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  1. Mafws Game

    "Besame" A Long Lingering Smacker AMIGO is next (see the clever multilingual stuff there? )
  2. Song Titles Game

    The night has a thousand eyes - - Bobby Vee
  3. Our cat has been shot

    Just let us know Martin, and please keep the forum posted.
  4. It must just be me - - Why "00" at the 12 marker - - that will only be "accurate" for exactly the one second that the second, hour and minute hand all line up exactly on top of each other, a fraction of a second before or after and it's out! Sorry, I know I'm an old curmudgeon, but NO, it doesn'y work for me at all! I won't be ordering one!
  5. Our cat has been shot

    Sounds good Martin! Diesel, you WILL do it! Love to help you from Mrs Mel when I told her your story!
  6. Mafws Game

    Some Prefer Opening Tinned Salmon MAXIM is next
  7. Song Titles Game

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the Glen - - Louis Prima (TV series theme)
  8. Our cat has been shot

    We don't have a cat, Mrs Mel is allergic but she wouldn't see one in trouble, she fed a white cat by hand in Spain and nursed him through three nights of sickness, despite being badly affected by her allergy herself!. B'astards is too good a word for these folks! Come on Diesel, you can do it!
  9. Customer complaint

    Aaah! now I know what's been causing my problems, it's all down to you Scottie! Any more of it and I'll get Mach to withdraw your medications forthwith! A couple of days without your Anadin Extra will soon sort you out Boyo!
  10. Absolutely looks like garbage - - but it might be fun for someone to dismantle, and see how a cheap watch should fit together - - although it would never work again I would think! - - even if it was put back together again. Something can always be learned Grasshopper!
  11. Song Titles Game

    Agent Double O Soul - - SAHB
  12. Mafws Game

    Spit And Cough, Keep Smiling PLUMB is next
  13. Rolex owners club

    We have a ROLEX Owners Club? I never knew that Some nice piccies there Guys. E N J O Y !
  14. AVO, you're undoubtedly correct, but given that most folks wouldn't complain, they won't do it - - probably quoting costs as a valid reason.
  15. Automatic movement Quartz

    TIMEX/Laco were among the first affordable Electronic watches. They are "hybrid" being a mixture of mechanical and electronic (electromechanical) where a small motor drives the hands powered by a button cell that lasted about a year in normal use. Of these, the smoothest visual example is the "Dynabeat" range, having a higher beat rate. producing a reasonably smooth seconds sweep around the dial. You should know that as already stated, this is an optical illusion of sorts in that, if you move something by a very small step and a high number of steps per second, it will appear to be moving smoothly and continuously. The details of this phenomonon can be checked by google/wiki-ing "persistence of vision" and reading up on it there. It's the basic principle of movie film, and what most of us did in notebooks at school when we drew stick men in the corners of each page and made them "walk" by flicking the corners - - or even do rude things I cannot possibly describe in a family orientated forum like TWF. Also - - there are NOT a lot of people who can service these about, so - - they may not be a best buy at this stage of your collecting quest.

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