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  1. Bit late to the thread but here's a few old Russian catalogues with your watches in: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/113098239036073221216/album/AF1QipNU_gB268b6odXj82U1PIeznkeO1adZqJ86XGkK https://get.google.com/albumarchive/113098239036073221216/album/AF1QipM-Bswrllj2gbzWHqGTC7EPCNNEISHoyLgK7t-K https://get.google.com/albumarchive/113098239036073221216/album/AF1QipN3v4oTCgmjbpbymW-ikCXrZgV2aLB7if85YAMR
  2. Lampoc

    '100th Anniversary Of The RAF'

    Obviously this one as it features the greatest aircraft ever to grace a RAF (or indeed any) airfield.
  3. Lampoc

    Where to buy? pre-owned watches

    Watch forums? 50 posts here and you'll be able to see the sales section. Other than that I'd take a look at Chrono24.com which is basically a showroom for watch dealers.
  4. An original vintage dial? In good condition? Probably not that easy on eBay but I'm not an Omega expert. You might get lucky at Ofrei. It just seems like an easy choice to buy a pre-refurbed dial from eBay - it's much cheaper plus you get to keep the original.
  5. I'd keep the original and buy a replacement/refurbished dial from eBay - there are hundreds on there and it'll be a lot cheaper.
  6. Vintage Omega Seamaster or Geneve would be a good choice. As a bit of a Titoni fan, I also feel compelled to recommend a Cosmo King or an Airmaster. Here's some of mine:
  7. Lampoc

    Looking for some advice

    Grumpy old git. I think it's a fair question and not exactly "thousands" either. Nobody likes to end up with an expensive pup they've paid way too much for. They may also want to sell it further down the line in which case quality and residuals matter.
  8. Lampoc

    Looking for some advice

    Hi Jamie and welcome to the forum. Plenty of nice watches in your price range but personally I'd be looking at a Sinn of some sort. Check out Jura, Page & Cooper or Chronomaster for some examples. I had one of these - an EZM3:
  9. Lampoc

    What would you buy?

    I'd stay away from the Dynamic. Described as "extensive sympathetic restoration" by the seller but I'd prefer to call it "dodgy Indian redial".
  10. Lampoc

    TGI Friday watches...

    I'm doing a baked bean comparison test tomorrow. But which watch should I wear?
  11. Lampoc

    What about this watches?

    As much as I wish I had a 25 year old girlfriend, I have absolutely no idea! Those were the days... Maybe just take her shopping and buy a watch she likes.
  12. Lampoc

    What about this watches?

    It's a cheap knock-off of a Chanel. What more do you need to know
  13. I'd buy a Precista: PRS-3, £340: PRS-82, £425
  14. Lampoc

    Beginning my watch obsession, need advice please

    Some will disagree but if you want a "real" watch I can't understand why you are discounting automatics. That said, a Seiko solar is a solid choice. I'd also keep an eye on websites such as Jomashop and Ashford as you may well get a decent Swiss quartz within your budget. Good luck!
  15. Lampoc

    Phobos wave master , short review

    Looks very nice - probably one of the best Chinese diver's watch that I've seen. I look forward to more details - will you be doing a side-by-side comparison with any other watches?
  16. Lampoc


    Buy at a decent price second hand and you'll never lose much. Have you looked at Chrono24? https://www.chrono24.co.uk/search/index.htm?countryIds=UK&dosearch=true&maxAgeInDays=0&pageSize=60&priceTo=-1&query=breitling+a13340&redirectToSearchIndex=true&sortorder=1
  17. Here's my Enicar: I do like the Chris Ward design. If only it had a different name on the dial
  18. Lampoc

    Dive watch under £1000

    @longplay Good call on the PRS-3! I've got one and it's an utter bargain for the price. While we're at Timefactors, there's this beast for £875 too:
  19. Anyone who bothers to take notice of any of my threads may know that I'm a massive fan of Titoni watches - I've always loved the designs and been enamoured with the fact that they are probably the last of the true family owned Swiss watchmakers and not part of some faceless corporate giant. I think I've got around 20 of them now and am always on the look out for more. EBay has always been extremely ropey when it comes to Titoni watches - the vast majority (no exaggeration here!) of the newer models for sale there are fake and I've been caught out myself on a couple of occasions - luckily I got my money back both times. I now consider myself a bit of a Titoni fake guru and don't intend to be fleeced again. I was therefore very surprised to see a few models from an Italian seller at incredibly low prices. £250 for a brand new watch with an RRP of nearly £1K looked very suspicious indeed - in for a penny though and I bought one. Lo and behold it was genuine. So, like you do, I bought another. I can only assume these were unpopular models (I wouldn't have chosen them over other models personally) that failed to shift so Titoni punted them out of the back door. Here's the eBay links: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=b_line55cc&item=142624096946&_osacat=0&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR5.TRC1.A0.H0.Xtitoni.TRS0&_nkw=titoni&_sacat=0 This is a bold (and probably biased!) statement but I honestly believe that there is no better brand new watch in the world right now for this kind of money. Grab a bargain before they all disappear. You won't regret it at all. Here's my little beauties: And just for the hell of it, here's a few of my other Titionis:
  20. Lampoc

    Bargain time - Titoni

    I ordered the 2 watches separately (couple of weeks in between purchases) and both arrived without any duty to pay.
  21. Lampoc

    Bargain time - Titoni

    My mistake - the seller is in Switzerland, not Italy
  22. Lampoc

    Bargain time - Titoni

    The bracelet is solid link with friction pins so should be easy to adjust. I had no problems anyway! Definite redial and wrong crown. I'd stay away personally. Looking at the rest of the seller's stock there seems to be a whole host of franken/fakes/redials going on - some of the Fortis and Oris on his page are an absolute joke!
  23. Lampoc

    Bargain time - Titoni

    It's certainly an "under the radar" brand in the UK with no ADs whatsoever. They have always been big in the far east though - 80% of Titonis are sold there. The logo is a plum blossom which is supposed to symbolise lots of nice things in China. These are the latest COSC figures I could find - Titoni is right up there ahead of brands such as TAG, Rado and Bremont.
  24. Lampoc

    Dive watch under £1000

    Titoni Seascoper
  25. Lampoc

    Bargain time - Titoni

    I'd certainly use him again. Really friendly chap who is quick to answer questions.

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