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  1. Giveaway Winners bridgeman Gallery Member Points 1 Content count 3,231 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
  2. It's over.......

    Had my RLT 10 silver dial 24 hour watch on since I got into the office this morning at 7:30. Will be switching to Casio beater for run home at 6, then my new Momentum Torpedo white dial after my shower.
  3. Bulova for sure. Had no clue about their high frequency quartz movements until I read about them here.
  4. View this Giveaway Gordy's 500th post mystery prize giveaway All aboard the mystery train for my 500th post prize draw. The lucky winner will receive a mystery prize which will include a watch. In fact a quartz watch, before @Davey P asks. Good luck. Submitter kanab22 Expiration Date 6 days and 5 hours Submitted 11/08/17 Category Giveaways  
  5. What have you most of?

    Got my spreadsheet right here. 1. Casio 12 2. Timex 9 3. RLT 7 4. Seiko 3 5. Camden Watch Company; Citizen; Fossil; Momentum 2 Just noticed I've gone over 500 posts. Will get a raffle organised soon.
  6. Looks great. Nice job on the lume. I'm in despite my puny wrists. Thanks.
  7. Saturday Watch Parade

    Purple G Shock today while I wait for the postie...
  8. 20170805_131419.jpg

    From the album Gordy's Watches


    Haven't had that issue either. Browsers have a built in bookmark facility so don't see the need.
  10. Good thinking. If only there was a way to find out Rog's address then I could send him my faux Lego watch and claim the Sekonda in its place. Hey Rog! You're such a superstar on this forum I would love to send you a postcard from my holidays. Can you please PM me your address.
  11. I'm predicting one (which I pulled the trigger on last night). It was on my very short list of watches I want/need/must have. I also almost bought a Seiko 5 for 44 quid from Amazon Warehouse but when I looked again it was gone (just as well - my wife would kill me) My wanted list now stands at:- 1. Momentum Torpedo black dial 2. RLTs RLTs RLTs Competition rule question, Rog. If you win one of the Raffles in August does that trigger the Sekonda give away?
  12. I prefer the look of the Edifice.
  13. Are you feeling Bluish?

    Still wearing this