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  1. kanab22

    'Faux Chronograph'

    My mate also has a watch with faux day, date and month subdials. He was having trouble figuring out how to set them
  2. kanab22

    Friday's here again...

    I see them quite often. Funnily enough I know a minister who wears one and another minister's wife has one. Maybe it's a religious thing. My daughter has a yellow one.
  3. kanab22

    Friday's here again...

    Early father's day present from my wonderful kids. A bit of a classic....
  4. What a cracking haul. That's me on the look out for a Laika Vostok now Seriously, I never knew such a watch existed. Love it. Hope your convalescence is speedy.
  5. kanab22

    Unboxing my first for a while

    I agree about the hands. I bit of grey around the edges would have been good. I know the designers are passionate about watches and take a lot of care over every detail so I am sure they thought about the hands long and hard. Interesting that they opted for a white second hand. Anyway, in broad daylight it looks flippin great
  6. This just in from my other favourite microbrand (after RLT of course). It is always a pleasure to unbox these, so I thought I would share. A few clues on the outside of the box..... The box within the box..... Untie the string and open up the box to reveal.......another box. Isn't this fun? Finally, the watch itself. Probably not to everyone's taste...... Some nice detailing...... Lovely thick leather strap....... Obligatory wrist shots..... Specs aren't great: Miyota quartz; 50m WR; mineral glass; hard to tell the time in low light but it's a bit different and I really like it.
  7. I like it a lot Davey. I almost bought a Fat Face watch off Amazon back in the day. I swithered about it for ages, think I even had it in my basket at one point but never did pull the trigger
  8. kanab22

    Argos eBay TW Steel

    Also some TW Steel watches on the TK Maxx website. Don't know enough about them to say for sure that they're bargains.
  9. kanab22

    Incoming - RLT

    That's a great watch. You got yourself a real bargain too. Mine says, "Hello".
  10. kanab22

    Friday WRUW

    Heading to the beach later on....
  11. kanab22

    Sell or not Sell.

    Hoarder, although I did give my wife one of my watches recently.
  12. Well done, Rog. Brilliant for the price
  13. ...and another thing. I have a couple of watches where the minute hand is slightly loose. So I'll set it bang on but then tilting or gently shaking it will result in it being out by about 15secs. What's an OCD WIS supposed to do about that?
  14. That's a bugbear of mine too. I sometimes have to set a watch 4 or 5 times before I'm happy with the way the minute hand is lining up. The trouble is some dials do not have evenly spaced markers. So, I find myself examining each watch several times per day (during the first day I've got it on) to make sure it is still lining up. I have a tolerance of about 5 secs either way but much prefer the minute hand to hit the marker slightly before the second hand reaches 60 than after it reaches 60 (obviously spot on is the holy grail). I am getting a bit better and have learned that most minute hands move a bit when the crown is depressed. So I will set it a minute in advance as a trial and then make micro adjustments until it's time to set it bang on.

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