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  1. Mr Cracker

    Mafws Game

    DAVIT Does Anybody Visit Iwan Thomas SORGE
  2. Mr Cracker

    New addition! Nezumi Voiture

    First post in a long time, hi everyone Just picked one of the first editions up, so far i am very impressed! Here it is next to my Seiko SSB003, both watches have the same movement, a Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz
  3. Mr Cracker

    new watch today

    If he likes it who cares?
  4. Mr Cracker

    Seiko watch help!

    Excellent job!
  5. Mr Cracker

    Fantasy Premier League

    Id be interested I normally use Sky fantasy football
  6. Mr Cracker


    These look very nice, would like to see some pictures.
  7. Mr Cracker

    Tudor owners club

    My Tudor Black Bay Black
  8. Mr Cracker

    What do you look like Rev 10 or 12

    Taken yesterday.
  9. Mr Cracker

    New RLT Divers/Pilots Watch

    Im interested!
  10. Mr Cracker

    Your Favourite Concept Car...

    I miss mine a lot! I had an S reg 20v Turbo in Ink Black, bloody good fun to drive a bugger for breaking down though. I always liked the Chaparral J2 (fan car) basically had a massive fan that sucked the car to the road to help with grip. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HZkUr5cG6wE
  11. Mr Cracker

    Where do you come from?

    Born in Chippenham Wiltshire and have lived between Bath and Chippenham. I love the area, beautiful villages, Castle Comb and Lacock to name a few.
  12. Mr Cracker

    A quick SOTC for April 2016

    Very nice
  13. Mr Cracker

    Water Resistance - a real life test

    If it survives the dishwasher try jet washing it maybe?
  14. Mr Cracker

    Hamilton owners club

    Ha ha
  15. Mr Cracker

    Hamilton owners club

    Looking good.

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