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  1. Nice one mate, we are all winners here, obviously
  2. At least I had the good manners to say sorry. I was tempted to say "IN YOUR FACE, BRIDGEMAN" instead, but I managed to resist the urge.................
  3. Removing Seiko 6309 Back

    I switched to Flickr from photobucket, and that seems to work fine once you get your head around how to use it. As far as I can tell, you have to drag and drop your pics to the "Camera Roll", then individually change them to "Public" by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner of each thumbnail, which opens a drop down box (otherwise they won't display when you post a link). Then click "select all" and a pop up box opens at the bottom of the screen, where you click "Add to Album", then select whichever album you want them in. Obviously you need to create an album first. It sounds long winded, but after a few attempts it seems pretty quick and painless. Obviously I might not be doing the procedure as efficiently as possible, this is just how I've got it up and running for me. When you want to insert a photo on here, just select it from your album, then copy and paste the URL straight into the body of your text. I hope that helps anyway
  4. Oh my Gawd, sorry guys, it looks like I've done it again....... I quite like the look of that one, especially the GIGANTIC crown, get in!
  5. Congratulations to the lucky winner, and thanks again to Roy for an extremely generous prize Oh, I nearly forgot, "worst... raffle... ever!"
  6. Blimey, someone needs to grow a pair.....
  7. Who knows, maybe you meant it to say "in the red", and you just like to live dangerously..........
  8. Another reason this forum is great

    Looks too big on you mate, send it to me and I'll put it on my big fat podgy wrist where it will look much better. You're welcome
  9. Surely you mean "back in the black? Nothing expensive for me on the horizon at the moment, but I do like reading about the big spenders on here splashing out more on 1 watch than my car is worth. Reminds me of the old sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker, and Ronnie Corbett demonstrating the British class system (needless to say, I am the Ronnie Corbett character - "I know my place")
  10. I want to buy a watch, any watch

    Is that the same as "buy cheap, buy twice"...?
  11. I want to buy a watch, any watch

    Blimey, what a buzz kill...................
  12. sekonda

    Hip hip... hooraaay! Hip hip... hooraaay! Hip hip... hooraaay!
  13. Removing Seiko 6309 Back

    Might have spent it's life on a NATO strap? I'm sure someone on here mentioned recently that the webbing material can wear marks into the case back, called "NATO burn" or something similar? Maybe it had this, and needed to be polished out. Or maybe it had an engraving that was removed. Just an uneducated guess, not based on any experience from me. A photo of front and back would be a good idea, so the proper experts on here can give their opinions.
  14. Wednesday 23rd August quartz

    Is that a subtle attempt at rubbing my nose in it.............?
  15. Lift angles of movements

    I only understood the first sentence of your reply, but I guess that is all I need to know