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  1. Can he do it?

    I'll have 67 watches once Christmas and Jay's competition prize both arrive. Thanks for the compliment.
  2. Christmas Day Watch

    I will be wearing my Lotus chronograph (a badge engineered Festina) and then switching to my new(ish) RC Solar G-Shock that is currently residing in Santa's sock drawer. No thought process involved. Random factor picked the Lotus and picked up the Casio from the sales forum a wee while ago after consulting Santa of course.
  3. Jogging wearing vintage manual watch?

    I run to work twice a week too. I keep a watch at work for wearing on the days I run. Swap it every month. Got a Casio beater for running and of course I will wear a different watch the rest of the time which I swap every week. Only problem is having to set the one at work if it's an auto at the start of each week. I like my system as it means I seldom get bored with a watch as I don't wear each one for too long. Just an idea.
  4. Davey P for Emperor

    I second that.
  5. If you knew then...........

    Ha ha that's what I'm getting for my Christmas so it'll be the last watch I got....until the next one.
  6. Gone full China again

    That's lovely Jay. The dial is stunning and the silver hands, numerals and subdials complement it perfectly. Congrats
  7. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Absolutely tragic. I am so sorry Emily. Your Dad was a very well valued and respected forum member who will be greatly missed here. First and foremost though, he was your Dad, so my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  8. Thanks to Rob.B

    Nice one. Well done both
  9. A public thank you to Gordy (kanab22)

    Yep. A Slazenger, an LED bracelet thingy and recently an analogue Casio with red rubber strap. All much appreciated.
  10. A public thank you to Gordy (kanab22)

    You are very welcome Davey. Don't forget I also won 3 of your raffles so you were well overdue something in return. Really glad you like it
  11. Fossil

    Nothing and nobody is going to convince me that this is anything other than a cracking watch
  12. Bulova Accu-Swiss Tellaro chronograph

    That's very classy indeed. I especially like the inner tachymeter and the way it slopes.
  13. Little Pressie

    Nice one, Rog. Have seen that model in shop windows and it is very nice indeed You are a FIS though, so not all bad. I have 2 Fossils so what does that make me? (I'm going to regret asking that aren't I?)
  14. More Perfection

    Poor photo, sorry but this one is lovely

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