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  1. Cornelius

    O&W MP sapphire?

    Popped it open and it measures 32.5cm for reference if anybody should need the info in the future.
  2. Cornelius

    O&W MP sapphire?

    Would be grateful anybody could help me out with a direct swap from say Cousins or wherever. Pretty flat, with a slight dome would be best.
  3. Cornelius

    Alternatives to G10

    Yep, but "wrong" case/dial/hands. Just drop a PM if you wanna sell.
  4. Cornelius

    Alternatives to G10

    Yeah, please sell that to me.
  5. Cornelius


  6. Cornelius

    Disgusting Homage

    Grand Reef..haha...with the GS font.. Thanks for the laugh anyway.
  7. Cornelius

    Distressing watch habits to watch.

    Too tight or to loose.
  8. Cornelius

    Too much bronze ?

    Watch head to strap: - "somebody stole my thunder" ...
  9. Cool. I see I haven't posted much in 13 years.. Number 13 then.
  10. Cornelius

    What's happened?

    I got a swift reply to a question about a year ago. So he's out there I guess but retired is my guess. Wonder how the legacy looks like?
  11. Cornelius

    Brushed or Polished? Hydro Conquest.

    Brushed is king!
  12. The seller has 24 or 48hrs to respond. Guess he/she didn't want to bother.
  13. Cornelius

    New Pavstrap!

    Woaw! Looks so good! Will check his stuff out. EDIT: Just did and every single one looks stunning. :)
  14. Cornelius

    O&w Mp 2824 And 2801?

    I also had a 2801 manual and switched the dial to a Yao Mark II. :( Guess I'll have to put up some want-ads. And oh, the Zeno Explorer..ah..
  15. Cornelius

    O&w Mp 2824 And 2801?

    Exactly, a little more busy that :)

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