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  1. Show your views!

    No need mate, it is all properly managed with pumping stations at regular intervals, and if the water rises too high they simply divert it into the surrounding fields, which are lower than the roads and houses... apparently....
  2. Of course I will mate, it would be an honour and a privilege to have that fine timepiece on my wrist I've checked this directly with Roy, and he said it would be fine. In fact, he said it would be a really good idea to bring it into the 21st century with an improved battery powered movement inside
  3. I've already checked mate, and it's fine
  4. Now THAT is a cracking prize, and a really generous gesture, I'm in! Congratulations on the 2.5k posts mate Obviously if I won it I can't guarantee I'd be able to resist somehow transplanting a "proper" quartz movement inside, to replace all the old fashioned cogs and wheels from a bygone era...........
  5. No need mate, I can nestle into the real thing any time I like.......

    Nope, just N,S,E, and W printed on a bezel - No compass functions on this one

    Love the new strap, that looks great mate Another forum freebie for me today, courtesy of RWP:
  8. New arrival - Independent Watch Diver One

    47mm? So, it's the ladies' model then?
  9. Looks like there's a storm brewing here in the East of England later, so not such a good omen for me.......
  10. Shame, I was looking forward to sharing a pic of this one draped across Ruthie's ample bosoms, but sadly it wasn't to be... Congratulations Damo, and of course thanks again to Roy for yet another generous prize
  11. An interesting Ebay description

    Hmmm, sorry, I don't buy it, sounds like a pathetic scam to me Also, if the "story" is true, surely she is selling stolen goods? Either way, I wouldn't go near it with a barge pole (the watch, or the woman! )
  12. Show your views!

    Me and Ruthie moved to Pondersbridge from Huntingdon a couple of years ago (thanks to the Government changing the rules on private pensions, which enabled me to cash mine in and pay for a move to a much bigger house - Get in!). Huntingdon was a typical built up modern estate, quite nice but a bit crowded, typical of a standard estate on the edge of a large town. Pondersbridge couldn't be more different, it's rural and surrounded by farmland as far as the eye can see in all directions. Here's the view from one of the bedrooms at the front of our house: I tried to show the farmer spraying the fields in the distance, but the picture doesn't quite capture how beautiful it was. We love it here, and the house move was the best thing I've done in a very long time We're lucky to have this about 50 yards from our house as well: I have to pinch myself sometimes to think that I live here
  13. Congratulations on your 1000th post mate, I will look forward to having one of China's finest timepieces on my wrist next week - Get in!
  14. Just wanted to say a public thank you to Sulie for my latest incoming, the mighty Aqualung 200M Professional After I saw Sulie's wanted advert for a Momentum watch, I got in contact on the spur of the moment, offering up mine in trade. Sulie then sent pics of a Casio and the Aqualung for my consideration, and I chose the Aqualung. I've seen pictures of them before, but never owned one, so the deal was struck and a week later, we are both sorted As you can see from the photo above, the watch had a mismatched strap, which was immediately replaced with a more suitable one, shown here: Oh yes, that's much better: I like this one, it looks nicely made with plenty of details, but at the same time it's not too fussy. It's smaller than most of mine, at a teeny tiny 42mm (), but that is probably a good thing... Here's how it looks on the wrist: The strap was one of 3 I received this week from another member, but I'll post a separate topic about that later. Yep, I am a happy bunny
  15. I was absolutely delighted to receive these 3 quality straps from one of our members this week, in exchange for me producing some CorelDraw artwork (Just a bezel design, easy peasy stuff, I can do it in my sleep ): The slightly embarrassing part is, he emailed me rather than PM'ed on here, so I don't know his user name... Anyway, thanks very much Bryan, the gesture was very much appreciated and I will make good use of these - In fact, one has been used already on my latest incoming:
  16. Watch arrival

    Excellent stuff, that looks great mate, congratulations on your first purchase from the sales section. The first of many I would guess....
  17. One Offs

    I will virtually look forward to it, nom nom nom..........
  18. Ever had to replace a watch?

    Take it back mate. I've got 3 TW Steels and the hands on them are all rock solid, so it's not a "design feature" or something that you have to learn to live with. If the hands are loose it means the watch is not fit for purpose, and Argos will replace it again without question.
  19. One Offs

    I hereby claim my coconut, I guarantee you will not find one of these anywhere:
  20. Raffle winning watch

    Excellent stuff, well done mate, that looks bloody brilliant
  21. best watch posters....

    Who knew he spoke such good German though...? There isn't a single advert here so far that would make me even consider anything they are selling. The Tag Heuer is probably the best looking, but my first impression was "how are those watches waterproof, they don't appear to have a crystal fitted.............
  22. Ha ha, I love this place, what are the chances of someone guessing a specific watch from a one line description? It could only happen on here
  23. The only "projects" I would consider are quartz watches that require a battery change. Cosmetic work, and anything involving springs and cogs, is best handled by experts, whereas from my experience 9 times out of 10 a quartz watch will fire up and work fine after a battery change. My life is quite simple, and I like to keep it that way!
  24. Bugger, it looks like I will be needing my lucky pants back.......... But congratulations to markybirch on a well deserved win, and cheers to Roy for yet another excellent and generous prize