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  1. Thanks everyone. Wish I was down the pub (I had to give up drinking 9 years ago after acute pancreatitis put me in intensive care!) I have now replied to a private message from Harryblakes7! Vigman
  2. Hi, have just sent you a message, which will go to your envelope icon top right

    Many Thanks


  3. Thanks and Interesting. In limited groups I've set up when an IT Manager everything was switch activated as it would have been impossible to manage manually. Maybe there is some sort of automatic check and update on permissions every so many hours or days?o I would certainly like to get away from the Google photo terms and conditions to “host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute” those photos vigman
  4. Ah, thanks! Maybe my reply to you might be my cheeky 51st posting!!! (Nope, I still can't PM Harryblakes7!?) Error message says: harryblakes7 cannot receive messages. Vigman
  5. Hi, I wanted to write a private message about selling the 18K gold half hunter but this does not seem to be possible. Do I discuss payment and details on this public feed?



    1. harryblakes7


      Hi Vigman, i will see if i can send you a message,

      Kind Regards,


  6. Well it looks like this is my 50th post so I will not only be able to ditch Google photos but also contact Harryblakes7 in a private message! Thanks Vigman PS I can't write a private message to harryblakes7 as I get an error message. Do I use the public message system even for payment and details?
  7. Having started to look out old watches for photographing I wanted to remove the bracelet on a vintage watch. The two ends of the spring pin go into a block so can't be seen from the outside. The body of the pin is hidden by the rolled over end of the bracelet. How do you remove and replace these 'hidden ended' pins please? Also what is the best tool for removing visible pins? My last attempt ended up with a pin end embedded in my thumb! TIA Vigman
  8. Thanks Richy176. I didn't know we had a watch repairer so near. That is very handy to know vigman
  9. "Wrench's" example. Couldn't find the edit for the last post! vigman
  10. With all the working parts on the face I imagine this would take quite a time to service as well? Are there members here that offer repair and servicing for decent watches? I have many clock repairers but no watch repairers especially in West Oxford. Vigman At leat Wrenc's example is a bit more tasteful than mine! vigman
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't waste my £2 then? ;)
  12. One more from the vintage boot sale box! Interested in age, maker and quality please? TIA PS Recent posts are short not only due to ongoing health problems but a hospital acquired infection as well!!
  13. All my other new posts have been in the vintage section, but this Montine boot sale buy interested me. I'd be pleased to know date and quality of this watch and maker, please? TIA
  14. I have these two Timex watches I'd be interested in quality and date, please? TIA
  15. This is another boot sale buy and any thought on age, maker or quality welcomed, please TIA