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  1. Davey P


    Er, check the list of participants matey..............
  2. Davey P

    Roger's Great 15000 Post Giveaway.

    Ooooh, fighting talk, I like it
  3. Davey P

    Roger's Great 15000 Post Giveaway.

    Don't worry mate, I've got my eye on Brummie's Apex and Roy's titanium Seiko, so I'm almost certain to win at least one of those (or maybe even both...?)
  4. Davey P

    Big thanks to Davey P!

    I missed a trick there, I should have had it engraved with "He who dares, wins..."
  5. Davey P

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    This ^ is probably what everyone else is thinking........
  6. Davey P

    Friday's here again...

    Got to be another outing for the latest TW Steel for me today:
  7. Davey P


    Obviously you will be posting my expertly modified Hugo Boss back before you leave, that more or less goes without saying, doesn't it...? (I'm just kidding, have a nice, well earned rest mate)
  8. Davey P

    Big thanks to Davey P!

    Probably worth mentioning it was originally a gift from Roy in last year's Secret Santa, so it's not like I spent any money on this one... But I'm really glad you like it, and obviously it looks better on you than it would on me, with my big fat gorilla arms
  9. Davey P

    Thursday's Selection 14/06/2018

    Not worn this one for a while, it's an amazingly accurate Swiss Legend freebie received a while ago from RWP:
  10. Davey P

    Public thank you to Davey P from the wife!

    Yes, send it back, I'll PM my address to you now...
  11. Davey P

    Public thank you to Davey P from the wife!

    You and your missus are easily pleased mate But I'm glad she liked it anyway, and it looks good on her, nice one I should make it clear to everyone that this was part of a package from the Guvnor, Roy, in last year's Secret Santa, so technically he should get the thanks, not me. Also, as I mentioned in my PM, if the diamonds turn out to be real I want it back............
  12. Davey P

    Nearly bought a new watch yesterday!

    So.... go on then.... get to the point.... do you like it, or not...? The distressed look on both the case and strap looks very well done, I like that a lot
  13. Davey P

    Incoming soon - insurance

    Sounds like you need to change your insurer, rather than find a one-off policy...
  14. Davey P

    Wednesday watches.

    In contrast to all the expensive high end hardware on display today, I've gone for a chunk of blue plastic, which was a gift from one of our lovely members (or maybe I won it fair and square in a competition, I can't remember - Sorry! ). Anyway, I really like it, which is all that matters, obviously:
  15. Davey P

    Unboxing my first for a while

    The hands need to be painted white IMHO, other than that it's a cracker mate, nice one I like all the attention to detail, in both the packaging and the watch itself. It's great to see a manufacturer really making an effort to make their end product feel special. So many small details and nice touches as well, it would be easy for the skull motif to look naff, but somehow they've managed to make it subtle and understated. Same with the engraving on the case, it can look a bit pretentious, but they have managed to make it look just right. I had a quick look at their website (obviously!) and they are clearly passionate about what they do. What a great company, they deserve to be successful, good on 'em
  16. Oh no, I didn't mean to cost you more money mate - Although I seem to be pretty good at spending other people's dosh (or at least, encouraging them anyway...)
  17. Davey P

    make a choice

    I think I must be getting old and past it, because I agree with Mach Both nice watches, but the Pulsar is easier on the eye(s)
  18. This ^ would almost certainly look awesome mate
  19. I chose the grey because it's more "unique" and makes the watch look completely different to a standard Seiko diver. Not much use if you need to check the time left on your oxygen tanks though, obviously.....
  20. Davey P

    Tuesday timepieces 12/06/2018

    New batteries just been delivered for the recently arrived Fat Face, so trying it out for the first time today: Looks and feels nice so far, I think I'm going to like this one
  21. Excellent stuff mate, I love looking at these threads showing step by step modifications to make unique pieces, and the finished result looks great. Personally, I would probably have gone for the straight hands and the plain grey bezel, but of course none of that matters because it's YOUR watch, not mine
  22. Davey P

    Tuesday timepieces 12/06/2018

    Keeping it nice and simple today:
  23. Davey P

    Plastic Watches

    Most of mine are metal, but there are a few exceptions: Blimey, there are more of 'em than I'd remembered
  24. Davey P

    Public thanks

    Yet another excellent and generous gesture, this place never ceases to amaze me, well played that man!

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