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  1. Hi,

    I'll take the Victorinox if it's still available please :)  Let me know your payment details - Paypal or BT are both fine with me.



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    2. rousey


      On it's way KP157961238GB 

    3. snowy


      Hi Scott,

      Just arrived safely and I'm very pleased with it.  I hadn't realised it had a sapphire crystal, so that's a bonus, and the wear-and-tear is no more than I'd expected, so for a daily wearer it will do very nicely.

      Thanks very much.



    4. rousey


      Hi Simon,

      Thank you for letting me know it arrived ok and you like it !! Have a great weekend and enjoy the watch.

      All the best


  2. Hi there. 

    What about a trade for G-shock? 

    Cheers mate 


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    2. mitadoc
    3. rousey


      Hi Dimitar,

      Thanks for the trade offer, but sadly it's not for me !!



    4. mitadoc


      Well Scott, 

      If you like some of these, just suggest something. 

      Best wishes 


  3. has not set their status

  4. rousey

    My New Bremont Mb 1.5 Landed Today

    I don't think they are in the same league and the Bremont gets my vote any day.
  5. rousey


    This is my first Friday post for a long time and this is my new arrival too :) Not my pic,however it is of my watch!! Have a great weekend.
  6. Well done and do like it on a bracelet :thumbup:
  7. rousey

    Fishing Reels!

    Wow that's fantastic and good imho
  8. rousey

    We Dive @ 5, Get Your Diver'S Out

    I have changed to my Muhle Glashutte Nautic Timer A very ***** night picture :thumbsdown:
  9. rousey

    We Dive @ 5, Get Your Diver'S Out

    Maurice Lacroix Miros diver again for me,before i put her up for sale.
  10. rousey

    Its Friday

    Maurice Lacroix Miros Diver for me today :) Have a great weekend :cheers:
  11. rousey

    Hey Hey, It'S Friday!

    Muhle Glashutte Nautic Timer for me today
  12. rousey

    Another New Arrival

    What great pair :jawdrop: and seeing this has fuelled my need for another Seatime
  13. rousey

    Mp Rlt

    Very nice pictures and they do Roy's justice :P
  14. rousey

    Saturday Watches

    New arrival for me today :man_in_love:
  15. rousey

    Saturday Watch 6th Of June

    The Ocean 7 for me again today :tongue2:

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