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  1. I think the design is great but the name "Monsieur" really puts me off. Maybe it's just me? Good luck anyway!
  2. Cheap Beater Diver

    Meranom.com all day long. It's the factory shop and the best selection there too.
  3. Friday 4 WRUW

  4. Sekonda 1084.27

    Nice watch but it's not Russian!
  5. Vostok on Etsy

    The low quality crowns are unfortunately original! Probably made in the same stamping workshop as those horrible bracelets :D
  6. Cheap Beater Diver

    Another +1 for a Vostok Amphibia - an iconic divers watch and a truly original and classic design.
  7. Vostok on Etsy

    If you want a new, cheap Vostok go visit Meranom.com. However, I think a lot of the charm and character were in the Soviet-era watches and I agree with Gimli that the Soviet ones were of better quality. Vostoks did hit a quality nadir in the 90s though and they've certainly improved since then. The one you've linked to on Etsy is an early 90s model - you can tell by the lack of text stating where it was made on the dial (Post USSR, pre Russia). The case is pretty much knackered too. I'd avoid it. Here's a Soviet produced model in much better condition to keep an eye on: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USSR-SOVIET-RUSSIAN-VOSTOK-KOMANDIRSKIE-TANK-RED-STAR-MILITARY-WATCH-/292199176333?hash=item44086d988d:g:CxYAAOSwjL5ZNBDB
  8. New watch time

    Nobody suggested Vostok yet? Check out Meranom's website. Second hand, there's plenty of interesting microbrands out there.
  9. I don't think it's worth worrying about unless you're a complete and utter watch bore as everyone knows what you mean when you say "deployment". A lot of the Swiss companies seem to use "deployant" but the UK based companies such as Bremont and CW use "deployment".
  10. Rogues Gallery

    Certainly an interesting thread so far! I'm sure some brands are very active but I can't believe that by openly discussing fakes we're devaluing their brands. Let's take Oris for example as they seem to be one of the eBay fakers watch of choice right now. Surely anyone who buys one of these pieces of junk thinking it is real is going to have a pretty negative brand perception of Oris when it inevitably breaks. Word of mouth is very powerful these days and some eBay buyer posting "I had an Oris once - it was utter crap" is surely something that Oris would want to avoid? I can't see any reason why some watch companies don't employ a person to crack down on eBay/Etsy/whatever fakes. I honestly think that they're devaluing their own brands by NOT being more active on the various auction sites.
  11. Rogues Gallery

    I'm not sure many of them care to be honest. EBay has a VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) program and any company could easily get fake watch listings of their own brand pulled sharpish. So why don't they?
  12. Rogues Gallery

    We definitely need to something, Fred. From the rules: " Posts featuring fake or counterfeit watches are not permitted, the only exception, at the Admin teams discretion, is to ask if a potential purchase is genuine." I think the above statement is a bit outdated - we should be discussing fakes (obviously not in a positive way) so that lesser informed members can gain knowledge before spending their cash. At the moment, the best place to find info is on the fake watch forums. I disagree vehemently with them and hate going there but they are an invaluable resource to fake spotting. Should we have a sub-forum dedicated to fake spotting maybe?
  13. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

    'twas a joke my friend
  14. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

    Mine says hello!
  15. New arrivals

    There's currently a rash of "New Old Stock" watches on eBay and they all have a lot in common. They're all fantasy dials (I challenge you to find a tired original that even looks vaguely similar) and you can often see the exact same case on numerous different brands of watches from a single seller. The one you have just bought will have a ST96 movement inside with a poor quality, or even no, Oris stamp on the bridge. I have no doubt at all it's hooky. Hopefully you can get your money back.
  16. New arrivals

    The Omega looks very nice but that Oris is a fake. Sorry dude.
  17. "Negative Space Installation Art" - not "holes"!
  18. Vintage "Oris"

    I honestly think the buyers aren't aware. Any comments on his feedback about fakes are removed by eBay for some reason. I've reported this guy before for selling fakes (duplicate serial numbers on different watches) and the listings were removed. All he did was re-list the watches with the serial number pictures removed. I reported to eBay again and nothing was done...
  19. Vintage "Oris"

    Piece of junk from a notorious seller of fakes. I have doubts that there is single genuine watch in his entire inventory.
  20. Where to source watches from?

    I normally stick to watch forums if I'm going to be spending a fair bit of cash. You'll need some history on here and TZ-UK before you can buy, but you check out others like WUS using a search engine such as www.watchrecon.com I'm happy to use eBay for cheaper stuff but as always, buy the seller. Or know a LOT about the watch you intend to buy.
  21. Best vintage watch for £1k?

    Vintage Eterna Kontiki all day long.
  22. How water resistant are Amphibias?

    It's destruction time! http://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.php?402309-Vostok-Amphibia-Destruction-Fundraiser
  23. What do you think to this?

    The more I look at it the more wrong it looks - where are the lume dots for example? I don't even think the number track around the outside of the dial belongs to a diamond dot watch - you only see them on the models with the long, thin batons.
  24. What do you think to this?

    I am not a Rolex expert by any stretch of the imagination but that doesn't look right. The Rolex crown at the 12 position looks a bit off (it may just be the angle or the crystal distorting it though) and if you look closely at some of the jeweled batons they're not set perfectly - the one at the 8 o'clock position looks way out. Not something I'd expect on a Rolex dial! The end-link fits look horrific too.
  25. In bronze this time. Pre-order starts at 1400 today and I don't expect they'll hang around: https://meranom.com/en/amfibia/amphibia-1967/vostok-watch-amphibia-1967-196500.html