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  1. mel

    What WIS do during Royal Weddings

    Packed the case ready for our early flight tomorrow out to Spain. Not that I'm anxious you know!
  2. mel

    Mafws Game

    People On Oysters Practice Sex SIXTY is next
  3. Looks OK to me for a big Chrono! I've entered, away next week to Spain, so it'll be a pleasant surprise when I get back on the Monday AM - - of course contingent no entry from on Dav - - -
  4. Look around some more - - it's fugly for that money, but what do I know?
  5. mel

    DIY LED clock kit

    Gee! - Now there's an interesting take on the clock!
  6. mel

    Help, is this a watch Q made?

    It's a disposable watch? I don't think you're meant to replace the cell pack but rather toss the whole thing in the bin and buy another one? OTOH, if (and it's a BIG IF) you can find a replacement cell pack, or make one up yourself, I can tell you DO NOT try unsoldering the wires from the watch end but instead cut and join at the cell pack end using insulated sleeving to cover the joints. The components on the board are Surface Mounted and without specialist knowledge and soldering gear, a normal solder iron WILL almost certainly lift parts off the board. BTW, I think Gimmllii is correct, and the capped button on the side hides the lens. (Of course holding your arm out like a robot to film kind of defeats the spy element/ )
  7. mel

    Tyre recommendations, please.

    You could always ask your local Kwikfit fitter
  8. mel

    Oyster Watch Co

    A query for those who may know? Is this perchance some kind of entry level Rolex? I'm thinking "Oyster" and the "missing" screw down crown, and the screw back look of it, and the nice look about the movement - - Always willing - - could be today's new fact!
  9. mel

    A first for me... New arrival

    You E N J O Y Cassie! One day I may buy a SEIKO - -
  10. mel

    Long service award

    Not me, being a stingy canny Scot, I will have to re-order a graduated candle to replace the one I've had for years, from when the sun dial succumbed to moss and verdigris
  11. mel

    Help please

    Have you Googled the company name and address? This will usually bring up a goodly bit of information, and then a Google on "Hallmarks" should do the same for any marks on the case. Good Luck in your info quest!
  12. 'sabout right -- but Ingersol(l) limped (limps) on a brand name via beng produced in the UK separately at one time. I have no idea what to-day's situation is regarding Ingersol with or without the extra "L".
  13. Phone Goldsmiths and ask when they had such a gimmick?
  14. mel

    DIY LED clock kit

    Well done to you both! No holdng you back now then ? Is the TWF LED clock club born?
  15. Looks nice enough Roy, I take it they've "twisted" the movement from having the sub seconds above the 6 marker and the crown and date around 4 to the position shown. So it's a Seiko innards?

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