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  1. Bowie watch

    OK for under £27.00 delivered - - no wait, that's every month it says! Don't think it does Mr. Bowie any justice at all! in any way - -
  2. Hello from scotland

    No Mach, if they all find out Yorkshire's not actually God's own country, they'll all come and we'll all have to take up well dressing and Morris Dancing and stuff - -
  3. Hello from scotland

    Well, there's me, and Mach is a Mod, and a few more! Independence for Catalunya as well!
  4. I want to buy a watch, any watch

    no, lovely bit of BLING on BLING
  5. Getting back to the original posting, and away from the "handbags at dawn" challenges - watch manufacturers will put 30m rated on the dial simply to sell watches - no other real reason! AND no maker of mass produced watches selling 30m WR affordable cheap watches is ever gonna' actually test each watch for WR, a good maker may random test a small selection from each run, but having established a generic probable WR to 30m even that is not that likely!
  6. At work the other day

    In to get the ashtray emptied, was it ?
  7. All Roads Lead Back to Mach!

    Nice mannie that Mach is (he gets me my Meds) - may I remind all members that pre-acquisition forms have to be completed in all five colours and submitted for scrutiny before a purchase of ServiceS items are even contemplated
  8. Mafws Game

    Driving Round, One Observes Lacksadaisicallness! ESPER is next
  9. Mafws Game

    Jumping Off Kerbstones Endangers Sandals SANDY is next
  10. And another one buys a Duster - - Has someone brought out a watch design app or something? DL onto your phone and everyone's a watch designer?
  11. Siglo watches, anyone heard of them?

    Google is your friend - - Siglo simply means "Century" in a few Romance languages. It's more likely French, Swisss or Iberian than Japanese. Good Luck in your research.
  12. TIMEX Owners Association

    Well done that man! Another one preserves a TIMEX!
  13. New brand in 2018: Charleston Watches

    Oh for goodness sakes! The beach sellers in Benidorm have better looking stuff. You tell us you designed it? WHAT! - with an "Etcha-Sketch"? but you don't tell us the size, the strap width, the crystal, and what is actually inside it! A three dollar Movement perhaps with a plastic spacer to take up the case size? Details! And nobody, but nobody actually wears a watch like your photo in real life, with the crown over the shirt cuff How much do you think you can sell this thing for? I can go on ebay and find a dozen approximately the same look and this morning the start price |BIN | is around £2.80 delivered from Malaysia! I'm having a good day today - - Mach, more meds please
  14. Paying for an 18 month wait... !?

    Looks just like an Alpha - - (sort of)

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