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  1. Don't you have a wife?
  2. Unfortunately eBay is still the best place to buy vintage Russian watches. When you've been "in the loop" a bit you get to know who are the decent sellers and who are the ones to avoid - and there are more than enough eastern European watch bodgers to avoid. Prices on certain models have seen percentage rises which put vintage Rolex to shame. Reissue Amphibia 1967s have gone mental lately as have original Strelas and certain Poljot 3133 models (such as the Okeah). Still plenty of cheap stuff though - funky looking 70s/80s Slavas are still quite cheap but prices seem to be heading north - some were quite large for the era but seem a lot more normal nowadays. Keep an eye on watchrecon - some of the forums can occasionally throw up a bargain:
  3. There's still a few Russian companies producing decent watches and I for one I'm glad they aren't producing what everyone else does because that's what makes a lot of them quintessentially Russian! Apart from Vostok, they're never going to compete price-wise with the large, mass-producing Swiss and Japanese companies. Take Raketa for example. They make a 43mm watch divers watch with sapphire, bracelet, automatic in-house movement (and how many Swiss companies can manage that under £1K?) and 400m water resistance. It'll cost you about £900 though... You could buy a Denissov Free Rider for $400 (45mm, sapphire etc) but then it has a Miyota automatic movement which, in my eyes anyway, sort of ruins the "Russian-ness" about it. I don't suppose it's any different from buying a German watch with a Swiss movement in it though (which the vast majority have - especially at the cheaper end of the spectrum) Don't give up yet. Because Russia! I'll add that personally I can't stand mineral crystals - they scratch too easily while being too difficult to polish. Acrylic however - piece of p*ss to get them looking new again with a bit of polywatch. If it's good enough for the Omega Speedmaster... ;)
  4. The only 44mm+ Russian watch I can think of that meets most of your criteria is the Vostok K39 Komandirskie available from Meranom: I've got one myself and have to say it's bloody lovely. Although not automatic, there are quite a few large Poljot 3133 based chronographs around. It's a real classic Russian movement. Have a look here:
  5. Hi Johnny and welcome to the forum. To be honest I think you're best off buying a donor movement on eBay.
  6. Thanks Roy. The cheeky sod has peen posting my photo all over the place pretending it's his own watch collection. After some digging, I'm pretty sure he's a scammer originating in Pakistan.
  7. "Have a look at my Vostok collection" indeed... Maybe you could edit your post to say "Have a look at Lampoc's watch collection"? And you found that guide "good" did you? It's your guide - it's got your name at the bottom. Also, to be frank, your guide is b*llocks. Jesus...
  8. What the hell? They're my watches. Why has that cheeky c**t stolen my pictures?
  9. My timegrapher is easily the most useful watch gadget I've ever bought. Buy one and you won't regret it.
  10. Hanhart Pioneer for me:
  11. I couldn't say for sure but I expect they're just batch numbers or similar.
  12. It's a Poljot 2609H movement which were first produced in the early 70s.
  13. Hi. Unfortunately I can't see your pictures but there are a number of decent websites out there to help you. - everything you'll ever need to know about the Poljot 3133 chronograph - an invaluable collection of Russian watch catalogues - someone's massive collection of Russian watches - someone else's collection
  14. He's worked on a couple for me including this Longines: I remember exactly how much it cost - about £350ish, but that was a full restoration including a service.
  15. I'd heartily recommend Brendan Hoey here: Not sure if he'll service an old Strela but it's worth asking.
  16. William_Wilson's earlier comment on another thread about some drivel "cut and pasted their sales pitch directly from a shoddy eBook on marketing" got me thinking. What's the funniest/corniest/most outrageous piece of hyperbole you can find on someone's Kickstarter watch page? I'll kick things off with this gem from Aercy watches: Apparently a Ronda 515 is equivalent quality to a Rolex movement! Who'd have thunk it! 50 imaginary pounds or the Edison watch of your choice to the winner
  17. In Edison's favour, there is a lot of tits and arse on their Facebook page. Just a shame most of the photos are ruined by the watches. Here's one of my favourites:
  18. You'll probably be able to use it at least once a week with the way these Kickstarter companies keep trying to plug their junk On another note, I think these threads shouldn't be deleted due to the comedy value. It's also important that people googling see what their watches are really about.
  19. Oooh - titanium nitride coating! The (very) cheap man's gold plating. What a piece of junk. Seriously... is everyone on Kickstarter trying to copy Daniel Wellington nowaday? Would it be cynical of me to think that you are somehow connected to the company OP? Probably not.
  20. He's been active on TZ-UK over the last few days.
  21. Not even WUS is safe:
  22. These are the same sellers I referenced in this thread: You can see in their latest eBay Oris adverts that the serial numbers have been left or shopped out. Scumbags.
  23. Sooo many fake Pointers on eBay. Here's 3 different models - all with the same serial number on the back: 26 58574! And here's the same model as the one you're looking at sold by one of the above tat sellers - and this guy sells a sh*tload of fakes. I've given up reporting him...
  24. Fake Oris Pointers in this style are very common on eBay. I'm sorry I can't tell you whether or not this one is dodgy but it's certainly worth doing some more research before flashing the cash.
  25. Rip your eyeballs out because of the debate or because those Vodolaz watches are so damn ugly?