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  1. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    So sad to hear this. You are in all our thoughts at this time. Try and be strong.
  2. Armour

    I may have one. Any pictures of the movement?
  3. Anyone know anything about this?

    An old Braille watch. Sold by the RNIB.
  4. Sending me a message.....

    Would be easier for him to fit new, would be good PR.
  5. Sending me a message.....

    What was the outcome?
  6. Watch sericving

    Would be glad to service it for you. Will give you a costings, once I have inspected it. Approx £50+p&p. hope this helps.
  7. May require a new boltspring.
  8. Am almost back up to speed, now.
  9. So annoyed!

    So wish I had the time to play. My bench is calling, and I must go.
  10. So annoyed!

    no comment to the above, comment.
  11. New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy.
  12. Newbie

    Welcome from the uk.
  13. Hello from Connecticut!

    Welcome from the uk.
  14. Greetings from Hertfordshire.

    Welcome aboard, the forum. We are all here to help. If you need advice on repairing watches or clocks , feel free to ask me.
  15. And only 1 remains

    Nice shirt.

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