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  1. How good are CW watches?

    They already do!
  2. Romanian Watches 1978-2018: A Singular History

    Another great topic - I never realised Romania had their own watch brand. I'll be working in Romania for 4 months later this year so will keep an eye out for an Orex!
  3. Well, they're certainly more interesting than any Timex
  4. I quite like the case design. Dial is okay but I'm not so keen on the font -maybe I'm a traditionalist. Have you thought about a bracelet for the watch?
  5. I think it's an interesting concept. I'd certainly like to see pictures and more details.
  6. I know there's a kickstarter forum but I'm not selling a watch so I'm sticking this in here. Just been having a browse and there's certainly some interesting (and a lot of very boring) stuff about. Here's some of my favourites: Have you ever wanted a Rolex Submariner with a leather strap? How about a leather dial? Yes, you read that right... a "leather" dial. Introducing the Oliver Newton Corium. A $250 Parnis with a wobbly face: For some people, the Vostok Amphibia is always going to be a cheap watch. No more! Now it can be an expensive watch at only 6 times the price of a standard Amphibia. The McManus Amphibia can be yours for 350 Euros. 350 Euros. Just going to say that one more time. 350 Euros. I really like this one - In fact I'm very tempted to actually spend money on a kickstarter for the first ever time. The Schaffen S65 Sport watch. You even get to design your own rotor! About $500. Which wood watch would Edward Woodward wear if he were going diving with witches while watching "Watch"? I reckon he'd choose the "world's first waterproof wooden watch" - the Exotic Hawaiian Woods. Why make a dive watch out of wood you may ask? Good question and I'm damned if I know the answer. I'll tell you what Edward Woodward wouldn't wear - a concrete watch. Seriously , is there any material that isn't sacred when making a watch? Here's the Masonic. Crafted by masons maybe? Or a 15 year old in a Chinese sweatshop? One watch! Hahaha. Two watches! Hahaha. Three watches! Hahaha. Well, just one watch actually, but here's a watch for all you Sesame Street "The Count" lovers. Or people who like to spend their evenings in graveyards drinking cider and black. It's the Transylvanian PEREN SOD. Here it is on the wrist of somebody who looks like all the blood has already been drained from his arm: That's all for now folks. I may do another kickstarter trawl in the future! There will definitely be more wood.
  7. Is that a witch in a wooden wicker? Which wonderful wood watch would a wandering witch wear in a wooden wicker I wonder?
  8. I loved "The Equalizer" when I was a kid. In fact, I had the exact same Jag as him later on life - a cobalt blue Series 3 XJ6 with pepperpot alloys. Awesome. Also, there's an great little pub called "Witchwood" in Ashton-under-lyme. Great place for live music. Which of course got me thinking... If Edward Woodard went to Witchwood and they were showing "Watch" in one of the bars but there was also a witch in there watching "Watch" which wood watch would Edward Woodward wear and where in the bar would he stand to watch a witch watching "Watch" in Witchwood. Well, I think he'd wear a wooden Raketa! So, which wood watch and where do you think Edward Woodward would wear to watch a witch watch "Watch" in Witchwood?
  9. Witcham is a lovely little village in Cambridgeshire. I've always wondered if the place had anything to with witchcraft which got me thinking - which watch would I wear to watch a witch watching the environmental documentary "Watch"? And where in Witcham to watch a witch watch "Watch"? Probably the village hall. And I'd wear this Raketa: So, which wood watch would you wear and where in Witcham to watch a witch watch "Watch"?
  10. There are few nicer places in the world than Wood, South Dakota. Last time I was there I watched a fantastic environmental documentary by Briana Waters called "Watch". Happy times all round. Well, what better watch to wear while watching Watch than a wooden Raketa! So, the all important question is "Would you wear a wood watch to watch "Watch" in Wood?". Let me know!
  11. Experiment

    I like to wear watches on my right and left. Anyway, where do I sign up for this boxing?
  12. Venus Watches: An Enigmatic History

    It's a bit weird when you edit my own post with your reply!
  13. Venus Watches: An Enigmatic History

    Great post, although the original thread wasn't mine - I just pointed out that the watch had been badly redialed WHEW! I thought I had finally got it right but I forgot to alter Lampoc to Mart in the text reference to Mart's thread-head and picture. This has now been done, and I hope that sorts the matter to everyone's satisfaction. Sorry about that, dear Lampoc.

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