 using Tapatalk
  10. Hung Watches!

    Don't tell TockSick!!! He'll buy it and flog it on to one of his mates for £100 before he gets hold of it and realises there's a fault in the movement.
  11. When's the next watch purchase.

    Well I'm off to the L'Eroica Britannia festival next weekend (anyone else going? I'll be wearing my forum badge) and I know that the Camden Watch Company will be there. I've been looking forward to seeing their watches in the flesh for quite a while now and feel a purchase (or two) coming on. There may well be other micro brands there too, so it's not entirely certain that I'll end up with one of theirs. After that I'd like a Fossil Decker chrono, a Momentum Torpedo and I'd be interested in any RLTs that come up for sale.
  12. I would love to have the quartz. I like red dials. Please enter me against daveyp, I'm not scared. Sent from my LG-K350 using Tapatalk
  13. Back to the original topic. That's a belter Rog. I'm extremely jealous. Sent from my LG-K350 using Tapatalk
  14. To the tune of that Robin Hood song... "DaveyP DaveyP sliding down the slope DaveyP DaveyP what a lovely bloke He thinks he can ski Shame about that tree DaveyP DaveyP DaveyP"