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  1. Mafws Game

    Banjax A Kangaroo Every Day SLATE is next
  2. Quartz & alignment issues

    And of course, are you sure the dial is correctly spaced in equal increments?
  3. Who made this?

    Well, the Downpatrick would be the town Mr McCutcheon had his watchmaker shop located in. Currently, that's about 25 miles south of Belfast in what is now Northern Ireland, but would likely have been classed as Ireland and under British rule prior to the partition of Ireland into the North for Northern Ireland and Eire as the Republic in the South. A bit of research might throw up some more info using McCutcheon (an Irish name) and Downpatrick as references, and the Irish connection could well tie in with Liverpool as that was a favourite point of entry into the UK mainland for those emigrating from Ireland. Enjoy the research - - sometimes the finding out can be real fun!
  4. Who made this?

    I concur with both Gimlii and MyrridinEmrys - - (haven't heard those in a whiley, my Sunday is Emlyn) just take it easy on the bow catch, use something like a cocktail stick if it seems stiff, and make sure it can move before moving it if you know what I mean? You need to relieve the pressure by pushing the bow inwards very slightly before you try sliding it round to the release position to flip the cover.
  5. Song Titles Game

    You'll Never Walk Alone - - Gerry and the Pacemakers
  6. Who made this?

    Always Watching - - giveth good advice. You might want to tell us where you are based, maybe a member will know of a friendly "real" watchmaker in your area who would open it for you
  7. Vintage? Rotary Valuation

    It's a style often referred to as a "TV" style watch, with the dial area approximating the shape of an old Cathode Ray Tube telly. A hunt around on ebay will show you something similar I'm sure, try something like "TV style Rotary watch" as your search. Good luck!
  8. Mentor Watches: A History Uncovered

    Hola Amigo, la cadena del imagen no funciona? Bienvenido del forum, I will mention chaps, that "casa del abogado" translates as "The house of the Lawyer" - - so watch out
  9. Editing posts

    Pray tell Rog, just how did you manage to sort out the Commander's massive ---- -- problem? or am I reading that wrong again?
  10. Excellent prize and Competition - - Good Luck to all entrants, me got one already so not entering!
  11. Mafws Game

    Timex Really Is Practically Superb DINGY is next
  12. New member from the old board

    What happened, did we ban you? Welcome back then!
  13. Well I knew there was a reason for the wobbly crown - - and now I know that reason - - and to quote another - - I didn't when I got up this morning
  14. Which SEIKO model you love best

    Apart from the Pogue - - nary a one! They all look the same to me! Send your spare/franken/fudgey/unloved Pogues to me at the Edinburgh Home for Retired watches -
  15. Got here and forgot why I came! Here's my mental picture below¬ Cheers!

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