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  1. T W Steel....Rant or Rave

    They keep good time and you like how they look, that's fine - we're all different. You asked for people's opinions and I gave you mine - they're clown's watches for the fashion obsessed with no substance to back up their size or price
  2. T W Steel....Rant or Rave

    Nothing wrong at all with Miyota - they make some decent quality movements and their lower spec stuff is excellent value. My beef is with TW Steel putting a £1 movement in that huge case when they could have spent a few more pounds and put a long life movement (such as the Miyota 1L60 for example) in there. It reeks of cost-cutting but I suppose the vast majority of TW Steel buyers don't care - they're watches for people who don't care about watches. And no, I don't have any large quartz watches with tiny movements :P
  3. I just picked one of these up for £250 (pic stolen from elsewhere):
  4. New Bremont Blue S300

    As the owner of a Bremont MB3 and numerous Kontikis I can say they're all great watches. You should definitely buy both
  5. New incoming - first of the year!

    I can't believe I owned it longer than anyone else! It certainly got a LOT of wear in that time. Luckily for you I always kept the bracelet in it's box, otherwise that would have been trashed like the old bezel
  6. T W Steel....Rant or Rave

    They're just utter tat and worn by those more concerned with form over function in my opinion. This was confirmed when I opened up a workmates TW Steel to do a battery change. They could have spent £5 and stuck a decent Ronda 705LI with a decent battery life or similar inside. Instead they've gone for the cheapest Miyota movement possible. You've got to laugh at this:
  7. New incoming - first of the year!

    It's a great watch. I see someone has changed the bezel insert since I sold it - I did pretty much wreck it mind...
  8. Pilots don't use watches.

    Pretty much every pilot I've ever met (all military) wore a watch - nearly always a chronograph. Breitling Aerospace are very popular although I do see a few cheapskates wearing the issued Pulsar PJN299X1 .
  9. New incoming - first of the year!

    Yay! If it's number 15/21 it used to be mine ;)
  10. New incoming - first of the year!

    RLT 36 Nautilus?
  11. RAKETA nephrite

    That is really nice. What's with the "Renaissance" on the dial?
  12. Strange face on raketa

    Here you go Brad - a load of old Soviet/Russian catalogues which should make it a bit easier for you to spot genuine watches: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/113098239036073221216?source=pwa
  13. Vostok Dials

    Oops - I misread it. Al the bezels are interchangeable too: https://meranom.com/en/search/?search=bezel&limit=100 Check out pers184 on eBay too - his homemade bezels are very good indeed.
  14. Vostok Dials

    There's a few on Meranom: https://meranom.com/en/search/?search=dial&filter_name=dial
  15. Vostok Dials

    Yep - all interchangeable.

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