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  1. Ridiculous Watch Deaths

    I had a watch with a snap on case back. It was one of those watches with a separate sub-dial for the day and another for the date. Battery duly ran out. Got the back off, changed the battery, all good. Tried to put the back on using just my thumbs - no chance. Looked online for some tips and found one where you get a pair of pliers and place the watch face down on the edge of a table with some cloth under it to protect the glass. Then use the plier handles to squeeze the back on by placing one bit of the handle under the table and turning side ways. (Does that make sense). By doing that I could apply quite a bit of force but the back still wouldn't go on. Now I was quite frustrated. Got a small hammer. With watch still resting on the cloth on the table I gentle hit the case back. It bounced majestically a few inches into the air. I repositioned it and hit it a bit harder. Same result. My blood was now boiling so next time I gave it a good old whack. Case back clicked on. I looked at the watch. Second hand ticking round nicely, crystal undamaged. Yesssss! Not so fast my little friend - one of the sub-dial hands had popped off and was now happily bouncing around the dial. Aaargh! Into the bin it went. Needless to say I now have one of those case back pressing clamp thingies which always does the job with no mishaps so far (fingers crossed).
  2. They both look grrrrreat. You are a star man Davey.
  3. Let me guess. The hands look like that tower in Toronto when they are directly on top of one another. This needs to go to the Kickstarter section.
  4. Christmas Watches.

    I am sorely tempted by the Precisionist on the Sales Forum but I'm supposed to be being disciplined and pulling my Christmas allocation together for a black Momentum Torpedo. Surely you feel my pain bro @RWP
  5. Watch shop windows

    Plenty of prices on display in the Argyle Arcade in Glasgow. Good fun trying to find the most expensive watch. Even the kids get involved in that and I get extra time to ogle at Hublots etc
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  11. Saturday Watch Parade 07.10.17

    Keeping it simple
  12. Raffle main image

    No I had to download the photos from the gallery to my phone. File this under suggested enhancements.
  13. Real Rado Diastar or fake?

    I give up. Is it real or fake @zhasmin?
  14. Forty

    This one from the sales forum...£35

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