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  1. Advice on purchase

    Just to add to the mix - does the watch have to be Swiss? Sinn, Hanhart, Damasko and Tutima are 4 well respected German companies that make some bloody awesome and damn tough chronographs within your budget. Also check out Fortis - they take a big hit if bought new but second hand, their chronographs are fantastic value and don't tend to drop much further. edit - beaten to Sinn and Damasko by Padders by 1 minute!
  2. Advice on purchase

    I've bought a few bits from Watchuseek but I've always been careful - stick to a seller with plenty of decent feedback. Chronocentric seems to attract a few scammers. To be honest, your best bets are here and TZ-UK - the need for a certain amount of posts and time before you can list anything to sell does keep the worst away and con-men/scammers are nearly always spotted very quickly by the regular members.
  3. Advice on purchase

    IWC aren't known for holding value from new (like the vast majority of Swiss brands apart from Rolex to be honest) but buy a second hand one at a decent price and you "should" (like anything it's always going to be a gamble) be ok. Check current dealer prices on a site like Chrono24.com but also check out private sales on the major watch forums using a search engine such as watchrecon.com.
  4. Advice on purchase

    Hi Chris. I'm saying this as a total watch snob so many here may not agree - avoid brands such as Baume et Mercier and *barf* TW Steel (especially if you're placing a high priority on resale values) and go for a real classic Swiss brand with heritage such as Longines, Oris or Eterna. Another £500 and you'd certainly be moving into the more prestigious brand territory such as Omega, Tudor or dare I say it, a Zenith El Primero - one of the greatest automatic chronograph movements ever produced. Don't get fixated on the rubber strap - just buy the watch you like and fit an aftermarket strap later.
  5. Christopher Ward Quartz

    Christopher Ward seem to have more sales than DFS so if you can hang on for a bit the same watches will probably appear at a significant discount on the website very soon!
  6. Help on identifying Rado Purple Horse Deluxe

    There's a reason you can't find anything about this watch - it's a "Frankenwatch" which has been bodged together from at least 2 completely different watches. The dial has come from a completely different shaped case (probably similar to the one pictured below). In a word, avoid!
  7. Something new.

    The new crowns are a vast improvement over the old ones. Prepare to be amazed!
  8. Titus Geneve with Interchangeable faces

    Some of the bezels look identical to your Titus set too!
  9. Titus Geneve with Interchangeable faces

    These were fairly popular in the 70s and quite a few manufacturers made ladies watch sets with interchangeable straps and bezels. How much are they worth? Simple answer: not a lot. I recently saw a much more comprehensive set in better condition produced by Titoni (a quality Swiss brand which was in roughly the same market segment as Titus) which sold for less than £30. This set:
  10. Can you help identify this please?

    Yeah, my typo - I meant 2897. I even googled 2897 for the pic :D
  11. Can you help identify this please?

    Probably the standard Swatch Group power reserve movement of choice - the ETA 2987.
  12. Tuesday Timepieces

    Seeing as the thread started with a Vostok:
  13. Automatic chrono's

    It's a compass bezel and here's how it works: The inner 24 hour ring is part of the compass bezel function. You're supposed to set the 36 on the bezel facing the the current time on the 24 hour ring, then point the hour hand at the sun. You can then read NESW off the bezel. Pretty pointless huh! To be fair, I used it more than I ever used a tachymetre bezel
  14. Automatic chrono's

    Here's my Hanhart Pioneer. A classic German brand. You'd be looking at the top end of your budget though:
  15. Automatic chrono's

    Alpina make some nice auto chronographs. Don't pay anywhere near RRP though - they're regularly on sale for large discounts and can be picked up fairly cheaply on eBay etc. Here's my old one which was less than a year old that I sold not long ago for £750 (RRP £2500!).
  16. Sunday Young Crowd

  17. Watch Book Reviews

    Great write up, thanks. For anyone interested, Cousins have a bargain book section with a lot of older Wristwatch Annuals. Have bought a few myself in the past: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/clearance-section
  18. Hello

    Holy cows! That is quite a collection. Welcome to forum roanje.
  19. Looks like another one joining.

    Fair point. I just showed my wife the topic (without showing my reply) and she said it was a bit intimidating and the m'lady bit was creepy. Hey ho.
  20. Looks like another one joining.

    Woman joins watch forum and you start a thread about her before she's even posted? It's definitely a bit creepy! Maybe ask your wife's opinion...
  21. Looks like another one joining.

    Both a Stalky and creepy thread at the same time...
  22. Red faced diver.

    The only other automatic red diver I can think of that's close to your budget (under £400 new anyway) - The Lew and Huey Orthos. Fantastic looking watch but that stupid dog on the dial always puts me off for some reason!
  23. Red faced diver.

    You can always change the bezel and strap if it's too red!