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  1. Bargain Booze

    Asda also have Prosecco for £4.17 a bottle and my wife gets 10% off coz she works there
  2. I just updated my laptop to Windows 10 and guess what?, the only App i use for listening to itunes via my iphone called "Remote" stopped working. Typical. Laptop is now back on 8.1.
  3. Quick Heads Up LIDL

    Yep, us English are loaded. He says munching on toast and Shipphams. nothing wrong with toast and shipphams...stomach rumbling now .. i used to love the salmon I like the chicken, but the missus likes the crab. I'm saying nowt. blimey.... that brings back some child hood memories, it seems like we lived off the stuff, plus good old plain bread, the end slice was an inch and a half thick , i must get a few jars and see if they are the same plain bread ? You must be Scottish. You cant get that Down South We live on it up here. We call the end the Heel.
  4. Not New Lol

    so, how is prison then? :lol:
  5. How To Tell A Fake?!

    The other problem is, if you look at the replica watch sites they quite often use pics of the real thing ,so the fake looks nothing like what they show. For instance, i own an orange Planet Ocean and the pic on this website ,in my opinion, is real. Links to or URLs for commercial or other sites selling watches or watch related items are not permitted
  6. Vulcan Near York 19 August 2012

    Nice pics. Not a Vulcan, but here's what i see everyday living under the flightpath of a commercial airport.
  7. Lets See All Those Omega'S!

    Mine and my son's.
  8. My Son Loves Snow

    This one is sitting on 28" widescreen TV to give you an idea of the size and ran on a 49cc petrol strimmer engine
  9. My Son Loves Snow

  10. My Son Loves Snow

  11. My Son Loves Snow

    Myself and my son used to race stuff like this, brill fun.
  12. How To Care For A New Leather Strap ?

    Just what are you referring to? Kinky or what? :lol:
  13. Where Are The Admins/moderators?

    It's ok Mach, they are testing Orange Monster to destruction, next test is a live grenade to see how they hold up. :yahoo:
  14. 'fit Like'

    Welcome to this motley crew. I believe it should read XII for 12 . Maybe its been put on up side down but then it wouldn't look right coz the XII is curved to match the dial shape.
  15. Hideous Or Cool...?

    FUGLY !!!!!!

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