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  1. Excellent work and welcome to Vostok modding. You're right about Dr. Seikostain's bezels being pretty voluminous. I have a couple and it really depends on the look you want to achieve. Yours looks great with it and the hatching is marvellous. It goes well with the big numbers on the dial you've chosen, whereas I think it could be overpowering with a dial with more delicate markings like the original dial. I also love the way he packages his wares and always enjoy the postcards etc. he puts in with the parts he's sending. The bezel insert is also a good choice, with the markers reflecting the dial markers and the dots adding to your porthole look. To my tastes, the watch looks fantastic on the rubber, although the understated nato is also a good choice. To have the rubber look with a wider lug width, you could consider a 100 case, although you would then lose some of the roundness you were aiming for. Anyhow, great start and I'm looking forward to the next project. Cheers, -wotsch
  2. BTW, couldn't wait until February. The Kayfun Mini v3 is great!
  3. Not as far as I remember from the manual, but then I never use stealth mode so I wouldn't have been looking out for that. EDIT: Nope, just checked and nothing mentioned. Maybe has a different chip to the mods I'm used to. They've all had a similar interface/controls, but the controls, interface and functions on the Knight V2 are different. Not bad, just different. ANOTHER EDIT: For example, 5 clicks doesn't lock/unlock, but turns it on/off.
  4. I've been using it today at work with the Kayfun and it's been great.
  5. It seems that the Triton mini coils are compatible with the Nautilus and the Plato, so even if the Nautilus production is stopped, there are alternatives. http://online.aspirecig.com/aspire-triton-mini-replacement-18-clapton-coil-5pcs-p-162.html
  6. Roll on February...
  7. Aaarrggghhh. I spent about half an hour looking at it on the Svoemesto website two days ago and nearly did. But I've spent enough on the mod and liquids this month already, so I did the sensible thing and didn't pull the trigger. And it only takes 2ml. Still, it'll be February soon.
  8. Yes, I spent a while (actually, far too long) looking around for a box for the Kayfun and came across the XvoStick. Doesn't seem to be available any more, just a field on their website to register interest. If enough people register interest, they might make some more it says. It seemed very expensive though, but I suppose it had a certain exclusivity about it. Why twatstick? How many attys have you got? A cupboard full, I suspect.
  9. Not long ago I got myself a Kayfun rebuildable and have been enjoying it very much since. After Kutusov's tip, I put it onto an eleaf Pico mod, which was tiny in comparison to the Aspire Pegasus box I'd been using with my Nautilus and Atlantis. However, the Kayfun is a rather long tank and even with the Pico, it was still too long to be comfortable in my pocket during the day at work, especially as I've been used to the excellent Plato. But I like the Kayfun so much, I started looking for a solution. The Smoant Knight V1 mod seemed to be the answer, until I read that it is uncomfortably heavy. Then I saw that they have put out a V2 and, according to the reviews, it is much lighter. So I took the plunge. It arrived today and here's my new pocketable favourite: Kayfun on Knight v2 by wotsch2, on Flickr Very happy with this. Cheers, -wotsch I wasn't planning on collecting damn eCigs as well as watches, but this is what I've ended up with... eCigs by wotsch2, on Flickr Doh!
  10. Intriguing. Please keep us updated on what happens next.
  11. No, they wouldn't be damaged by too little power, but you may find you get gurgling if there's not enough power to vapourise the liquid you're drawing through. You'd notice the gurgling noise and possibly end up with liquid in your mouth.
  12. Yes, but less power means less vapour, so it's a matter of finding the level you enjoy. If you go too low, the coils won't be hot enough. If you go too high, the coils will burn as there won't be enough liquid for the heat produced. If you have the 1.6ohm nautilus coils, the range would be around 7-15W. My personal sweet spot with those is 12W.
  13. I have one and it's perfect for carrying around all day in my pocket. I use it with the nautilus coils, not the more expensive sub-ohm ones. But it's nice to know it could be used as a cloud machine if I ever felt the need for that. There are a few similar products that have come out since then. The Joyetech eVic AIO is very similar. I haven't tried it to be able to compare it to the Plato, but a colleague loves his. Also, the Smoant Knight V1 is a way to turn a normal tank into a kind of all-in-one. Looks interesting, although I know almost nothing about it except it seems to be rather heavy. Cheers!
  14. Well, it arrived and I'm, blown away. I've been pretty happy with the Nautilus, but the flavour on this is even better. It took me three goes to get the build right. The coils were OK but first two times I think I used much too much cotton for the wick and ended up with burnt taste. After some googling I found a hint that too much cotton or too tightly packet cotton stops the wick working so on my third go I used the cotton sparingly and now it's working beautifully. A couple of phone pics: Kayfun V5 by wotsch2, on Flickr Kayfun V5 by wotsch2, on Flickr Kayfun V5 by wotsch2, on Flickr Expensive, but so far seems to be worth it. Cheers! On the one-dot and two-dot settings, it's about right for me, but thanks for the offer!
  15. Thanks for the great response! That doesn't sound to tricky at all. I've taken the plunge and ordered a v5 along with some wire and cotton from the svoemesto shop and a meter for testing resistance. Should be with me in a couple of days. I'm assuming my tool box has everything I need in it already. The price of the thing made me think a bit but it looks like a finely-engineered piece of work and I'm not averse to paying for quality. The Pico mods look like a good idea, my Pegasus is rather large so I guess Pegasus + v5 will be rather long.Next time I order liquids, I'll probably get one of those to go with it. I'll let you know how I get on with the v5. Cheers!