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  1. Edox

    Nice watch but £950 is a crazy price. Edox seems to be in the Alpina mould of high RRP, massive discounts at sale time. I remember seeing these for sale on one of the large US retailers site for about $500. The quartz were even cheaper. You can see from eBay completed listings how much they're worth - even brand new ones are cheap as chips.
  2. Omega seamaster

    Not necessarily - it might just need regulating. You'd have a much better idea by getting the watch on a timegrapher and checking the amplitude.
  3. Feasible lifetime of a cheap manual watch

    I honestly wouldn't bother with one of these cheap "winner" watches from eBay. Have a look at some cheap mechanical/automatic watches from Vostok: https://meranom.com/en/ They're a bit crude but they're also rugged and dependable and should last you years. I've got 30 year old Amphibias and Komandersies that have never been serviced and still tick away happily.
  4. Titanium watches must really suck!
  5. EBay

    I've always wished you could discount certain countries on a worldwide eBay search - funnily enough it's India for me too. However, you can remove certain sellers from an eBay saved search. In my Titoni search tab I probably have about 20 Indian sellers removed.
  6. Omega seamaster

    I'm not an Omega expert by any means but it looks ok and the seller seems to have a decent history. I'm sure someone else here will know more!
  7. Omega seamaster

    This one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-Omega-Seamaster-Professional-Automatic-Chronometer-2531-80-00/112750989148?hash=item1a407b8f5c:g:Cm4AAOSwlv9aWK4R
  8. Omega seamaster

    I'll also add that unless you know exactly what to look for or the seller is an established watch dealer then be very careful buying a Seamaster from eBay. There are some very good fakes out there.
  9. Omega seamaster

    Just buy an aftermarket insert for around £25 then it doesn't matter if it gets scratched again.
  10. Friday 12.01.18 WRUW

    Another Friday, another Titoni:
  11. Vostok Amphibia

    They're cheap, good fun, sturdy and easily modified. Timekeeping can be a bit suspect sometimes but it's also a cheap way to practice some regulating skills :D The old bracelets were utter garbage but since then Vostok sells half decent bracelets with some models. I'd recommend one of the newer no-date 670 versions from Meranom. A classic design remade with 20mm lugs. Go for a rubber strap - they're okay: https://meranom.com/en/amphibian-classic/670/vostok-watch-amphibian-classic-670919.html
  12. Looking for first decent watch

    This one? http://www.gemnation.com/watches/Swiss-Army-Chrono-Classic-241656-31628.html You should be able to return anything bought online within 14 days as long as you've not worn it - I couldn't say if removing the plastic invalidates any return.
  13. I've owned a modern Alpina and it was an exceptional watch - I'd honestly put it slightly above Oris. One thing about Alpinas though - never buy one anywhere close to RRP. US sellers such as Jomashop and Gemnation regularly have sales with massive discounts. The heritage diver is currently on sale at Jomashop for under £750 (don't forget to take VAT into account though) and will probably be cheaper at some point too: https://www.jomashop.com/alpina-watch-525g4h6.html Here's my old one. RRP of £2500ish. I got it brand new in a Black Friday sale for less than £750...
  14. Looking for first decent watch

    Take your time, join in the forum chat and post some pictures - then you'll get to see the sales section. Just as an example, this gorgeous old Omega is less than £300...
  15. Huge Favour Required

    Milk before water. Always before.
  16. Looking for first decent watch

    An automatic is a mechanical watch that's automatically wound by a rotor when it's worn. Fully wound it should go for around 30 to 36 hours. They'll probably require a service every 5 to 10 years which will cost at the very least around £100 by an independent watchmaker. If you're sending a decent watch like an Omega/Breitling etc for a service, be prepared to empty your wallet... For example, a complete service by Breitlings service department (strip, polish etc) on one of their chronographs is £700. It's hard to know what will go up in value over time. For new models the only relatively safe bet (and not guaranteed) are Rolex sports watches. 2nd hand watches are pure guesswork - I bought a lot of mechanical Russian chronographs a few years back and they have been rising steadily in value. Some are probably worth at least double what I paid for them. A lot of Swiss stuff I've bought has dropped like a stone! My advice to you is don't buy anything else yet but keep an eye on the forum's WRUW (what are you wearing) threads and get a feel for what you like the look of.
  17. Cross Straight off the list.

    TW Steel - junk Hugo Boss/Armani/Police/Kevin Klein etc - basically any clothing brand that now make watches Invicta - dishonest business model Any Russian watch without a Russian movement inside De Tomaso - great cars, crap watches New Enicars - world's non-intentional-funniest website Hublot - where's the RLT vomit emoticon gone?
  18. Looking for first decent watch

    Lots of things make a watch worth what is. Movement, finishing, water resistance, complications and probably most important but also not important (if that makes sense?) is brand perception. Lets take Longines as an example - in my opinion probably one of the cheapest "luxury" brands. A once great brand that has been diluted by the Swatch group. The quartz and automatic Hydroconquests are pretty much exactly the same except for the movements and the price. The auto is around £200 more. Does the movement cost Longines £200 more? Hell no. Is the movement to watch cost ratio higher than the quartz? I expect so! Hamilton was originally an American brand which was bought out by the Swiss. It's a decent brand but I wouldn't call it great by a long shot. Seriously though - don't get too hung up on Swiss names/brands etc. There's all sorts of well respected stuff from all over the world. By all means avoid crappy "fashion" brands but also have a look at some other cheaper watches. If you're after mechanical, Seiko make some outstanding watches at their price and you'll find that a lot of us here have an affinity for Vostok - cheap Russian automatic watches that are built to take a beating. I've got all sorts of stuff - Rolex, Tudors, Breitlings, Bremonts etc but Vostok is still and always will be one of my favourites. Here's a great thread - have a look and see what fun can be had ;)
  19. Looking for first decent watch

    Yeah, I've used them before. Be aware you won't get a manufacturers warranty with the watches - only Ashford's own warranty. Same with many other US sellers.
  20. Spenner

    As long as it looks like this you should be ok
  21. Looking for first decent watch

    Whoaaa! Sale on at Gemnation too. That Victorinox I linked to earlier is... wait for it... $165! http://www.gemnation.com/watches/Swiss-Army-Chrono-Classic-241656-31628.html Crazy stuff.
  22. Looking for first decent watch

    Sale on at Ashford! Check out the Certina and Hamilton chronographs for under 270 bucks. You will almost certainly get stung for 20% at customs but still great deals. https://www.ashford.com/us/watches/hamilton/khaki-aviation/khaki-aviation-pilot-pioneer-chrono-quartz/H76512755.pid?nid=cpg_cat680070&so=52 https://www.ashford.com/us/watches/certina/ds-first/C014-417-11-051-01.pid?nid=cpg_cat680050&so=13 https://www.ashford.com/us/watches/hamilton/khaki-aviation/chrono/H76412133.pid?nid=cpg_cat680070&so=60
  23. Looking for first decent watch

    I do like Zodiac watches. I have tried searching but I can't find any new for that kind of money - it would be most appreciated if you'd share the info

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