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  1. I had a birthday recently, and my Dad put 20 quid in with my card (bless him, he's 89 so I wish he wouldn't do it, even though he can afford to). Anyway, it almost goes without saying that I was going to use it to buy a watch, but the dilemma would be what can I get for £20 these days...? Just out of interest I looked on the watchshop.com website, did a quick search for all watches up to £20, and came up with this Sekonda at £19.99: I've seen it before in the duty free shop at Stansted Airport, so I knew what it was like in the flesh, and for the money I reckon it's a bargain. It arrived today, and I really like it. The watch head is translucent plastic, and the strap is soft rubber, so it's light as a feather and you can barely feel it's on when worn. A nice fun addition to the collection I think. Cheers Dad
  2. That doesn't make me feel any better mate....
  3. Only basic tinkering for me, changing batteries, swapping straps, and re-sizing bracelets. I've had a go at quartz module changes, but I usually struggle with refitting hands and/or resizing crown stems. I've had more disasters than successes I feel like I should be able to fit new crystals (I've got a press, currently only used for refitting pop-on case backs) but haven't got round to trying this out yet.
  4. Ouch, that hurts!
  5. Of course, how could I forget the most important bit....?
  6. Cheeky git - Although unfortunately not too far off...
  7. I don't always bother with that mate... Slightly ironic, the Precisionist movement should be accurate to within 10 secs per year, but they get changed twice a year anyway, and in my case not always exactly to the second
  8. Worst.... competition.... ever! What a bleedin' swizz, I woz robbed Congratulations to the winner, and thanks to mach for the generous gesture (even though the result was clearly rigged....)
  9. This ^ is the correct answer... Getting back on topic, I didn't get back home until yesterday afternoon, so my first to be changed to BST was this carbon fibre beauty that I'd been wearing since thursday: No wait - shock horror - it might not be "real" carbon fibre, so let's just say "carbon style" just to be on the safe side...........
  10. Nice one mate, congratulations on winning the Casio, but I thought that complete git bridgeman was king of the freebies these days....?
  11. It's Bulova for me, 6 in total, 5 of which are Precisionists
  12. Not a retirement watch, but a while ago I did manage to reunite a nurses watch with it's owner by doing a bit of detective work. I found it in an ebay joblot, and after I offered it up as a freebie on here someone suggested trying to find the person on the engraving. Full story here: A very satisfying outcome, she was absolutely delighted to get the watch back, and it showed the forum in a good light as well
  13. Oh yes, in that case I am definitely in! Congratulations on your 2000th post mate
  14. Off to the Isle of Wight until Sunday, so giving this bad boy an airing for 4 days:
  15. Mate, that's too nice to leave sitting around unworn, you should definitely wear it and enjoy it
  16. Just received quite an interesting joblot of watches from ebay (the result of having too much time on my hands in my hotel room while working in Austria last week ). Not cleaned them up or fitted batteries where necessary yet, but thought I'd post a few pics on here anyway, starting with the whole lot: And some closer views of the more interesting items, such as this old Timex with Great Britain on the dial: Next a Trafalger LED, presumably from the 70's or 80's: A Sekonda 19 jewels wind-up pocket watch from USSR, which seems to run fine: A Casio diver, in pretty good condition apart from the strap which needs replacing: A full lume Lorus diver that I'll probably keep for myself as a beater: A Lorus dress watch in good condition: An Animal fashion watch, which is worth more than I paid for the whole joblot: A Timex Ironman, which looks in good shape and seems to work fine: A bonkers Star Wars gadget, which has got random animations of the characters, and looks like it might talk because there seems to be a speaker on the back : And a battered but working manual wind Sekonda, which is ticking away nicely. Like the pocket watch, it's 19 jewels and USSR made. On the back it says: Raketa Watch Factory USSR: There are also various women's fashion watches from DKNY, Pulsar, Sekonda, Ingersol and others. So, I'm pretty pleased with this lot. An interesting and varied selection, which I'll be cleaning up and tinkering with in the near future
  17. I wouldn't pay a penny for that first one, it's horrible (sorry!). But the Buler Super-Nova is a beauty, I really like that
  18. Just don't drop it in water, or it will sink like... er... well, a stone!
  19. Yes, of course mate, and no need to bother with the postage, I will pay for that (If you could make a small donation to the forum though, that would be nice) I'm away on the Isle of Wight from early tomorrow morning until Sunday, so I'll post it to you when I get back. PM on it's way to confirm.
  20. Sorry Mike, the pocket watch went to Robden about a week ago If there's anything else you've got your eye on, just let me know.
  21. This is my current favourite, and has been since I got it a few years ago: An absolutely extraordinary looking watch, and unlikely to ever be beaten by any other watch, at any price
  22. I don't get it. Watches are meant to be worn, otherwise what's the point? My advice is leave the batteries in, and leave the watch running permanently. Wear it occasionally (and carefully, if that's your thing) and most important, enjoy it. Only replace the battery when the watch stops, and when that happens don't leave it in too long in case it leaks. That's never happened to me before, but it can happen if the battery is left long enough. It would also be nice if you could post a pic of the watch on here, just out of interest.