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    things that tick! Anniversary 400 day clocks is my main weakness, especially the pre war ones, watches, pocket watches and looking at old church clocks with a 6 foot pendulum!

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  1. Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    Yes i would go with sticky hairspring as well, sometimes tiny droplets of oil do fly about inside there...... A full service should be a full strip back to the movement plates, a full clean of all compoenents, a close inspection of all parts, and a full assemble and lubrication according to what is required, usually three different types of oils.... which is what i do.... There are a few cowboys out there who wash it in a bucket of petrol and hope for the best but thankfully they are few and far between
  2. Atmos repair/service

    Hi, yes i will be able to service this for you, just in middle of making a workshop up as recently moved house, am in Somerset, am an independant so a lot cheaper than sending it to Switzerland Give me a couple of months to get up and running first What is the model number? If it's an early one with mercury bellows i will walk away as a bit dangerous...........

    Nice amount for the charity, well done!!
  4. MG Commemorative Chronograph

    Sicura did a very upmarket Mg Chronograph watch around the early 1970's............
  5. bargin tudor

    Yes so he bought it in Oct 17 for $2804.......... and now he wants to sell it for £436............hmm.........
  6. Vintage Rolex-What to do ?

    Hi Stephen and welcome to the forum!! It sounds like an interesting watch, my advice would be not to have it refurbished as sometimes this can reduce the value and looks of the watch, many change hands and dials to the detriment of the watch. The "perpetual" models, which are self winding will hold a higher value than yours, i would ask at a local auction house for a valuation or look for similar items on internet auction sites. You could sell it on here but you would need 50 posts to access the classifieds section of the forum. If you have the original box or receipt this would increase the value a little, am sure a few other members will give some helpful advice as well
  7. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Very sorry to hear that Emily, sending condolences to you and your family
  8. Local watchmaker's.

    S Smith & Sons are extremely well regarded and make very nice watches, and of course other ones do too
  9. A gem and a bit of help please.

    Oh dear Mike that's not good............ Beautiful watch by the way, flowers engraved around the head of the screws, and tapered pillars as well, very nice!
  10. Mystery inside a puzzle....

    I would hazzard a guess and say that it was retailed by California watch Co, and that they had a few silver plated brass plaques engraved with their name and this was then screwed onto the movement at an appropriate place, they probably screwed a lot of plaques onto watch movements then sold them on in my opinion The watch could easily date from 1877.............. 13 years out was not a bad guess!! Having a Swiss movement fitted would still have been cheaper than an American one...........
  11. Heuer Silverstone

    Stunning watch, wow, i have my chequebook here............
  12. Need a picture on here mate, i tried to click on the picture but it says i have to be a member of the replica forum............um......... dont think so............ But if you want a serious answer then were happy to help and perhaps steer you to better quality things, please post pictures of the movements as well
  13. Mystery inside a puzzle....

    Interesting, it has two dial feet which points it to being Swiss movement, as does the counterbalanced lever, which was the inn thing at one time, i would date it approx 1890 American made movements had three dial feet and of a different flair and style America used to buy in swiss made movements and fit them in their own cases, certainly a nice watch!!
  14. Recommend me a clock?

    perhaps a carriage clock?? Mechanical of course, with an hour strike on a gong or bell, they are always timeless....
  15. Trying to identify an antique movement

    Very high quality movement possibly by Henry Blank & Co and Cresarrow, who also did some movements for IWC, see their calibre 94 What marks are in the case? Have a look here http://www.gregsteer.net/IWC/Cresarrow/Henry Blank and Cresarrow.html

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