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  1. HiFi ..

    I've still a Dansette up in the loft somewhere - - - - at my age I can only hear the Bass anyways - - "It's all about Da Bass, No Treble"
  2. Yet another load of over-hyped I despair with all of these ! projects ! - - although I do feel a bout of ! projectile ! vomiting coming on. Look - - if it's half as good as you tell us it is, mortgage your house and sell your car, work in MacDonalds at the weekends and put your own money where your mouth is rather than asking us to finance it for you? Must take my "calm down" Brandy
  3. Mafws Game

    People Use Really Rough Sandpaper IDIOT is next
  4. I had a Bedford Van/minibus where the floor was an old Castrol oildrum flattened out and epoxy resin-ed in! (of course, we din't have MOT's back then ) I sold it for ten quid more than I paid for it, that was £35. Those were the days - - death trap on wheels. It had four wheels, but three were different colours till I painted all four silver. I reckon that's what added the ten quid profit!
  5. Amazon and Prime

    Resistance is futile - - you will be assimilated. Lady Amazon (Queen of the Borg) has spoken!
  6. Kronaby Watches - Thoughts?

    It's a bit, well - - SKAGEN-ish if you like that sort of thing! When did the Swedes go on to double time? 120 seconds per minute? Must be to do with the land of the Midnight Sun thing? Amigos para Siempre!
  7. Tools

    I agree, that's about the same as mine, and I did the same, gave it a "blunt sharpen" and it does most OK.
  8. Your Favourite Perfume or Fragrance

    I just have the stuff out the pound shop - - and whatever my daughters buy me for Brufdays and Chrissimuses - - they buy me the good stuff like LYNX
  9. Mafws Game

    Boomerangs Rarely Ever Affect Kangaroos HENNA is next
  10. Tools

    There is no such thing as a plonker in WISdomland - - eejits, , but plonkers no! Eejits - - those who spray watches with WD40 and expect them to work afterwards
  11. Tools

    The real tenet about tools (generally, not just watch tools), is to buy the best you can afford, you cannot just put a blanket ban on cheapie tools. At worst they will convince you that you should buy better the next time (as you undoubtedly will) , at best, out of the complete "kit" it's likely you will find some items that have little use but will do the trick for a once or even a good while, - - and in this "case" the alloy the alloy "case" is always going to be handy if you don;'t have a permanent workbench space! Fire on Spenner, I still have a nice wee plastic movement holder from my first kit of tools, won't part with it till it dies completely, and it must be twelve or more years old now! And BTW Spenner, I hate to mention it, but the same kit is only £17.26 from another supplier - - searcheth diligently thru ye listinges on yebay - - I'm almost liking the look enough to order one just for the case.
  12. Mafws Game

    Giant Hamsters Overtake Small Tigers FLOCK is next

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