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  1. fernface

    Just a few birds

    From a while back: 124 by Ferny23897482, on Flickr 086 by Ferny23897482, on Flickr 690 by Ferny23897482, on Flickr
  2. Best discus by Ferny23897482, on Flickr First time effort using Flickr as opposed to photobox, that i find impossible to get on with now! Hope this has worked!!
  3. fernface

    Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    Welcome back, i have a job to get mine off my wrist!
  4. Have to watch out for this next season, i didnt know there was a league!
  5. fernface

    Seikos.....but NO divers !

    From 1969 one more
  6. fernface

    Let's See Your Pets

    Hobbs in her hole: and her exit Took her no more than 2 mins to dig, 5 minutes to remove mud from her mouth!!!!
  7. fernface

    Bloody terrorists....

    I can see no reason to worry, our prime minister has pledged a "FULL SPECTRUM" response. Oh yeah.
  8. fernface

    Bad experiene with member "Beeks".

    I agree a feedback type thing would be of great value. For the record i sold my Spork to Beeks back in Feb and couldnt fault the transaction in any way. Just noticed there is a reputation type thingy!!!
  9. fernface

    New Arrival - WARNING, IT`S HOOGE!!!

    With my 8.75 wrists i reckon it would look quite normal, of course that would depend on whether i could find a strap to fit!!!
  10. fernface

    Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    Having sold mine, my Son is thinking of moving his on - and i am tempted! However he has worn it daily for ages and it really is "ratty". Does anyone know anyone who could restore/polish it, really would be nice to see it back to its best - Brian
  11. fernface

    Smart Tv Advice Please

    Recently purchased a Sony 50 inch smart TV from John Lewis. Lots and lots of settings, movies, sports and the football setting is magic. Slight problem, John Lewis failed to deliver on the day they promised, but they did discount by £50 as a result :D. Netflix excellent no waiting to load (of course this is dependent on your broadband speed).
  12. fernface

    Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    I had seen it a while back, but is authentic, i mean its got a funny name :)
  13. fernface

    Sale Of The Watch Forum

    Glad to hear that, even though i didnt know that there was a possibility of it being sold :rltb:
  14. So glad we are all back! As far as "the other side" is concerned this is all i ever see when thinking of joining vBulletin Message Sorry, due to the high number of bogus registration attempts registration has been temporarily disabled by the administrator.!!!!!
  15. fernface

    Forum Server

    So glad its back, well done to the workers :)

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