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  1. DLS00001/02 £76 on Amazon. £450 RRP, £225 various places. Other models too. Worth a look. Great boxes. Quartz. Not men's but 710 (or Mother's day?) Gary
  2. Heinnie.com currently £11.95 (+£2 p&p) down from £24.95. Good reviews for this knife. Low price is available in US but £25 is standard for UK. Not legal to actually "carry" in UK but knife-guys will appreciate it. Gary
  3. GaryH

    kit cars

    Always wanted a Nova Sterling. Some nice videos on Youtube. The required skill level to build any of these kits is way above me but the guys who know what they're doing do a great job. Gary
  4. GaryH

    Show us Your Tools!

    My Bergeon 4932 case knife works really well. £16.95 from CousinsUk; which seems the cheapest. Up to £30/£40+ elsewhere. Gary
  5. GaryH

    The Watch Forum Whisky Club

    Ralfy (Ralfystuff on Youtube) rates it very highly - albeit a review 3 years ago. Marks it at 91/100 which is almost as high as I've seen him score. Gary
  6. Well worth the money (+£2 postage) if not the claimed £24.95. Always great service from Heinnie Haynes. I've stopped buying knives since I realised I only really use them to open other knife purchases! Cheers. Gary
  7. GaryH

    Just ordered.....

    I think my local bus company drivers are all issued with one-handed watches to follow their random number generated timetables!
  8. GaryH

    Just ordered.....

    I've got one and really like it. You wouldn't use it to be sure to catch the 6:51 but for most time requirements it's easy enough to read. Of course they're just normal watches with an extended hour hand and no minute hand? Gary
  9. GaryH

    No love for Ollech & Wajs ?

    http://www.ow-watch.com/en Welcome to the forum. Cheers Gary
  10. GaryH

    No love for Ollech & Wajs ?

    I've love my orange O&W ocean master (Unitas 6948). A few years ago, when I was looking for some "old" watch catalogues etc, I wrote to Albert Wajs and he very kindly sent me a bunch of old stock O&W leaflets. I now see: "Mr. Albert Wajs has passed on Ollech & Wajs to a watch enthusiast, customer and collector of the brand for two decades. A limited series commemorating the birth of OW in 1956 is in preparation. This model, developed with parts from the former inventory of Mr. Wajs, is currently being assembled in Switzerland. Subsequently, a new OW range, inspired by the most iconic references of the 60s, will be available from the spring of 2018." I'm really keen on the 50s/60s/70s styling of O&W watches and will be interested to see the new range. Cheers Gary
  11. GaryH

    Poljot 3133 chronograph

    Just now seen this thread. Fantastic. Amazing skills and knowledge. Really interesting. Well done on a great job. Cheers Gary
  12. My understanding is the same as yours. You can transfer part or all of non-current year ISAs to a new provider. Current year investments can only be transferred as a whole (100% of money paid in during the current year). Transfers don't count towards annual ISA investment limits. https://www.gov.uk/individual-savings-accounts/transferring-your-isa Cheers Gary
  13. GaryH

    Long term investment

    I agree that that it's not worth £1.7k; but that's the Amazon price (though Amazon prices go up/down like a yo-yo). £1,550 at Jura watches. £499 is a steal. Cheers Gary
  14. GaryH

    Long term investment

    https://www.tkmaxx.com/uk/en/christmas/christmas-gifts/gifts-for-the-gentleman/cognac-leather-automatic-watch/p/76224761 TKMaxx (online) have the Fortis Terrestris Hedonist 901.20.11.L.08 for £499. They claim a £1,302 RRP but it's (currently) £1,700 via Amazon and a similar price from other retailers. It has the fantastic ETA 2895-2 automatic movement. This is a bargain. Cheers. Gary
  15. GaryH

    At the risk of repeating myself.....

    Important to note of course that the council tax band property values, in England, relate to April 1991 prices (2003 for Wales). The equivalent of the 1991 £320k band H would be a very big pile outside London (and a vastly over-priced decent house in London). Cheers Gary

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