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  1. Mafws Game

    Mess A Kitchen Every Saturday! TAPER is next
  2. Sir William Atte Wode

    Welcome to the forum OM. Impressive CV and historical "detalles" there indeed. I'm retired, and a fan of old TIMEX and other afordables. There are a few Hams on the forum, various levels of call, and before retiring I held a Commercial ticket through my employer for two way Comms, plus my own calls of GM6JAG and GM6JAG/EA in Spain. I guess you'll fit in well here once we knock the daylights out of you get to know you better ! 73's de Mel
  3. Grandfathers Watch?

    Welcome to The Watch Forum Follow the link on how to post pictures as Gimmlii suggests. There's a lot for you to research there. Google on it all - - "Fattorini Bradford" and that will find you info on when the family operated in Bradford as watchmakers. Try "filled gold" which is an older term. Fattorini were and I believe still are known as jewellers in the Yorkshire area, but whether they were branches of the same shop, or the same family, research needed. The pictures from animalone are the sort of thing that would help with ID. Good Luck, the search will be interesting. Try narrowing dates down by back dating - - I was 7? when I first saw the watch my Dad was xx, so Grandad would have been xx and the watch would have been before xxxx
  4. The DHodge 1968 Diver

    Nice bit of exclusivity there, in a true Homage to the sub style! Like it!
  5. Mafws Game

    Killers Never Openly Carry Knives MASTS is next
  6. Traveling abroad with watches

    It's normal to do this with Ham Radio and other exotic tronics gear in and out of the UK. Main prob is coming back and you come up against someone in Customs who isn't (all) there with the procedures. I think you're in effect declaring "goods to declare" - - not a lot of folks volunteer to go through the "goods to declare" marked route or gate, how often do you see it manned (or womanned) nowadays.
  7. Mafws Game

    Does One Open Rolex Submariners? PLAIT is next
  8. I have a few TIMEX from the 1950's that have only ever been serviced (clean and oil change style) by myself when I got them maybe ten years or so ago. I don't really expect them to die anytime soon! As with anything mechanical, go for the simplest - - do you need to do anything other than tell the time with a watch? Days and dates and timers and chronos just add more moving parts to go awry, so a simple sweep seconds watch is ideal for having potential longevity!
  9. Gibraltar holiday

    Never been all that impressed with "discounts" on anything in Gibraltar TBH, likewise Andorra. Seems that "duty free" or "tax free" equates to bigger retailer margins nowadays from what I see. It's all a tad cheaper possibly, but hardly worth the hassle!
  10. Now that's exactly the kinda' thing I'm talking about - - WIS-y stuff that we might know about but others not so much - - any more? Not sure if Mach still seeks a "ServiceS" alarm clock - for example! BTW, that's a very nice Rolex DaveyBoy, "classic" in every sense of the word.
  11. Oh - - I just knew you would have both JM, but then again - - that means the next one you see will be mine!
  12. Here's a topic to help those in search of rarities or grails. Even the humblest watches have "rare" models that don't come up to often. so here's one to look out for. It's a TIMEX Southampton - - flyback Chrono using the pusher on the upper right quadrant of the dial. Not lot were ever made by TIMEX standards, and even fewer survive. There is an even harder to find black dial version, not as attractive IMO, as you all know, that's never Humble! Nothing complicated, it houses a standard but slightly modified movement which is supposed to reset the seconds hand to zero using the pusher. It would seem lots were scrapped when this part stopped working? Dates from around the fifties. Really just a kind of stopwatch function. If you ever see one, or indeed have one, I would appreciate a heads up! So those who have some special knowledge of ANY make and model that is a real rareity rather than a hyped up rareity, how about posting a picture to help us all, and maybe someone will spot your grail for you?
  13. Mafws Game

    Grand Rivers Often Seem Sluggish POPPY is next
  14. Timex Goes Back to Basics: The Marlin

    This has been mooted around for a while from TIMEX sources, finally now coming to fruition. I'd say it's a tad over the affordable price range, but then, so is many a manufacturer now. If you extrapolate using one of the "inflation" calculators, then the price is about right from the mid 60's models. In the original time frame there were around a dozen "Marlin" models plus another six with calendar designation, all more or less used the #22 or #24 movement for the pliain vanilla, the date models used the #25. Usually the hardest to come by is the 1968 with the #24 movement and horizontal batons markers except at 12, 3, 6 and 9. From my desk at the Useless Information Helpline!
  15. Hmmm!, so TIMEX were right after all? I well remember seeing the girls at TIMEX Dundee swapping out movements to effect warranty repairs quickly and cheaply, and the "broken returns" went into a box for a more experienced person to decide if they could be fixed by the line "snaggers" (those who checked non-workers on the line for obvious faults and so on) This would be, let's see, I left school in 1956, and started working with postal machines around 1963, so it would be the 60's then! I feel old sometimes I always felt the "broken returns" box accounted for the large number of folks in Dundee wearing repaired TIMEX watches - -

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