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  1. Budgar! Rumbled! Anyone for a Shampoo and Blo - - Set?
  2. Socks and Sandals are the ONLY items suitable for wearing with shorts and a Tee shirt that says I'm too sexy for my shirt with the compulsory addition of a pair of white crocs and yellow heart-shaped sunglasses for evening wear in Benidorm on any Thursday night
  3. Did you do the whole pilgrimage perchance AVO? I salute you anyways, although I am neither of the Catholic faith nor even religious, I have Spanish friends who have done the Camino and I have to admire their strength and tenacity. Tengo un amigo (Eduardo) who walked in memoria of his GreatGrandmother purely to show respect for her having walked it in the 1900's - - it holds great significance for many Spanish people.
  4. So that's what the bag is with all the stuff I know nothing about! The Laudanum is finished, I liked that, so I thought I'd start on the St John's Wort and the Senna Pods - - that way I won't get stressed about the evacuation!
  5. Vintage - Investment

    By 2036 it's likely a "timewrist" will be permanently stamped onto to you at birth which will be powered by the temperature difference within your body, and will show alternately "the time of day", "elapsed time since birth" and "time to expiry" It will also, of course, include ALL the facilities currently available on a mainframe megacomputer and enable instant transporter movement on a planetary only basis, thus rendering roads, rail and air transport redundant. Interplanetary travel will be run by VirginMicro$haft from their global HQ based in the Beijing Megacity suburb of Pompano Beach, California. Barring accidents, that will allow you to plan manage your entire life - - including when you lose it (v**g**ity), when you get senile, and when to take out a pre-paid funeral plan with Scotmid Co-operative Society.
  6. Mafws Game

    People Like Ugly Men Smiling! PUTTY is next
  7. Mafws Game

    Some Men Are Complete K*obs (context matters when you talk about men) KNOBS is next (context matters when you talk about doors)
  8. Mafws Game

    Paracodol, Opium Or Laudanum - Sleepy! SMILE is next
  9. If it was Edinburgh on Sunday, it would have been me on the way to Spanish class with my 1476 pages of the "Concise" Oxford Spanish Dictionary in my shoulder strapped carrybag. How the ferk they can call it concise I'll never know, it weighs about 1.5 kilos!
  10. Rare Watches

    I had one of those when I was seven! I think it was made by Bassett's - - long since gone and taken over by some upstart name like Maynard's. Then again 69 years ago is a long time to remember the details. My Dad always used to say you could get a good run for your money from Bassett's - - they made Allsorts of things
  11. Stephen Hawking's death....

    Same age as myself - - so I feel the loss, for sure. Future generations will talk of Einstein and Hawking with the same awe and in the same breath. Scientists of their eminence rarely manage to connect with us folks in this way. Thanks! Hasta La Vista!
  12. Rare Watches

    Will we not ALL remember RWP [ for whatever reason(s) ] You are awful, but I like you! Mach, Mach, my hormone patch fell off again?
  13. Mafws Game

    Jam On Knees, Extra Sticky SPOOK is next
  14. bindunafore - - )I remember a "TITANIC" inspired thingy that was supposed to have a % of metal from some artifact from the ship. ISTR it was a tiny % (
  15. Auto Servicing ?

    Any fully qualified person in any field should be able to "risk assess" the possible effects of his/her actions at any stage of a service, of work, whatever and to proceed or not proceed as required, or use non-invasive techniques to further assess before carrying out further work. And you then become "last man standing" and thus responsible for the results of any action you take.

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