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  1. simon2

    Swiss made Gala

    Hi,all. To service, fit a new Crown, Glass and possibly a new Mainspring ( you mention that you wind it twice daily. 1 Full wind should be enough, per day) £70 plus return postage. Hope this helps. Regards Simon2.
  2. some say "mant". some say "ment".
  3. that is a " deployant" Clasp. For leather straps. The "Butterfly" type is for metal Bracelets.
  4. simon2

    Repairs......how Much?

    £20 including battery. Non genuine crown.+ return postage. On the assumption that part of the stem isn't still in the watch.
  5. simon2

    Balance out balance wheel screws

    The balance is out of poise.yes it will affect it's timing. Are you familiar with Dynamic or Static poising?
  6. simon2

    Case Repair Movado Novoplan

    Here if you need me.
  7. simon2

    Case Repair Movado Novoplan

    It is in a pretty sorry state. The case is repairable and the dial could be restored. It would be an expensive repair. Exceeding it value. If your really eager, I would have to see the watch, complete to give you an accurate costings.
  8. simon2

    Connecting Stem to Crown problem

    How much stem have you, from the point where the stem leaves the movement ,to when it enters the hole in the case on the inside. You could use 2 stem converters ( tap9 to tap 10. Then Tap 10 to 11) if the distance allows. You will need about 6mm or more. If more length is needed, will depend on the internal hole diameter of the pendant tube. Hope this helps. I can supply the converters if needed. Hope this helps. Regards Simon.
  9. simon2

    Case Repair Movado Acvatic

    Always here if you need me. I would fit a new seconds hand
  10. simon2

    Case Repair Movado Acvatic

    The easiest way to repair the case holes would be to fit ( solder) a steel bar and fit an open ended strap. I can't apply heat to the case as it damage the plating. The dial can be restored and it sounds like the watch needs servicing . Would have to see the watch to be able to give you an accurate costings. Hope this helps.
  11. simon2

    Oyster Watch Co

  12. simon2

    Service Centre Only Repair

    You may remove the back. But should you need any parts( even a stem) they will not release them. I have an Account with them and some models they refuse to supply parts for. A good watchmaker can get in, but what's the point if you can't get the parts to fix it.
  13. simon2

    Green 5

    Am here if needed, just shout.
  14. simon2

    Basic Omega identification and service info

    To service the watch will be approximately £86+parts and return postage.Hope this helps.

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