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  1. Pilots don't use watches.

    Pretty much every pilot I've ever met (all military) wore a watch - nearly always a chronograph. Breitling Aerospace are very popular although I do see a few cheapskates wearing the issued Pulsar PJN299X1 .
  2. New incoming - first of the year!

    Yay! If it's number 15/21 it used to be mine ;)
  3. New incoming - first of the year!

    RLT 36 Nautilus?
  4. RAKETA nephrite

    That is really nice. What's with the "Renaissance" on the dial?
  5. Strange face on raketa

    Here you go Brad - a load of old Soviet/Russian catalogues which should make it a bit easier for you to spot genuine watches: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/113098239036073221216?source=pwa
  6. Vostok Dials

    Oops - I misread it. Al the bezels are interchangeable too: https://meranom.com/en/search/?search=bezel&limit=100 Check out pers184 on eBay too - his homemade bezels are very good indeed.
  7. Vostok Dials

    There's a few on Meranom: https://meranom.com/en/search/?search=dial&filter_name=dial
  8. Vostok Dials

    Yep - all interchangeable.
  9. Strange face on raketa

    Hi Brad and welcome to the forum. The watch is real enough - you can see it in an old Raketa catalogue here: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/113098239036073221216/album/AF1QipM6k02EnVJUCOk6YCFxu_7tf4auYfZP7k_rfBf9/AF1QipPu2w4x7cRf-5wJPi7Y3Q9j3Gl0ydLHT2ZzDTnl I can only guess that the numbering system on the watch was to help people get used to a 24 hour clock / military time?
  10. Have you had the watch checked on a timegrapher? It may just require regulating rather than a service and sticking the logo back on is a pretty simple job.
  11. New Vostok chrono's

    Real Vostoks have Russian movements inside!
  12. Titoni!

    Please be really careful - there are so many fakes. As an example, of the 5 "Titoni Cosmo Kings" currently listed on eBay 2 are fake (the UK ones with diamond bezels), 2 are genuine and the other is a bad redial. If anyone here does fancy a Titoni, please feel free to message me first!
  13. Titoni!

    They are great watches. Be very very careful buying second hand though - the fake/genuine ratio on eBay for example is utterly staggering.
  14. Titoni!

    Anyone here who has ever bothered to pay any attention to me may know that I have a certain fondness for Titoni watches. Although pretty much unheard of in the UK and relatively unpopular in the rest of Europe they have always had a large presence in Asia - especially in China. This may account for some of the more recent godawful names they have come out with recently: the Titoni Miss Lovely anyone? I've always rooted for the underdog and Titoni being the last of the family owned Swiss watch companies and having not been swallowed up by some monstrous conglomerate has always appealed to me. On with my watches: The Seascopers On the left we have a Seascoper VII which I bought from some ropey Malaysian website. I was pretty sure that I was being ripped off but happily the watch turned up. On the right, a modern Seascoper which I found on one of my many USA sojourns. A pair of Seascoper Vs. These turn up once in a blue moon but luckily I was fastest to them both times. The Airmasters Left: A mid 2000s day/date Airmaster Centre: An Airmaster Pilot which I spent an absolute age searching for - it turned up on WUS Right: A 1980s 36mm Airmaster I picked up from a Chinese seller. Chinese sellers always seem to have the best original Titonis. India, as always, sells junk. The Cosmo Kings Left: A standard 80s Cosmo King Right: A weird Cosmo King / Diver hybrid. Great watch though! Left: A very manly and tasteful 90s Cosmo King complete with diamonds (I hope...). Right: 80s Cosmo King which I suspect has been redialled. My other stuff Titoni Master Series. An amazing quality little watch which cost over £1500 new. At the time I bought it, eBay was absolutely flooded with fake Master Series which were selling for around £150. The UK based seller of this watch obviously had no idea all the others were fake so had priced it accordingly - I got an utter bargain! A 70s Felca Valjoux 7733 chronograph. For those that aren't aware, Felca was a sister brand to Titoni and was eventually canned in 1981. A Titoni Aerospace. God knows who got to the Aerospace name first but as this is an early 80s watch, I'll say Titoni. Take that Breitling! It has exactly nothing in common with the Breitling version. A Titoni Madison bought from another UK based forum. Also the worst deal I've ever done on any forum - the seller was a total a-hole who disappeared shortly after selling me this watch with bits of bracelet missing. If you're reading this under a different ID "oldandgrumpy", feel free to go f*** yourself! I don't even know what model this is. Nice bracelet though! The future? Genuine and original Titonis are an absolute pain in the butt to find, plus I refuse to pay retail. So here's what I am (and have been for a number of years) still looking for: It's got a dragon on it. The ultimate, ultimate grail - Titoni Art watch. Money (almost) no object for me. It's got a flying panda on it for Christ's sake! Titoni Space Star GMT This Felca Seascoper Thanks for looking and I hope it's not been too boring :D
  15. Saturday Automatic

    Titoni Cosmo King

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