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  1. https://www.thewellmadeclock.com/tag/time-savings-clock/ Is this what you have? An explanation is on the page. It may be the "lock feature" has been disabled or removed to allow normal running. I remember these and similar to be used for renting a radio as well.
  2. mel

    timex expedition screws needed

    Murphy's Law of Conservation (= hoarding) - - when you toss something out, it will be needed the nest week! I f you had asked two weeks ago I binned a couple of BER and all ferked up Expeditions you could have had which had most if not all the screws. Sorry. [before anyone suggests I might have them]
  3. mel

    Rolex lmt ed??

    Aren't they all? (Chavvy that is )
  4. Gimli, was working from my old android tablet and cut and paste doesn't hack it for the link. Scott, thanks for the edit - might have got it changed except knew I was out of time. The strap is the new NOVIS version, you just can't see it! I dunno' if it's worth so much, but it's a cracker IMO. Seems to be in excellent condition - -
  5. I have a search on the bay for Lewis's watches ( mainly were made by TIMEX for Lewis's the Department store) and today this showed up. Absolutely bloody lovely PW with complications. Nowt to do with what I was after, but if the man from the lottery comes with a cheque I could be tempted eBay item https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Henry-Lewis-Co-Grand-Complikation-Taschenuhr-1890-Min-repetition-Ewiger-Kal/202348775212?hash=item2f1ced472c:g:rRcAAOSwT2pbLgbd Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Good description and pictures to drool about. E N J O Y!
  6. mel

    Mafws Game

    TIMEX, Eventually Everyone Takes Home DUELS is next
  7. mel

    Royal Mail to bring out Dad`s Army stamps

    Check your local area for a "stamp shop" or philatelic supplies - - some may have special arrangements for FDC's whereby they can arrange for them to be hand stamped locally with a clear date stamp and not the generic "through the machine" cancellation. Obviously you will pay more for this as a service? It's a pity Wormington on Sea is fictional, as that would have been perfect Otherwise unused "mint" might be a way to go, one of each denomination kept in the correct pocketed pages from a philately shop/supplier.
  8. Should be possible = = try an email to Greg at Woodland Technical, he can be good at this sort of thing --
  9. Wasn't that on the "Homes under the Hammer" TV show? - - and that was the "after" picture!
  10. mel

    Plastic Watches

    How much Scott - - did they pay you to take it away!
  11. mel

    Mafws Game

    Calling A Timex Cheap - - Horrible TRACT is next
  12. mel

    Back in the saddle

    Commander, just let me know if you want one, I've a few about somewhere's (BUT you have to wear it )
  13. mel

    Great Countryfile tonight.

    Yes, we watched it OK. Great show. Many many years ago, I worked for a company as a Service Engineer, holding a Royal Warrant. Was working in Dundee at a client's office, and the office phoned me to go to Balmoral as both machines needed fettling. Fired up the Mini-van and offski, arrived at Balmoral estate "tradesman's" entrance and it was teeming down, had been all day. Security gave me strict instructions on route to take, and not go off the track as I would get bogged down. I head up towards the castle and lo and behold there's a grey Landy coming towards me. I thought "sh*t" I'm going to get bogged, it was single track. No, lights flashed and the Landy pulls off and I drive past waving thanks to the lady with the Barbour Jacket and headscarf who was driving. I've been a fan of HM ever since !
  14. The one in the Ad has had the cow slurry cleaned off Are they as tough now? TIMEX? Not really if you want mechanical, they don't make mecanicals nowadays - - but then to-day's IRONMAN type ranges are fairly tough. like G-shock but a tad cheaper, although I would agree they are not likely as tough as G-SHOCK. (I still like 'em )

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