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    things that tick! Anniversary 400 day clocks is my main weakness, especially the pre war ones, watches, pocket watches and looking at old church clocks with a 6 foot pendulum!

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  1. When Rolex bores talk themselves in knots.....

    I also have a friend, its true, but he is Breitling obsessed, when i told him his watch had a movement in it made by someone else he nearly cried............ Rolex is a good watch, but mechanically the Omega co-axial is superior in time keeping and will outperform any Rolex movement, they missed a great opportunity when they told George Daniels what he could do with his escapement...... As for "Pretty" movements, then you cant really beat A. Lange & Sohne, their movements are built out of solid German silver, made, assembled, tested, then stripped down again, each individual component polished and engraved, then re-assembled, everyone a masterpiece imo........
  2. Yep ideally start with a large ingersoll pocket watch, with a painted dial, no lume, this will get you into how the different parts interact, and is fairly strong movement so difficult to damage, and then slowly get into smaller watches. Also there are some excellent watch books out there, Donald De Carle has some excellent books.
  3. I only have a thin one.

    Stunning!! Very high quality!
  4. Seiko movement help please..

    Oh dear, that's a shame............
  5. Ingersoll watch... No info....help

    Click this below Keith, and welcome to the forum!!
  6. Definatly a Verge, also a fusee as well, as can be seen by the chain on the spiral driven wheel, the other end of the chain is attached to the mainspring. Quite a nice early piece, certainly 1820 - 30 ish
  7. timegrapher

    Probably on the second hand market, they were mega money when they new Stuart!!
  8. The First Anniversary Clocks: A Reason for Divorce?

    A nicely covered subject!! I do collect them / repair them as well. The German "Kern" company also did some lavish heavily gilded clocks with large ornate heavy brass cases, as well as the ones with four china figurines instead of brass pendulums Jahresenfabrik also did enamel dial and enamel balls as well, so a bright red guilloche face with red enamel pendulum, there was about six different colours in the series. Sadly these high end clocks go into private collections / museums so it is difficult for us "joe public" to get our hands on them. A broken Grivolas wooden wall clock came up for auction last year, battered case, china dial smashed, went for £3,000 The temperature compensating wire for the pendulum greatly improved the time keeping, the deadbeat escapement locks when the pendulum spins, and most be in beat with equal turns either way or the clock will stop. Will put some pictures up once i get my photobucket sorted out
  9. Heuer watches made for Abercrombie & Fitch

    Superb wristwatches of very high quality and much sought after.........need big pockets to buy one of these.......
  10. Watch identification and relevant information

    Yes as "Longplay" says we need as picture of the movement the "Angre" on the back is actually "Ancre" for anchor escapement. French or Swiss movement probably, the hour hand has been replaced or changed at some point. Definatley worth getting it working again. The value depends as well on the case, if gold plated or 9ct / 18ct The solid gold case repeaters command a higher price due to also having a higher grade movement inside, also a well known makers mark would increase the value, have a look around on some auction sites to see what similar ones go for hope that helps
  11. Thomas Russel and son

    Great looking watch!!
  12. Real Rado Diastar or fake?

    Yep, well i have been caught on a Fake Rolex, i nearly lost a considerable amount of money, what a battle that was............ A real shame sadly so many about and got to be so careful.........
  13. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    Hi Mach, the red star means it is chronometre rated and would have the larger balance in the movement for greater accuracy, along with a few other tweaks, it was one way which the Swiss used to show this, some Omega's were red star or infact gold star at the bottom to show they were accurate chronometre movements, so + / - 2 seconds a day, i imagine it would have had a certificate when new "Red Star" wristwatches are valuable and are collected in their own right
  14. What is the "best" Speedmaster currently ?

    Some "Snoppy's" have a solid silver Snoppy on the back in blue enamel, limited edition i think, hope that clarifes things... Poor Snoopy....

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