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  1. Retainers and preferences.

    Best retainer (and best strap) in my collection is this one from Nixon: The retainer features a rectangular hole that locates into a raised section on the end of the strap, to hold it in place and stop it slipping off. The material is really soft and stretchy rubber, and is by far the most comfortable strap I've ever owned. I've tried it on loads of watches, and it looks brilliant on every single one (currently on the Bulova "Davey P" for a while)
  2. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Wow, that's a really generous gesture, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get Jay as my Secret Santa this year
  3. Hublot vs Ulysse Nardin

    I think I must be getting cynical in my old age, but this just looks like a lame attempt at trolling to me...
  4. Understand but just don't like

    Hands painted in the same colour as the dial, so you can't bloody see 'em - Who ever thought THAT was a good idea?
  5. At my age........

    Probably the most sophisticated and "age appropriate" watch in my collection is the gorgeous Bulova UHF Military: Currently up for sale, but I think I'll pull the plug on that idea. It's a bit smaller than everything else in the collection, but I think it's just too gorgeous to let go, and the price is clearly not quite attractive enough for the quick sale I was hoping for. I'm not too upset about it though
  6. Two for the ladies

    Special occasions only mate.... and in the privacy of my own home!
  7. Just thought I would share this on here if anyone is interested. I recently commissioned a one-off wood carving from an extremely talented guy called Kerry, who goes by the name of "The Wood Wizard". We saw his work on our local Facebook group (his sister lives just up the road from us) and couldn't resist having something made. We saw a similar figure that he'd done, but we wanted it twice the size, and here is the result. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for your viewing pleasure, "Mister Chuzzlewit" (Ruthie chose the name - Don't ask!) : He's about 4 feet tall, made from a single piece of cherry wood, and weighs a bleedin' ton (well, I think approx 200lbs+) We've also got a 2nd commission arriving next week. This time it's a bit smaller, a "Baby Groot" (from the film "Guardians of the Galaxy 2"). Any comments welcome (and before anyone states the obvious, yes his beard is more impressive than mine! )
  8. My favourite, which has been posted a million times on here already, and everyone must be getting bored with by now. But I'm not, so that's the main thing... Behold, the mighty Bulova Precisionist, with it's wonderful carbon fibre inserts: A truly stunning watch, and one that I am unlikely to better
  9. A talented wood carver...

    No worries matey. By the way, that estimated £25 delivery charge was for smaller stuff like the Baby Groot (which is still quite heavy to be fair!). I suspect the large one we had done would cost a lot more to ship, he weighs in at an estimated 200lb I think, and is barely movable, so I don't know if a courier would even accept him, the fat bugger I'll be interested to hear how you get on anyway mate. Tell him Dave from Pondersbridge sent you, and he might even do you a better deal
  10. Tuesday Wrist Wear 21.11.17

    Felt the need for something ma-hoo-sive today, so it had just to be the mighty TW Steel Goliath for me:
  11. It's mainly because I haven't got one, so I haven't got the choice... As far as I can tell, pretty much every other watch is inferior to Omega anyway (that doesn't make me feel any better though! ) In truth, if I won it I'd just offer it back up on here in another competition, and give it to someone who would really like it. I see it as a way to become popular, I'm just so desperate to be liked around here
  12. Congratulations on your 1729th post mate..... I'd like to be included in the prize draw please Just to be clear, the case is also suitable for holding inferior watches to Omega, isn't it....?
  13. A talented wood carver...

    I can't really say with any degree of accuracy how much he would charge, they are are all one-off pieces so you would need to contact him directly and ask for a price based on any information you can provide. If our experience is anything to go by, it might be cheaper than you think. Mister Chuzzlewit was based on a design he'd already done previously, but we said we wanted ours to be much bigger (the original was only 18" high). The Baby Groot is one he's done quite a few times before, so we just said we want the same design and size, although they are all slightly different, obviously. Your best bet would be to contact him via his Facebook page and either Private Message him or just post a message on his page and let him reply from there. He seems pretty quick to respond, although he has got a full time job as well at the moment, so there might be a delay of a day if he's working. His plan is to give up work and do the carvings full time, and I hope that happens for him, he's a great bloke and deserves to succeed in what he loves to do. I think from memory he is fully booked up with commissions until Christmas, so it looks like his orders are building up nicely. One other thing to factor in would be delivery. He's based in Peterborough, and he is happy to deliver in the local area. I think he charges about £25 for a courier to send the smaller pieces to other parts of the UK. Bear in mind, the larger pieces are extremely heavy. I hope that helps anyway mate
  14. Avatar Pics

    Mine is fairly self explanatory, it's simply a pic of me doing what I enjoy most in the whole wide world
  15. Dual Time

    I don't understand the attraction of these features, or the forum obsession with GMT watches. The extra hands just make the time less readable to me. I travel to Austria once a month, and all I do is set my watch to the local time when I arrive. If I want to know the time back home, I just look at my laptop clock (or do some complex mental arithmetic, and add one hour... ). My phone also shows both local time and GMT when roaming. In fact, I could probably just travel without a watch... I'm kidding, obviously, I'm not a mad man! I've got a few digital watches that have 2 time zones, and I have never used that feature once.
  16. Watches your watching/considering

    After buying my gorgeous TW Steel Maverick a few weeks ago, for some inexplicable reason I became obsessed with buying another one, exactly the same model but with a black face instead of the cream one on mine. However, in the time it took me to advertise a couple of my Bulova watches on here to fund it, the seller decided to put their price up from £209 to £289. I found out today that it's gone up again, to £299 The one I want is this beauty, but I'm not paying almost double the amount I paid for the original, for what is basically the same watch: I only sold one of the Precisionists in the end anyway, so I did what any sensible person would do, and spent the money on a drum kit instead
  17. Show off your pets

    Looks like quite a lot of sleeping going on here, so why should my contribution be any different: This is Gypsy, the 22 years old moggy, doing what she does best
  18. Please like generously

    Just to please you, I changed my mind and the winning entry is now in - Woohoo!
  19. I wasn't going to enter, but I changed my mind... Here's one which should appeal to the lovely judge:
  20. A touch of orange just arrived

    Er, yes they do, it's an unwritten rule around here, you need a minimum of one watch with orange on it, or you get an instant ban
  21. fossil police or neither

    Yeah, those daily expenses in Austria do come in handy sometimes mate
  22. Please like generously

    I think I've already had enough excellent freebies from you over the past couple of years mate, so I will probably pass on this one...
  23. Please like generously

    Yep, I'm in!
  24. fossil police or neither

    Nothing wrong with Fossil IMHO, I've got 3 in my collection and they're all great The first two originally had bracelets fitted, but I prefer them on straps. The third one will probably also get a strap at some stage to tone down the bling factor a bit, but all 3 are nicely made watches, keep accurate time, and were all under 80 Euros (all bought new from the Fossil Outlet Shop in Austria).
  25. Bugger, I didn't get a chance to somehow bribe the dog in my favour - Gutted! Well done Padders, and cheers to Steve for a very entertaining and original prize draw method

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