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  1. I had a phone call yesterday from a radio station informing me I've won a competition. The prize is a free weekend's car hire, and............... £1000.00 - Get in! I'm still waiting for the cheque to arrive (she said it will be posted in the next few days), and a separate phone call from the car hire company to arrange that part of the prize, but assuming it's not some sort of scam I will celebrate by offering up a little something free on here in a prize draw. Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it? Watch this space..............................
  2. Given all the previous comments, my advice would be to walk away from ebay in this case, and shop around online for the best deal from a recognised seller.
  3. You shouldn't need to "try" mate, if you don't like it now you probably never will. You should just stick it on the sales corner and let it go to someone who will appreciate it, then use the money to fund another watch you don't need, like we all do
  4. Ooooh, tactical voting, I like your thinking Sir
  5. Excellent stuff mate, I like every single one of those, you've obviously got good taste The Omega is the stand-out watch for me, absolutely stunning
  6. Er, no mate, you have got it all wrong there (except the bit about my max spend, that part is true). But a nice try anyway I won't be spending much - if any - of my hard-earned prize money on a watch. The prize for you lot will be selected from my existing collection. As for a new watch for me, I've already got about £150 in my Paypal account which will be spent on a quartz powered treat for me as soon as I see something I like. I've got a few ideas, but nothing definite yet, so it will almost certainly be an impulse buy I haven't decided what to do with the £1000 yet. Any suggestions welcome, of course....
  7. In answer to all your questions, I can confirm the following: It was a "names out of the hat" draw (well, an electronic version, anyway) where all entrants had an equal chance of winning (i.e. No skill involved - my favourite!). I enter around 10 - 20 competitions a day online, so I can't remember which one it was The organiser was a media group on behalf of several radio stations, and the sponsor was Europcar I didn't need to give my bank details, PIN number, password or any other top secret information, just my postal address and age (for the hire car part of the prize) Payment by cheque is normal in these prizes, I've had it before when they asked for my bank details over the phone and I was naturally reluctant to hand them over to a stranger... The woman who phoned me didn't have a Nigerian accent, so that's a good sign I will not be taking anyone on here to the Bingo, but I will offer up a free watch in another "Awesome Davey P Prize Draw" if this turns out to be genuine, and the cheque turns up as promised
  8. Easy choice for me, I love all my Precisionists, but this one is absolutely outstanding: Very unlikely I will find anything else as good looking as this one, at any price. The carbon fibre detailing on the face, bracelet, and lug inserts are just stunning. Of course, the smooth sweeping second hand is pretty cool as well. I don't wear it as often as I should, but every time I look at it I have a massive grin on my big fat face. A definite 100% keeper
  9. I've already got plenty of cheapies in my collection, but this one will be a good one for the summer: Bought for my birthday in March with the 20 quid my lovely old Dad gave me, bless him
  10. Ouch, that sounds nasty, but get well soon mate and know that your virtual friends on here are thinking of you
  11. My latest incoming is pretty......... well, pretty bloody massive anyway
  12. A quick search for "Tissot end links" on ebay brings up quite a few results, so that might be a good place to start. Personally, I would ditch the bracelet and put it on a nice quality black rubber or leather strap, but of course your mate probably wants to keep it as original as possible in memory of his Dad. As a temporary measure though, it would be worth getting one while he waits for a suitable end link, which could take a long time to source. At least he could still wear it, and it's not an expensive outlay, maybe a tenner at the most. Good luck to him anyway.
  13. That's a real shame mate. In the spirit of the forum, send it to me and I'll repair any damage for a fixed price of £50...
  14. Oooh, excellent, another award, get in! Cheeky monkey, the only ass whooping that gets done around here will be done by me
  15. Bleedin' amateurs, coming in here and winning things, who the hell do they think they are.......
  16. Ahhh, the magic words........... prize... draw....
  17. Blimey, in that case you would hate my collection mate... RWP was right, Bulova do love 'em:
  18. Your vote of confidence is appreciated mate. Misguided, but appreciated all the same
  19. At least it's definitely quartz, woohoo! Blimey, I thought we were supposed to be using our skill and judgement to work out the correct answer....
  20. Oh come on mate, stop sitting on the fence and tell us what you really think....
  21. I voted for the Omega because I assume you're not completely mental Is my prize going to be the Seamaster? It is, isn't it - Wahaay!
  22. Now it needs the side reflectors changing for clear ones to match the side repeaters mate... Just been looking at photos on my laptop for something else, and found a couple of my old Mk1 MX-5 Great car, get in!
  23. Excellent, we have all learned something today, well done mate!
  24. I generally but my watches on the spur of the moment, so the longest I would normally need to wait is the time it takes to post, which might be a couple of days - assuming it's sent straight away (I never buy from abroad, so only UK postal times apply). If I see something I like in a shop, the waiting time will be reduced to about 2 or 3 mins I've currently got around £150 in my Paypal watch fund, but I'm not in a rush to spend it. I received the mighty TW Steel Goliath about a week ago, so that will satisfy my craving for a new watch for a while, and means I can take my time in deciding what to buy next. It doesn't mean I WILL take my time, but it means I CAN (2 very different things!)
  25. Ah yes, the dangers of skiing... But don't panic everyone, I always make sure my watch is safely tucked inside my jacket sleeve, then behind the cuff of my glove, so there shouldn't be any risks involved... well, not to the watch anyway