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  1. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    My new Precisionist looking lovely on its new strap
  2. Giveaway Winners bridgeman Gallery Member Points 1 Content count 3,873 Details from Prize 1 Find Content bridgeman Gallery Member Points 1 Content count 3,873 Details from Prize 2 Find Content  
  3. Giveaway Winners bridgeman Gallery Member Points 1 Content count 3,873 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
  4. Cheap, vintage inspired dive watches

    What about the Spinakker on the sales forum?
  5. Rotary Legacy a mini review

    Well done on your excellent review. That's a great looking watch. At some point I will have to add a Rotary to my collection.
  6. Rare Watches

    Here's my RLT one off. Although I am pretty sure there are a fair number of RLT one offs out there
  7. That Fossil is very nice. Good decision
  8. Burei 13016 Quartz Watch

    I like a good fuction
  9. These two are new in within the last week First up is a quirky and very nice FHB mechanical digital watch. A huge thanks yet again to @Roy for this one which was another of his Giveaway prizes. You are very kind, sir. Although it is NOS it has some wear on the case but I rather like that as it simply confirms its age and adds some character to it. It is keeping pretty good time. On the shelf it lost 2 minutes in a day but it is such a doodle to set it really doesn't matter. Just move it on a little after winding it up. However, after the first 15 hours of actually wearing it, it didn't appear to lose any time. It came with an alligator style strap and I simply don't get on with them. So I swapped it onto a Geckota (forgot to take a before shot) and here's the result. Next up is my lovely new (well as good as) Bulova Precisionist which a bought from the redoubtable Jon aka @PC-Magician via the Sales Forum (thanks for the facility @Roy) It is indeed a thing of beauty. I haven't started wearing it yet (before anyone says the date is wrong) and my wrist shot turned out a bit blurry so will take one another time for a WRUW thread. It feels very solidly put together and the smooth sweeping second hand is superbly suave. It also came with an alligator style strap which I've swapped for another Geckota with blue stitching to match the dial. Sorry about the blurry before shot. Before.... After.... It's been a great week for me. If you would like either of the alligator straps then head on over to the Giveaway section for a chance to win them.
  10. View this Giveaway Bulova 22mm Leather Strap - Alligator Style 22mm Bulova alligator style leather watch strap. Taken from a Presicionist and has been worn just a few times. Submitter kanab22 Expiration Date 6 days and 19 hours Submitted 10/03/18 Category Giveaways  
  11. View this Giveaway Bioni 18mm Leather Strap - Alligator Style NOS vintage 18mm leather strap with alligator style markings. Swiss made by Bioni. Came with my NOS FHB mechnical digital watch that I recently won in @Roy's giveaway raffle. It has a gold coloured buckle. Submitter kanab22 Expiration Date 6 days and 18 hours Submitted 10/03/18 Category Giveaways  
  12. My collection will be complete when I'm no longer around to wear any of them
  13. Pillaging the Past? Discuss

    It's always 10 past 10 in official photos, although strangely it looks like 11:10 on the blue one.
  14. Price for me. I throw most boxes out anyway. Notable exceptions are my Camden Watch Company boxes and the wooden box that my RLT 77 came in. They are sitting on my book shelves for ornamental purposes.

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