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  1. What a difference a new plexi makes

    Quite a transformation and a new lease of life for the watch, well done.
  2. Quartz Wednesday (Feb 21)

    This Omega Constellation Manhattan today,
  3. Chronos without three sub dials

    A few of mine that have two sub dials and permutations of design.
  4. The Postman caught me by surprise

    That really is a beautiful looking watch.
  5. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Omega Seamaster, calibre 344, from circa 1951 today.
  6. Saturday Watch Display~17th Feb.

    This 9ct Omega De Ville, calibre 1002, today.
  7. Friday watches 16/2

    This silver cushion case Rolco from 1923 for today.
  8. Bulova SpaceView After Service

    Looks fantastic and it’s great that it has been given a new lease of life to be worn and enjoyed in the future.
  9. Inherited Pocket Watch

    With some of these watches the dial would be made of silver with the applied Roman numerals being gold. There are polishing cloths / agents for both metals but I have never attempted to polish any of the dials on my pocket watches. Their patination is indicative of many decades and to my mind is part of their history. That said I know a couple of people who use a slightly dampened cotton bud to carefully remove some surface grime. I must emphasise “carefully” as it would all too easy to damage the hands. If there are any other methods that can be used hopefully another forum member will be able to add some advice. Given the age of your watch it may have a fusee movement. In case it is of interest to you this link shows what a fusee mechanism looks like and how it works. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusee_(horology)
  10. Inherited Pocket Watch

    Thanks for posting some images, that’s a lovely looking Victorian pocket watch. I can’t make out from the picture of the dial whether there is a small lip at the edge under the six o’clock position. If there is though this video may help you to safely open the watch. If you are able to open the case it would be interesting to see some pictures of the movement.
  11. Sounds exciting, will look forward to next week to see what you have purchased.
  12. Inherited Pocket Watch

    Hi and welcome to the Forum. It’s great that you have a pocket watch that has been passed down in the family from your great grandfather. With regards to the case the W.T.R. is for William Taylor Ryley. A lot of pocket watches, but not all, are opened from the front. The bezel is hinged and once opened there is a small lip under the six o’clock position. When that is pressed in the movement can be raised on its hinge. Before trying to do anything though it would be better to post some pictures as there are many types of cases and it would be wiser to ensure you were getting the correct advice for yours.
  13. Seniors Sunday - made before 1990

    Omega Constellation, calibre 551, from circa 1963 today.
  14. Saturday 10th February watch parade

    Rolex Oyster Precision, 6024, with super oyster crown, from 1950-52.
  15. An old incoming

    Very nice and a smart / classical looking watch.

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