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  1. All 55 of them!!!!
  2. Always wear the same watch to bed, whether it has a light, lume or nout. Would feel weird not to have a watch on.
  3. Casio World Time for me as I list some Wedgwood on eBay then take my boy to the park to run some sprints (he always seems to win) and then I think we're playing Talisman this afternoon or perhaps Descent.
  4. Can't beat a G-shock for a bit of desk diving Sent from my LG-K350 using Tapatalk
  5. Would that not be a draw? 99..00..01..02..03..04..05
  6. Got to be 22 for me really. Well done on the posts, every one read and appreciated many times I'm sure (this is in lieu of bribery). I have a thing about silver dials these days so that's a great prize (but only if I win of course)
  7. I've mentioned this a few times but since you asked it would be my £4 charity shop Vostok.
  8. How can you tell it's AM? The day/night indicator doesn't help me much.
  9. That's really nice Davey. Yet another goes on my list. Got to get me a black one with a rubber strap sometime soon.
  10. Wearing one right now. No way of taking a pic at the moment. It's an Expedition with a cream dial and light blue hands. Very nice. Where did you find yours? It's a beauty.
  11. Can't find DL2023 on Amazon. Could it be a typo and you mean DL2032?
  12. Best not to mention Armitron who make watches that look exactly like their name suggests.
  13. If only it were North American then we could mention Momentum who make some nice 'uns.
  14. Casio Edifice for me this week
  15. So sorry for your loss, Roy