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  1. Avatar Pics

    Coat of arms of Bulgaria. Cheers.
  2. The Pogue thread.

    In deed, mate.
  3. Red Barron has arrived

    Nice vintage inspired timepiece! Wear it in good health.
  4. Thursday 16th Nov. Automatics

    Total split today. Speedy Pro for me
  5. Alternatives to G10

    Good option
  6. Vintage Omega Seamaster

  7. Alternatives to G10

    If CWC G10 is your fav watch, why don`t you just buy it? I bought mine from here last year and it`s amazing. Good luck with your purchase. Dimi
  8. Everything works well for it. Check it out Unfortunately, I can`t find the pics on the bracelet. Cheers,mate. Dimi
  9. Grand Seiko

    They are amazing. I had one. Earlier this year. Great details, supernatural finish and lines. But, GS customer service is awful. Period. I wanted to have the watch serviced and polished/brushed and to be returned to factory condition. Well, that seemed to be an impossible task. Seiko AD here responded that they didn`t even touch GS. They told me to call to Netherlands as their AD was bigger and better. The Dutch chaps told me that they could service it,but if anything would occur, they wouldn`t be able to repair the watch as no having any parts in stock so I should wait. Furthermore, they made me aware that they didn`t do the immaculate Zaratsu polishing/brushing ( you know - the Katana special finish of GS) and only 2 old chaps ( Masters of Zaratsu polishing probably?) did it in Japan and the watch had to be sent there for 2 months. I was quoted 450 GBP for the Zaratsu pleasure and 550 GBP for the service of the watch. Well, this put me off. But , again - amazing design, quality and pleasure to hold it in your hands. Just my humble opinion, mates. Cheers Dimi
  10. Tuesday WRUW

    This one, no matter the date is wrong, I am still with it today. Cheers,lads. Dimi
  11. Mechanical chronographs

    Seiko 7016 Flyback. The thinnest auto chrono with flyback function 3 decades ago. Cheers Dimi
  12. Helson Watch on the forum

    What is the secret? Which delivery services to use? Many thanks Dimi
  13. Ultimate Craftsmanship?

    I like simple things Unfortunately,not mine yet.
  14. A whole day without a watch!!!!!!

    Never forget to put the watch on the wrist. Rgds Dimi

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