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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. One of my grails: Nomos Lamda 39 Black Velvet
  3. Casio yesterday, JLC today
  4. Casio today
  5. Casio today
  6. My location is no longer a secret
  7. Breitling Premier from 1998. The movement is a Kelek cal. 10000.
  8. Eberhard & Co. Huit Jours tonight
  9. Casio W-59 today
  10. Hello and welcome to The Watch Forum! Eberhard & Co is a small and independent Swiss high end watchmaker. Established by George Emil Eberhard in 1887, in La Chaux-de-Founds. In 1969 the company was bought by Palmiro Monti and in 2005, the company was taken over by his daughter, Barbara Monti. I have an Eberhard & Co. Huit Jours with double barrels and eight days power reserve. The movement in this watch was developed by Palmiro Monti based on a Peseux 7001.
  11. W-59 today
  12. Minerva today
  13. Minerva today
  14. Minerva today
  15. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Taille today