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  1. £600?? Yowsers! Where is it on the website?
  2. I think the point Daveyboyz was trying to make is that he thought your watch was probably a fake. Unfortunately, it definitely is a fake, and a pretty poor one at that.
  3. Have you got a link/database of all these direct replacements you could share with us please Roy?
  4. I can only suggest keeping an eye on eBay, Gumtree and your local pawn shops/cash converters. Good luck and I hope you recover it.
  5. Not really, but there's a lot more demand for things that kill people so I'm doing alright.
  6. He's never been that great at replying to emails. Try his Poljot24 facebook page - he was active a couple of days ago there.
  7. Armourer. More often than not I wear my Breitling Aerospace to work.
  8. They have more sales than DFS...
  9. Go straight to Meranom and get them even cheaper.
  10. Keep an eye on some of the other forum sales sections with a search engine such as watchrecon: Good luck in your hunt!
  11. I will be doing it but I have to wait until my last 2 years of service so the Queen pays
  12. Nice collection. I just have the one but it is bloody nice.
  13. Plenty of Amphibias with dates out there. As Martin has already said, the Amphibia is stainless steel as opposed to the chrome plated brass case of the Komandirskie which does tend to pit after a while. Amphibia all the way - put a WTB on here for a cheap 2nd hand one and I'm sure you'll get plenty of offers.