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  1. Funtime Friday.

    There was a steel model, reference 3104-1.
  2. Funtime Friday.

    9ct Longines Flagship, calibre 340, from 1962.
  3. Thursday timepieces.

    This Smiths Everest for today.
  4. Very interesting read Richard, thanks for posting.
  5. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    9ct J W Benson from 1958 today.
  6. Sunday Oldies - Pre 1990.

    9ct Omega, calibre 26.5T3, from 1946.
  7. Saturday Watch Show

    18ct Omega, calibre 28.10.RA.SC.PC, circa 1947 for today.
  8. TGI Friday watches...

    Omega, calibre 352, from circa 1951 today.
  9. Thursday timepieces.

    This Rolex Oyster Imperial for today.
  10. Sunday Seniors (made before 1990)

    Will join the other “hummers” with this Omega f300.
  11. Saturday Specials (7.4.2018)

    This 9ct Baume from 1951 today.
  12. Friday 6th April watches

    I have a few Constellations of different shapes but not one I can recall with the “C” shaped case I’m afraid.
  13. Friday 6th April watches

    Omega Constellation, calibre 1001, from circa 1970.
  14. Thursday timepieces.

    Thank you. There are quite a few beautiful watches in today’s thread.
  15. Thursday timepieces.

    9ct Omega, calibre 268, from 1960 today.

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