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  1. They should do. If you post up which type of vintage case you're thinking of buying I'll double check against a newer model in my own collection.
  2. Just buy a vintage Amphibia and put new seals in!
  3. "Buy the seller". I don't know a lot about the watch but the company itself has been operating for years from a proper bricks and mortar establishment and seems to have decent feedback. I'd be happy to buy from them.
  4. Looks fine to me. You can double check yourself by having a scan of some old Russian watch catalogues here: You can easily find a cheap black rubber gasket and some silicon grease on eBay to replace yours.
  5. Light face - but the model without the date.
  6. Wrench is correct - all the 36 and 41 models have the ETA 2824.
  7. Is that the new Black Bay 41 model or the 36?
  8. Too slow new guy! Welcome to the forum by the way
  9. The ETA models had "Self-Winding" on the dial while the newer in-house versions have "Chronometer Officially Certified". Also the Rose has been changed for the shield. New model on left:
  11. The "original" ones were hand winding, made around the mid-80s and came mainly in the old 470/320 style cases. They're considered pretty special (in Russian watch collecting circles anyway) and do fetch a rather large premium over Vostoks with the same case but different dials. You'd be looking at paying £100 to £150 for a decent one. I've got a new and an original one. Here's a photo I stole from google:
  12. I wouldn't risk buying a 7K watch from Russia, but maybe you're braver than me! There's no sellers fee with Chrono24 - all payments are arranged directly with the seller.
  13. Looks great. I've used Watchgecko quite a few times recently and have been impressed by the quality, prices and service of the company.
  14. Hi pigiale and welcome to the forum. Is there any chance you could remove the back so we can see the movement?