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  1. By sheer coincidence, I'm wearing the "swapsie" for that one today - What are the chances?: I've also worn the Momentum quite a bit since our deal. Both looking good I reckon
  2. Probably worth mentioning, the converters only allow fitment of a one piece strap (i.e. Zulu or Nato) and not a normal two piece type. Personally I hate Natos, but the strap in that photo looks pretty cool
  3. I'm not even going to post a pic on here because everyone must be getting sick of seeing it, but the Bulova "Davey Pee" offers plenty of bang for buck, especially at the price I paid
  4. The most I would ever spend on a watch would be around 500-ish quid, and even that is quite unlikely. Ironically, I've got more money now than I've ever had in my life, but I still wouldn't splash out more than that amount on a single piece. Sorry guys, they're just watches at the end of the day. Maybe I'm just not taking this hobby seriously enough?
  5. Get in!
  6. My most recent impulse buy was the now infamous Bulova "Davey Pee". I wasn't looking for a new watch at the time, and more importantly I didn't have any money in my PayPal watch fund to pay for it. However, there was a heads-up on here about a black friday deal, and at £160 it was just too good to miss: No regrets though, it's an outstanding watch and a definite keeper
  7. Ah, in that case the answer is no, nobody else does non-white lume apart from Tissot. Probably.
  8. It states in the advert: "This is NOT 'glow in the dark' paint.". Looks like it only glows under UV or blacklight, so not a lot of use in normal conditions... Nite watches use green, red, and blue illumination on the hands and hour markers. They are Tritium though, so that's cheating Citizen Orca features blue lume, which looks ultra cool. Or did you mean non white when not illuminated? In which case, ignore my comment, as the Orca is white in daylight, of course.
  9. Cheers mate
  10. I was also making a connection between USA and Manchester in my first guess, and V8 engines wasn't the obvious choice....
  11. I had to look it up as well, so Rob's not the only one who didn't get it. My first thought was it might be gun related...
  12. My criteria are: Is it quartz? Is it big? (minimum 40mm excluding crown) Is it comfortable to wear? Can I read the time easily? and finally.... It's definitely quartz, isn't it?
  13. Wet and windy here, so giving the Rotary Aquaspeed an outing today: This one was kindly donated to me by RWP a while ago, and I've just changed the original Aquaspeed strap for a nice Nixon branded one, and it has absolutely transformed the watch. The original was made of a fairly rigid plastic/resin and not very flexible. The Nixon is probably one of the best straps I've seen, made of really soft rubber, and even has a bit of stretch to it, so extremely comfortable to wear. It fits the Rotary's concealed lugs perfectly, as you can see here:
  14. Please don't put it on a Nato/Zulu/Rhino mate You've already said the bracelet is awesome, so just leave it alone and enjoy it. Oh, and post a wrist shot when you get time, it would be good to see how it looks when worn
  15. No worries mate, I've just had a look and there are a few in a bag labelled "Tiny Springs" PM me your address and I'll pop a few in the post for you to try.
  16. I think I might have a few of these in my spares box mate. I gave some away on here a while ago, but can't remember if I just sent them all to the member who needed them, or if I kept some. I'll have a look and get back to you if I can find 'em.
  17. Blimey, that is awesome, well played that man!
  18. That's exactly how I would feel as well. The Omega is an absolute classic, and probably my favourite watch of all time, but in reality I would never spend 4 figures on a single watch, so I will never own one. However, the Bulova has got just as much wrist presence as far as I can see, but at a fraction of the cost. And if you've got a decent case back opener, you have the added bonus of being able to change the battery for less than a quid, instead of mega expensive Omega servicing costs (I've changed batteries on a few of my Precisionists, and it's no more difficult than any other quartz). Definitely a win-win situation Feel free to post as many photos as you like mate, it's always interesting to see how these look in the real world rather than advertiser's Photoshops.
  19. Excellent stuff, well done mate The only way that could look any better would be if it was on my wrist instead
  20. This one looks similar, and is under 100 quid from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Citizen-Quartz-Analogue-Display-AW1410-08E/dp/B00THEUGM2/ref=sr_1_8?s=watch&ie=UTF8&qid=1484148548&sr=1-8&keywords=citizen+eco+drive
  21. You could go for the non-Royal Marines version, which as far as I can tell is exactly the same, but without the logo. Do a search for "Citizen Eco Drive Ray Mears" and you will find it
  22. Mate, there are very few watches left that you don't already own!
  23. Just this one in my collection, which I won in Roy's competition last year: Not worn very often, so I'll probably end up flipping or swapping it on here sometime. I seem to prefer simpler dial designs these days, but I must admit it is a very pretty watch (much better looking in real life than my photo suggests) and wears nicely on this aftermarket rubber strap. It was originally fitted with a mesh strap, but I gave that away to one of our members who wanted one. I've tried it on various other straps, and to be honest it looked good on whatever I fitted
  24. I've got the same one, bought for a tenner on here, and I've got to say I like wearing it I wasn't keen on the strap, so I've tried it on a few different black rubber straps and it looks (and feels) much better IMHO. Currently fitted with an Invicta strap, as seen here: Wearing this Fossil chrono today: