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  1. Lugs with a difference.

    Mmmm, carbon fibre infills........:
  2. Thursday timepieces.

    I wore this one for my 5 yard walk to work, from my bedroom to the home office...:
  3. Watch / Car analogies .

    Not on my watch, Mister... (pun intended!)
  4. Watch / Car analogies .

    I think the word you're looking for, is "awesome" mate (for both the car and the watch ) Er, I'm going to say.... the car, because that is the whole point of this thread
  5. Watch / Car analogies .

    My car: And my closest watch to match it: I haven't got any intelligent or insightful reasons behind the selection, but it just seems "right" - I hope that's OK?
  6. My first custom modded Seiko

    I worry about very few things, and rubber straps isn't one of them
  7. My first custom modded Seiko

    Great to see a nicely modified watch that actually looks like it came from the factory like that, excellent stuff mate As far as the straps go, I think it looks best on the black leather flieger style. Personally, I would have put it on a rubber diver's style strap though
  8. 2 part polypropylene glue

    You could try searching for the name of the glue on t'internet, and see if any English instructions come up? Also, most things seem to be on YouTube these days, so it would be no surprise to find it on there somewhere. If it's 2 part, I'd say they would need mixing together first. One will probably be a hardener, and the other will be a resin, but that is only a guess.
  9. Wednesday Quartz~18 April.

    Ironically, not the brightest red in my collection... Now THIS is really eye-popping:
  10. Is less more?

    My taste has changed over the past few years, partly influenced by my eyesight, which has slowly got worse... I now look for simple 3 handers with bold contrasting hands, and generally not too much fine detail (with the odd exception, of course). Like a lot of people on here, I also avoid the recent trend of hands and dials that are the same colour. Not much point wearing a watch that can't be read at a glance IMHO. So, a few examples, starting with a couple of TW Steels, LESS: and MORE: And a couple from Bulova, LESS: and MORE: Obviously I love them all, that more or less goes without saying
  11. Wednesday Quartz~18 April.

    I'll see your eye-popping orange creation, and raise you a big chunk of red plastic:
  12. New hobby?

  13. Crystal refurb

    Excellent stuff, and an impressive result, well done Sir I've had some success with Polywatch on light scratches in the past, but never needed to use the more drastic wet and dry method. Your next stage should be to replace that horrible bracelet with a nice new strap mate....
  14. Breil Marmite, any Marmite.

    Oh, it's definitely a "yay" from me mate, that Breil looks bonkers (but in a good way! ). Probably a few Marmites in my collection, but the first one that springs to mind is the mighty TW Steel Goliath (an appropriate name if ever there was one...): Also, the carbon fibre iTime Phantom is probably an acquired taste for some people, thanks to its lairy Kawasaki green strap, and the gigantic 50mm case, of course: Unsurprisingly, I love both of them
  15. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    Ha ha, perks of the job! TW Steel Canteen for me today, a gift from one of our generous members in exchange for a line drawing I did for him And here's the line drawing:
  16. Happy Monday watches

    Fat Face for me today (They also make nice tee shirts as well) :
  17. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    Excellent stuff, nice one Rog That's a beauty, and it's always nice to have something a bit different from the norm. I doubt you will see anyone else wearing the same watch.
  18. I'm back :)

    Welcome back to the mad house matey
  19. What a swizz, I woz robbed! Congratulations to Jonesy, and cheers to Rog for a generous prize, nice one guys
  20. advise on 2 casios?

    No problemo, glad you got it sorted mate
  21. TGI Friday watches...

    As I had a rude awakening from the (unintentional) alarm on this one in the early hours, I thought I might as well wear it today: Have a good weekend guys
  22. Seiko Recraft

    There is already a separate section for this mate, just go to the "Members Owners Clubs" and add a new thread
  23. You never Know Your Watch.

    Nothing I can't handle mate... although it did take a while to work out how to switch the bleedin' alarm off

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