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  1. George Daniels

    It was me, but I only realised after the bidding ended that it's not quartz, so I've asked for my money back.........
  2. First Seiko

    Excellent value Seiko, and looks great mate, nice one I'm quite surprised about the Bulova comment though. All of mine are superb quality, and feel really solid.
  3. Seiko Raffle

    I only bought 2 tickets mate - I wanted to give at least one more person a chance to win a prize....
  4. Order of things.

    My method varies. Sometimes I sell a few to build up the Paypal balance, then look for something up to that value. Other times I see something I like, then sell a few to fund it. Or sometimes I see something nice and just buy it on the spot with "real" money.
  5. Yep, one of those Seiko's from Roy's raffle is almost certainly in the bag for a start...
  6. Lovely arrival courtesy of our host.

    Thanks for reminding me mate, that was much appreciated
  7. Latest additions..

    Love that Velatura, looks like a beast, nice one mate
  8. 'Mystic Mach'

    Happy birthday mate, have a great day and enjoy your birthday watch
  9. Excellent prize, nice one mate, I'm in!
  10. Lovely arrival courtesy of our host.

    Looks great mate, congratulations on a well deserved win
  11. Pulsar

    Excellent stuff Haydn, well done mate I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as Ruthie would have done, if I'd won it...
  12. Wednesday watches.

    Been painting doors today, so no watch worn until I finished, obviously. After all the talk about the Bulova UHF Military yesterday, I thought I'd give mine an outing this evening:
  13. Three Watch Collection...?

    Unfortunately for you, none of those 3 are for sale. Not now, and not ever
  14. Seiko Raffle

    I'm only interested in the quartz one, if I win any of the others it will go back on here as another raffle prize
  15. Three Watch Collection...?

    How is that a bit of fun? That's my worst nightmare... However, if I had to pick three from my collection, predictably it would be Bulova Precisionists, purely because they feel so special. I'd start with the Sea King as a general daily wearer: Then the "Davey Pee", because it is a real beast and could be worn on days when the Sea King just isn't massive enough Finally, of course, my favourite Precisionist would have to be in there, and with only 3 to choose from maybe it would get more wrist time:
  16. Not a lot of wrist time

    This Precisionist is still my favourite, but it doesn't get much wrist time, and I'm not even sure why? It somehow seems too good to wear just as an everyday watch...: By far the best looking watch I'm ever likely to own There are loads of other watches in my collection that rarely get worn, sometimes not even once in between battery changes
  17. My daughter's raffle prize

    Come on mate, admit it, you haven't got a 10 year old daughter have you... that's your hand in the pic isn't it....
  18. Bulovaitis

    I already had one, but if they were in stock locally I'd have considered getting another at that price (they were not in stock, so technically I saved myself nearly 60 quid! ) Here's mine anyway, fitted with a rubber strap because I didn't like the original green canvas one: An excellent watch, regardless of price
  19. 12 or 24 hour time setting

    I prefer mine set to 12 hour, because I am a normal person. You lot are all freaks, obviously
  20. Show us your beater in its natural environment.

    What is this "beater" you speak of...? I always take my watches off on the rare occasions that I do any work that might impact - literally - on the watch, or get it wet/dirty/oily... The one exception is when I'm risking life and limb on the snowy slopes a few times every year: I take the view if THAT bad boy ever got damaged, chances are there wouldn't be much of me left to scrape off the slope anyway
  21. My girlfriend's Seiko SQ has decided to stop working, and I think it might need a replacement module. It stopped recently, and I assumed it just needed a battery, so I changed it but the watch was still dead. I thought it might have been due to my batteries being old, so I bought some more, but still no joy. I tried 2 of the new ones, just in case one was a dud. I don't have a battery tester, but I assumed a new battery would have enough juice to get the watch working. My only other option is to change the module, but my question is: How do I source the correct one? Here is the watch: And here is the module: It's not an expensive watch (in fact, technically it was "free" because it was taken from an ebay joblot) so we don't want to spend too much on it. However, she really likes wearing it, so I would like to gain a few Brownie points and get it working again. I'm prepared to have a go at the replacement myself, and if I balls it up I'll then ask someone on here for more help I assume the module number is 8223A, but a quick search on ebay drew a blank. Any other suggestions welcome, or if anyone out there has got one of these modules spare, please feel free to PM me with a price. Cheers guys

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