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  1. Mafws Game

    People Rarely Ignite My Extremities ELBOW is next
  2. Wish I'd bypassed this topic - - How easy was AliExpress to buy from?
  3. Best entry in this section for a while (if Hussle holds the jackets, I'll sell the tickets )
  4. Scott brings up a very valid point, that "better" quality tools often have replaceable parts at the "business end" which makes both practical and financial sense. The best you can afford is often the best measure at "our" hobbyist level - - like my little LIDL ultrasonic is fine for a few watches every now and then, but FFS, it wouldn't last a week in commercial use in a busy workshop. When it dies will I upgrade it? If I have some spare dollars, then YES! if not I will accept the limitations and just replace it! ( and buy a new toothbrush for myself - - demoting my current toothie brush down to watch bracelet cleaning )
  5. Mafws Game

    Fainting In Emergency Needs Doctor APSIS is next
  6. Buy the best you can afford - - is the general answer - - and you'll likely only buy once --> you need to think about that one The cheapo kits are probably OK, and I think a lot of us on here have tried them and maybe even still have some of the bits, but they are what they are. They will last till you realise how bad they can be and decide to buy a bit better the next time. You pays yer dosh, takes yer chances Compare the price of a case back knife in a kit that costs a tenner or so, with the price of a half decent knife by itself at maybe £16 to £29 and that's the difference?
  7. Mafws Game

    Many Older Ladies Dance Salsa (other endings are available ) FLAGS is next
  8. new member from Edinburgh

    Hi, welcome to RLT
  9. Can we have the big selection of emoticonijos or whatever they are called now back please? - - all the assassins and stuff, and cheers and so on? I like them and lots have gone away
  10. Mafws Game

    Really Exhausted Lighting Incandescent Candles DRINK is next
  11. Easy Answer - - Roy L Taylor of sunny Bridlington (but not at the moment sadly - - the Boss is on a sabbatical just now )
  12. Dive Watch Myths.

    I like the bit about Divers wearing a TIMEX Ironman as a backup to the expensive gear! (but then I would - wouldn't I ? ) [ I rests my case M'lud ]
  13. best watch at 4 price points

    Coat not required, it's expected of me that I should recommend Ticka's - - after all, Rolex never passed any of the Timex Torture Tests, did they? (nor any of the other makes mentioned? )
  14. El Alcalde, (the Mayor) Sr Dolon did this same thing about three years ago in TORREVIEJA in Spain. I remember it was about four days before the new stock came in and the sellers were back on the seafront again.