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  1. Cheapie to mark the tax year end. The first year in over a decade where I've earned slightly less than the previous year, due to 4 months of illness! The alarm reminds me exactly when to take those easy to forget early afternoon pills......
  2. Kids who say "should of" and "could of" when they mean "could have" or "should have". These are tens times worse when they are written down. TV presenters, politicians, so-called experts or celebrities when they're being interviewed, and some lazy screenplay writers who constantly use the expression "you and I" when most of the time it should be "you and me". There was even a trailer for a blockbuster movie last year where the only snippet of dialogue was "this thing is bigger than you or I" - totally cringeworthy. Kids who spend 98% of their waking hours on social media but can't a simple text like "when will you be home?"! Am I straying from the topic? Sorry! Ihave nothing whatsoever against younger TWF members.
  3. Young people (e.g. 54 year olds) who cannot spell slang or grammar.
  4. Loving the mug. Are these available to everyone or did you have it made specially? Gorgeous watch. Interesting choice of strap.
  5. Congratulations! I'm dead jealous.
  6. Some discount! Result!
  7. And so you shall, Scott. First the logo of the amazing Robert Graham that appears beneath the collar on the inside of most of his creations... And then the shirt itself. ..... Bet you didn't expect that from this snippet of the cuff alone....!
  8. IPad Air 2 on iOS 10.3 using Safari. Thanks, I will do.