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  1. Lampoc

    First post... First Rolex

    Vintage sub but be very vigilant and do plenty of research first - there's a lot of junk out there!
  2. Lampoc

    1918 was the year..

    But? Since I bought one I honestly think they deserve promoting. They've made their mistakes - the "in-house" movement debacle was pretty embarrassing and the faux-heritage can be cheesy in the extreme but their good sides more than make up for it. Customer service is excellent - when mine needed warranty work they sent a courier to pick it up and I had it back in a couple of weeks. I've had invites to attend get togethers at their Henley HW (both times work got in the way ) and I honestly can't think of a better watch tie-in during the last 20 years than the Martin-Baker one. Ejection seats are pretty damn cool you have to admit. The science and technology behind them still blow my mind.
  3. The newer Avtomat and Amphibia models are very good quality but that's reflected in the price. Older Soviet-era models are around the same quality as the other 3 major brands (Poljot, Vostok and Slava) and can be picked up cheap as chips on eBay. Here's my collection of older Raketas, none of which cost more than £100 (most were waaay below that!):
  4. They must be awesome watches because you've been posting this all over the internet! Suspicious... me?
  5. Lampoc

    IWC to challenge Rolex ?

    Not ruining the Ingenieur would have been a good start for IWC. Ceratanium... nope. Not going there.
  6. Lampoc

    Leica (yes Leica!) Watches

    Both pretty and pretty expensive. I'd love one at a fraction of the price.
  7. Ermm... it wasn't me who used the term "ground breaking" 3 posts ago.
  8. So when I link to an article about surface hardening of titanium by a world renowned engineering body "it appears to be a fabulous novelty surface polish" but when you link to a similar article by someone else 3 hours later it's "ground breaking research". Whatever you say.
  9. Lampoc

    1918 was the year..

    They have a mix of the excellent (Martin Baker range) and the utterly ridiculous (watches with bits of old stuff embedded in rotors) in their range. I've got an MB3 and it's a fantastic piece - easily the best quality watch I own. 10 years ago Breitling used to be the military watch of choice but now Bremont have seriously muscled in and it's paying dividends. They might be splitting the watch-nerd community but you can't deny that they seem to be masters of self-promotion - of all the watch brands in Caller's list above, I'd bet the average joe would be more likely to have heard of Bremont.
  10. Ok, you're obviously right as always and the Technical University of Denmark (ranked among Europe's leading engineering institutions) is wrong. I never realised you were a world renowned metallurgist!
  11. If you bothered to read the article I linked to, you'll see that surface hardening is obtained by bonding titanium with gases: " The researchers have developed a method for hardening the surface based on gases, which can penetrate all small cavities and holes in the material and thus make it strong. It is a mixture of, for example, carbon and oxygen that is used for the treatment and which adds the extra strength.". There are very few pure metals in the world - even "pure iron" contains 0.15% impurities. You are allowed to admit you're wrong occasionally. I had no idea scratch resistant titanium existed when this thread started as evidenced by my first reply.
  12. Gold and silver are normally full of impurities too, intentionally or otherwise. They're still called gold and silver.
  13. It's all here if anyone wants to read about "scratch-proof titanium". How accurate it is I couldn't say. http://www.dtu.dk/english/news/2017/05/hardened-titanium-opens-up-a-world-of-new-opportunities?id=6256fea6-05b4-47fe-82a5-ea0fa14c22f5
  14. Hi Sakaro, Like gimli has already said, you're unlikely to get a Swiss watch with PR in your budget. I'm also not aware of any "scratch resistant titanium". If you want ceramic, I'd be looking at a Rado. For titanium, have a look at the Certina DS-1.

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