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  1. Saturday's best 030318

    Minerva today
  2. Roman Numerals

    There are several reasons for the use of IIII Easier to read IIII than IV (especially when the numbers are up side down on the dial) IIIΛ IIΛ IΛ Λ IIII or IIIΛ IIΛ IΛ Λ ΛI Greek roman: 4 = IIII Blasphemy: IV symbolizes the roman God Jupiter, the Romans wrote JU as IV Better balance on the dial: VIII IIII or VIII IV
  3. Friday Fun

    Jaeger-LeCoultre today
  4. The Friday Thread!

    Minerva today
  5. Roy's Birthday.

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Your Grail

    One of my grails: Nomos Lamda 39 Black Velvet
  7. Thursday 2nd March Automatic's

    Casio yesterday, JLC today
  8. Wednesday quartz

    Casio today
  9. Wednesday quartz

    Casio today
  10. Member Map

    My location is no longer a secret
  11. Auto Chronos

    Breitling Premier from 1998. The movement is a Kelek cal. 10000.
  12. Saturday, s watch thread

    Eberhard & Co. Huit Jours tonight
  13. TGI Friday~ 3rd. February.

    Casio W-59 today
  14. Is Eberhard a good watch make

    Hello and welcome to The Watch Forum! Eberhard & Co is a small and independent Swiss high end watchmaker. Established by George Emil Eberhard in 1887, in La Chaux-de-Founds. In 1969 the company was bought by Palmiro Monti and in 2005, the company was taken over by his daughter, Barbara Monti. I have an Eberhard & Co. Huit Jours with double barrels and eight days power reserve. The movement in this watch was developed by Palmiro Monti based on a Peseux 7001.
  15. Wednesday Quartz~ 25th January.

    W-59 today

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