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  1. They have more sales than DFS...
  2. Go straight to Meranom and get them even cheaper.
  3. Keep an eye on some of the other forum sales sections with a search engine such as watchrecon: Good luck in your hunt!
  4. I will be doing it but I have to wait until my last 2 years of service so the Queen pays
  5. Nice collection. I just have the one but it is bloody nice.
  6. Plenty of Amphibias with dates out there. As Martin has already said, the Amphibia is stainless steel as opposed to the chrome plated brass case of the Komandirskie which does tend to pit after a while. Amphibia all the way - put a WTB on here for a cheap 2nd hand one and I'm sure you'll get plenty of offers.
  7. Great watch but we need some pictures! It should wind in either direction.
  8. Wow - Banks Lyon isn't cheap! I guarantee that Alpina will be for sale somewhere at some point for less than half that price. Keep an eye on Jomashop and Gemnation - they often have Alpina sales with big discounts.
  9. Well I'm tempted by the 1982 Rolex Submariner for £2500 but the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch for a grand is also on my radar.
  10. Not cheap but Bergeon all the way for me. You're looking at £40+ for a pack of 5.
  11. I owned the Alpina below and jolly nice it was too - the quality was exceptional. However don't even think about paying anywhere near RRP on any Alpina. They appear in sales a lot and massive discounts are available. The one below has an RRP of £2500 (3000 CHF on the website you've linked to). I paid £750 brand new from a dealer...
  12. Sorry chaps, but I have to disagree with the above statements. If it's fake it only belongs in one place - the bin. None of this "wear it and enjoy it" stuff!
  13. Has the crown and stem fallen out of this one yet? The stem retaining screw seems to be missing!
  14. Nothing is sacred.
  15. Unfortunately there is a massive rash of fake "NOS" Tissot, Mido, Titoni, Oris and more flooding eBay right now and the vast majority seem to feature the easily available FHF 96 movement. I can't say for sure if Oris ever used that movement (I doubt it though) but I honestly think there's a very good chance yours may well be fake.
  16. In the case of eBay, "New old stock" can often be referred to as "Brand new fake" or "Indian redial special" instead.
  17. If you can get the back off, the movement number should give you the date of production:
  18. I doubt it's even real. Same FHF 96 movement with badly printed brand name as all the other fakes. Looks like the seller has a whole back catalogue of sold fakes too...
  19. I bought a 39mm Hydroconquest for my son's 18th birthday last month. It's a bloody lovely watch with real heritage and you should really go for it. I honestly thought it blew everything else out of the water in the same price bracket. My only advice would be to find one with a decent discount - 20%+ seems pretty easy.
  20. I knew I should have bid another tenner! Great deal though - that exact same watch was for sale on TZ-UK for £1300 in December.
  21. Did you win that on eBay the other day? If so, my apologies for pushing up the bidding - I came second ;)
  22. I've got this handsome little (36mm without crown) devil. It's got an AS 1931 movement inside: Tried to sell it a few years ago for about £150 and absolutely nobody was interested!
  23. Meranom is also on Facebook - might be worth sending him a message. I ordered a watch from him a couple of months ago without a problem. Alternatively, try the factory shop:
  24. I'm not even remotely a fan of the vast majority of their range but the Aerospace is a classic and it's probably the watch I wear more than any other. I know it's not automatic but it's really worth considering.