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  1. No, just watch straps, nothing else
  2. I've got a couple of leather straps in my collection, but the vast majority are on rubber or their original bracelets. The leather strap on my TW Steel is probably the best quality I've ever seen, nice and soft so it's flexible enough to be instantly comfortable, but extremely hard wearing and still looks like new after a few years of wear:
  3. I bloody love that watch ^ Someone had the red version up for sale on here a while ago, and I was soooooo tempted to pull the trigger. Can't remember why I didn't, I think I must have been skint at the time, that's the only logical explanation If anything, the blue one looks even better than the red
  4. Sorry mate, the leather doesn't go with that watch at all A better option would be a non-tapering black rubber IMHO. A quick search on ebay for 26mm rubber straps returned 180 results (UK sellers only) with prices ranging from £4 to £40. If you're feeling flush, Hirsch do one for 40 quid (tapers 2mm at the buckle end though). If you want something different (very different!) there's a seller offering custom straps made from fire hoses, also 40 quid. At the other end of the scale, for £5.89 you can have this silicone strap with a choice of stitching colours: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Soft-Touch-Silicone-Rubber-Watch-Strap-With-Coloured-Stitching-24mm-26mm-/371632866491?var=&hash=item56870b84bb:m:mXQjGaC1ANOuLIjVwfLI39A In fact, the cheap one is probably what I would go for, with red stitching to match the highlights on the watch face.
  5. Yes you will
  6. Not necessarily true mate.............
  7. Christopher Ward had a sale recently, but that is getting mixed reviews on here... With a budget of £200, I'd do a search for all men's watches on websites like The Watch Hut and Shade Station, then put the results in order "high to low" and work down the list... No point doing that on Amazon, unless you want to trawl through about 100,000 search results You could, of course, narrow the search down by selecting any of your preferred brands first. In my case, a £100-£200 budget on The Watch Hut specifying Bulova (my favourite brand) brings up 27 watches, with at least 3 or 4 that I'd be happy to buy.
  8. I can safely guarantee you won't find another one of these anywhere: No information found on t'internet anywhere, and I have looked loads of times. I suspect it might be a one-off prototype that never went into production, but I haven't been able to confirm that. I got in in a box of around 90 new Gul watches that I bought to resell years ago (pre-TWF days, obviously!) and this one was on it's own, no box or strap, and no information. I'll probably never find out the story behind it, but it will never be sold anyway so to a certain extent it's not really important.
  9. Oi, how did you hack into my personal Photobucket account...? And it's "skiing", not "skying" - Jeez, let's keep up a certain standard of intelligence on here mate
  10. Why should we make it easy for them? The front page clearly states: "Welcome to the Watch forum where you can discuss modern and vintage watches with other collectors and enthusiasts". It's not supposed to be a free valuation service for people who have inherited watches and want to find out how much they're worth before flogging 'em, and those sort of people give absolutely nothing back to the forum. Just IMHO, of course
  11. This Diesel won't be to everyone's taste on here, but it's one of the most comfortable watches in my collection: The integral case and bracelet is made of a soft resin, more like rubber than plastic, and if anything it's even brighter in real life than it looks in the photo. Not one for the shy retiring types, that's for sure... I did try to sell it on ebay a while ago because I find the red hands on black background quite difficult to see in low light conditions. However, it didn't sell so I'm keeping it to wear on bright sunny days Next up, this Sekonda has a translucent plastic body and a soft rubber strap, bought with the 20 quid my Dad gave me for my birthday last month: And of course the mighty G-Shock: Is that enough plastic for you?
  12. Excellent stuff, and typical of the forum spirit in action I'll be posting the other Lorus to Ging this morning, so that one should arrive in the next day or two as well
  13. Oh sweet Jesus, they're letting Brummies in now - There goes the neighbourhood! Welcome to the forum mate, and congratulations on having the smallest collection on here - Although in this case, small is beautiful, and that Omega is excellent
  14. Time for another prize draw, and this time it's to celebrate my 7000th post on this fine forum The prize should appeal to a wide audience on here, because it's my one and only MANUAL WINDER I know quite a few of you are fans of watches powered by old fashioned wheels and cogs. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them, so this recently acquired Montine (generously donated by SBryantgb - Cheers mate!) is up for grabs: I have cleared it with Steve via PM to make sure he doesn't think I'm being ungrateful, and he is fine with it. Well, that's what he said anyway... The watch is in good used condition for it's age, with a few nicks and signs of general wear to the case and crystal, as you might expect. It would benefit from a decent polish to remove the light surface scratches, but is perfectly acceptable as it is. A nice genuine and honest vintage piece, which runs fine and kept good time on the couple of days I wore it. Fitted with a nice soft leather strap (non-original, obviously). No box or paperwork included. It has a 17 jewels shockproof movement, apparently. Well, that's what is written on the dial anyway It also features a stainless steel screw down caseback, but I haven't opened it, just in case I mess up whatever witchcraft is going on inside... Size is approx 36mm wide and 40mm high, so I would describe it as "unisex" Here's the all-important wrist shot: Rules of the prize draw are simple. Using your skill and judgement, pick a number between 00 and 99. On Monday I will take a photo of the mileage on my car, and whoever gets closest to the last 2 digits, wins! As usual, the judges decision is final, and the prize draw organiser reserves the right to add any other terms and conditions at random that he sees fit... The competition closes at 6:00pm on Monday 24th April 2017, and the result will be announced shortly after. No correspondence will be entered into, unless it is for bribery and corruption purposes, of course.
  15. I've done a re-count mate, and the answer is still 57
  16. Be positive mate - Even if it's only that you're positive you won't win............ Keep trying though, the law of averages is on your side. Probably.
  17. Yes mate, he's becoming a bit of a pain, and I think we need to take action - I'll let it go this time, but in future I'll make sure the cards are stacked against him Worst... catchphrase... ever!
  18. Well, the results are in, and the winner is................................. Number 57, which is.............. SBryantgb Now, the slight technical hitch here is, Steve donated the watch in the first place... But after a quick discussion via PMs, he has generously decided to offer it up to the next nearest entry (on the understanding that I make it quite clear that he is without doubt the ULTIMATE WINNER OF ALL TIME ON TWF ) I should point out, those are his words not mine... Anyway, after all this confusion, the winner is..................... Number 56 - Teg62x - Get in!!! I'll send a PM to confirm after I've stuffed my big fat face full of pizza. Mmmm, pepperoni..........
  19. Yes mate, but the question was "What are the most Watch punishing tasks you undertake" and in my case, skiing is exactly that. When I'm on the slopes there is always a reasonable chance of a high speed impact with the ground, anyone who's seen me on a mountain can testify to that.... I can't help it if my life for the other 11 months of the year is far less dangerous and energetic
  20. This: So I wear something like this:
  21. You can have 01 if you want mate, but unfortunately for you I have just parked the car and won't be using it again today, so we have a winner - And it's not 01 (sorry!) I've taken a photo of the mileage, but I'll still keep you all waiting until 6:00..........
  22. OK, so just to clarify and get some sort of order to this, the entrants so far are: 07 - Littlelegs 13 - relaxer7 17 - bridgeman 18 - Mr Leveity 22 - kanab22 24 - Jonesinamillion 25 - WRENCH 27 - Timez Own 29 - Nick D 37 - Pip (note: @RWP - you need to pick another number, as you got "pipped" to the post - See what I did there? ) 42 - Iceblue 43 - 44whitehall 44 - badgersdad (note: @Taffyman - you need to pick another number) 48 - Rotundus 56 - Teg62x 57 - SBryantgb 61 - Delta (note: @Deano1956 - you need to pick another number) 69 - Leberkase 73 - Humbug 77 - Foxdog 86 - Ging 96 - Robin S RWP, Taffyman, and Deano1956 - Can you guys pick an alternative please. If I don't hear from you by the time the draw ends at 6:00pm tonight I will just pick the next highest number on your behalf, so you might still win anyway Good luck guys
  23. If you say "is this worth the risk?" I think you've probably answered your own question... Personally I would avoid it, despite others' comments on here - Sorry! The fact that this seller has 65 negative feedbacks in 12 months would ring alarm bells for me. Plus I only buy and sell in the UK anyway, so a Hong Kong seller trying to look like it is based in Ireland would also be enough to make me steer clear. With a healthy budget of £247, there are plenty of decent watches available from UK based sellers, and even high street shops. Unless your mate definitely wants an automatic, I think this Seiko Solar Titanium would be pretty a good alternative, and is quite a bit cheaper: http://www.thewatchhut.co.uk/seiko/mens-seiko-titanium-solar-powered-watch-sne139p1-sne139p1.html Looks very similar to me, but would be a lot less hassle to own than the auto version.