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    things that tick! Anniversary 400 day clocks is my main weakness, especially the pre war ones, watches, pocket watches and looking at old church clocks with a 6 foot pendulum!

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  1. harryblakes7

    Carillon strike plate

    There is an arm which drops into the plate gaps, when the arm is lifted the timing train activates until it drops, as the timing train chimes the disc rotates, the arm cannot drop until it reaches the next gap so it keeps chiming, either quarter strike etc up to full hour strike, you can see a large outside edge on the 12 o'clock position where it would then chime the hours until the arm could drop then stopping the train as it "locks" This is a simplistic explanation not covering stop work and warning work as part of chime and strike trains
  2. harryblakes7

    Carriage Clock Gong Bounce

    Let us know how you get on, hope they dont charge too much...
  3. harryblakes7

    Carriage Clock Gong Bounce

    The middle one is for setting the alarm, if your struggling to find someone i could do it in a few months time...........there is some great repairers about
  4. harryblakes7

    Carriage Clock Gong Bounce

    Well it is not hitting the gong hard enough, it is hitting the "stop" and bouncing back up again, there is a small spring on the other side of the arm which gives extra power for the downward stroke The fix would be to bend the arm down a smidge, but a word of caution, this must be done very gently and in a way which puts no stress on the soldered end of the arm where it pivots. Be careful!!!
  5. harryblakes7

    Trading Standards and Fakes question

    My apologies, i meant Special Delivery Too many Guinness'es......
  6. harryblakes7

    Trading Standards and Fakes question

    I would just send it back recorded delivery to get your money back.....
  7. harryblakes7

    Help needed please

    oh dear, put 50p in the slot and we can all have a look please
  8. harryblakes7

    Bodge watch repair

    Well it looks a fairly straightforward job Did the old hands have corrosion on them? I hope it all works out for you. How much did he charge?
  9. harryblakes7

    Need some advice

    If you look on ebay there is a set of five from italy for £34.50 It is the small ones you really need, red and yellow, with the bigger grey or black, the 5 set screwdriver is ideal for yourself and you can easily swop the blades if the become damaged, you can repolish them square as well if you have a spare afternoon
  10. harryblakes7

    What Clock Movement is this?

    No problem Steve, all the best with your repairs
  11. There is usually a circular stamp mark on the backplate of the movement in the brass, this would give you the maker of the movement, the clock itself is almost definatley French in my opinion
  12. harryblakes7

    Smiths Car Dash Clock

    Yes as already mentioned 1950's / 1960's is going to be positive earth. Late 60's into 70's then negative earth, i used to have a '66 Riley and that was negative earth, one of the first few.... my dad's earlier Hillman was positive earth. I actually have a few very old car clocks, in the days when you could wonder around scrapyards and sit in cars perched 4 high!! No health and safefty then!!
  13. harryblakes7

    Need some advice

    i would go for AF, usually a nice set for around £30
  14. harryblakes7

    What Clock Movement is this?

    It should have two levers on the pendulum, one which supports the weight of the pendulum with a flexing suspension wire at the top which appears to be missing And then the impulse rod which provides the power to the pendulum which you do have, you cant have the weight of the pendulum on the impulse lever as shown here as the power being given to the pendulum is drastically reduced due to friction and it will stop the clock. Which i think is the problem you have now......................... Look at some other Ansonia clock movements for guidance and a fix
  15. harryblakes7

    Bodge watch repair

    Interesting, difficult to break any hands, the hour hand is also the thickest one............ It could be repaired with some silver solder, usually its only on old pocket watches that suffer this problem through mis-use / abuse Hopefully he used the correct tool to remove the hands which puts no stress on the pointer part of the hand. Ideally see if he has got the old broken part of the hand for repair, we all make mistakes, i could understand if it was Timpsons as have repaired a few watches which they had repaired and then subsequently broken, but an independant repairer is "usually" highly skilled, as if they are not then they soon lose business Hope things work out for you........

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