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  1. Military Watches - What Is One.....

    Call me a pedant, but to me a military watch needs to have been stamped with broad arrow/crows foot or equivalent. I have a Smiths W10, of which I am very fond - lovely, uncluttered and functional. There is an interesting 'dissection' of one here; http://mrjoneswatches.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/smiths-w10.html
  2. Omega Advice

    Is this model one with the coaxial movement? If so then it can go a lot longer than 'trad' movements without a service...
  3. Omega Speedmaster Mkii Restored

    Looks like a great job - gorgeous!
  4. Watchfinder.co.uk

    Yes, with these things there is always a degree of caveat emptor - I opted to pick it up in person,and do whenever possible (excepting this forum, which is nice) - I've been burned with online buys before, but that's a long story...
  5. Watchfinder.co.uk

    I must say that after reading the comments here, having paid a deposit on a Tag Microtimer I was rather nervous about how it would turn up post-refurb. I picked it up today from their concession in Royal Exchange (just off Bank) and I am happy to report the watch was A1 condition, and the sales guy was both very polite and knew a lot about watches in general and this one in particular. So based on that experience, they seem fine to me?
  6. The Postmans Been Again.

    That is indeed very classy, and different - congrats!
  7. Looking For An Omega

    My suggestion would be a Railmaster - pretty rare and now discontinued I believe. Or if you would consider abandoning Omega, then a Rolex Milgauss could be a good investment; but as others have said, you shouldn't count on appreciation!
  8. Is This A Genuine Omega?

    Looks right to me too - but so hard to be sure unless you can have it in hand. I must admit I never take the risk of buying watches on Ebay from non-UK sellers, but to each his own...
  9. Rolex Advice

    Yes, I agree - have a real aesthetic issue with the Cyclops! And I also have a blue dial air king from the late 60's that I love, Martinus - glad to know I'm in good company ;)
  10. I Want An Auto Omega!

    I picked up a nice Railmaster for around a grand on Ebay, absolutely love it and a much rarer dog than a Seamaster?
  11. New Arrival , Anyone Help With Info ?

    I think this was pre Wenger - if I remember rightly, about 20 years ago a range of Swiss 'Military' and 'Air Force' watches were launched, I have one of the latter and to be fair, it is quite nice on the wrist and has been super reliable. I still have it and use it as a sports/carwashing watch. I think they retailed around the £70 mark.
  12. Rolex Vs Patek Phillippe

    Patek is in a different league - so my choice (if I could afford it)
  13. Swiss Legends By Rotary

    I don't mind rose gold, but that is plate, and IMO just nasty. I would much rather have a plain Swatch at half the money!
  14. What Watch Was Andy Murray's Missus Wearing?

    Thanks for the info. Yes, I noticed Roger's Roller - he is sponsored by Rolex so you can often see him slip on one of their watches at the end of the match (usually before he collects the trophy)
  15. Hi All I was watching the Wimbledon final on telly yesterday and kept noticing Kim Sears watch. It's a man's model, but I can't be sure what flavour? Is it a Rolex Sub? Or maybe a Breitling model? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2170474/Wimbledon-2012-Kate-Middleton-15m-Britons-Andy-Murrays-heroic-final-defeat.html?ICO=most_read_module Any help would be gratefully received! I also have to say, pretty women wearing men's watches does it for me, but that's another matter entirely... Cheers

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