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  1. This has sold, please confirm if you are the buyer and member of the forum Thanks Vigman
  2. Thank you so much for all that information, it is just the type of facts I love to learn! Interestingly it looks almost like the gold case has been lathed out of a block, especially due to its thickness but it may possibly be cast. It certainly isn't beaten and raised like the thin back plates I have seen before.. Do people replace the coloured 'glasses' when restoring this type of watch? The old crazed plastic one disintegrated. My daughter lived in Edgbaston when at uni in Birmingham and I know both those addresses. Vigman
  3. Thanks, Andyclient. Looks the same to me although the ends might be slightly burred over. I will still try and sell it with the bracelet attached (even at scrap price) in case anyone here can save it! Vigman
  4. If I did want to remove the bracelet on this watch are these simple pins that have to be driven out of the hinge? They don't look like spring pins? TIA Vigman
  5. last edit failed. The crazed plastic yellow 'glass' fractured when re-seating........! I still don't want to remove the bracelet and movement and scrap the case if someone here can do something with it! Vigman
  6. Thanks. As it wasn't working I carefully removed the bezel. The glass (crazed plastic) is yellow not the watch face, which is dirty. The case is 9ct gold and hallmarked (1930 Chester) and also says StolKase, British Made G.A.S. It is a surprisingly thick case so probably 3 grams (£36 at today's prices.) I'll probably advertise it here in case someone just needs to give it a good clean. Vigman
  7. I found this gold wristwatch in my boot sales/house clearance boxes. It is not working (but winds) and there is no maker's name. The strap is rolled gold but I'm sure the main body and back are gold but the only seam on the watch is just below the faceted bezel. I'm not sure if this lifts off or unscrews but it seems odd that there is no back to take off or flip open where I would hope to see hallmarks. The face is yellow with some rubbing from one of the hands. It came in a box along with a repair note. Any info on age or maker welcomed. Also whether this one has to end up in my gold scrap box? TIA Vigman
  8. I came across this in my boxes of watches. It is a silver cased watch with a yellowish gold face (or just oxidised silver?) It seems to be fully wound but when I carefully put pressure on the winding key, the balance wheel moves. It has 'compensation balance' in engraved script. I will check out the UK hallmarks. Is this worth restoring or does it have to go in my silver scrap box, please? TIA Vigman
  9. I'm posting in this section for the first time but members who have seen other posts know that I am sorting out watches from boot sales and house clearances. I came across this working Tell chronograph yesterday I'd be interested to know more about it, especially its age, please. It will be going on to Ebay some time in the future TIA Vigman
  10. Will add the not working Unknown Maker/Sterile watch for free to forum members who buy the Timor watch. Vigman
  11. Hi I couldn't edit the first post but if members of the forum buy I'll add in the now not working "unkown maker" sterile watch for free! In the comments box when buying add forum member name or email me as seller. Vigman
  12. Hi Just put this watch on Ebay with free P&P Thanks Vigman
  13. Hi I have just put these on Ebay I have started at £9.99 and hoping to get £1 each if possible but this is my first sale of such a mixed lot of non working watches! TIA Vigman
  14. What a useful forum this is proving to be. Many thanks, everyone. I feel some research coming on. Vigman OT (and I could post elsewhere) but I am trying to find a reliable diamond tester. All the usual suspects (eg Mizar) get a bunch of negative comments. Some of the really cheap ones apparently have exactly the same circuits as expensive ones so it is now a minefield. My current one has taken to false readings so has to be dumped!
  15. Thanks, Andyclient. How cheap are your chips? I see a Casio Illuminator for £15 on Amazon but only a water resist model!! What model number is yours, please? Vigman