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  1. Top Trumps Car Game

    http://www.dragtimes.com/blog/thin-mint-6-second-mustang Mustang Mk1 "Thin Mint" Quarter mile time of 6.520 seconds New fact: 78mm turbocharger
  2. Heads up - Cheapest watch ever?

    Excellent stuff mate, the Secret Santa is sorted for you for the next 3 years, get in!
  3. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    I wish I hadn't asked...
  4. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    Nope, what have I missed...?
  5. Top Trumps Car Game

    Ten seconds???? Blimey, I think even my Beetle could probably beat that... However, I will go for a 2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder with 0-60 mph 6.8 seconds, according to the essential website that everyone needs to bookmark, www.zeroto60times.com My new fact will be it's power output, a staggering 138 bhp Shouldn't be too difficult to beat........
  6. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    Rog, I don't want to give the Boz any ideas, but it would serve you right if she cleaned the toilet with your toothbrush........
  7. Yet another Kickstarter littered with spelling mistakes and poor grammer. If you can't even spell esthetics right in the title, or sapphire in the specs (and even, strap! ) then why would anyone think you are offering a quality product? The text on your Kickstarter page has got at least one mistake in every paragraph, so my suggestion would be to get an English proof reader to check the content before putting it out for the world to see The watch itself looks OK, nothing ground breaking, but a nice looking thing I guess. You have limited your market by describing it as "masculine" though. At 41mm you could describe it as unisex, and instantly increase it's appeal. Good luck with your campaign anyway (you will need it).
  8. Favourite Second Hands.... ..

    Mmmm, lightning bolt...: I quite like the TW Steel Volante, the second hand hasn't got a "tail" like most watches: Bulova miltary UHF is quite subtle: And of course, the usual Bulova Precisionist design is pretty cool - Although at first glance it looks like a pair of scissors to me :

    I'll give you a clue.... it was quartz
  10. Mid Week Bargains

    Don't worry mate, you currently have a 1 in 7 chance of winning the Casio in my prize draw, so keep your fingers crossed and you never know....... "he who dares, wins"

    No problemo matey, I hope you enjoy your new watch as much as I did, cheers
  12. If any of mine hit a door frame, I would probably check the door frame for damage first...
  13. Mid Week Bargains

    I'm easily influenced mate... Of course, you could enter my latest free prize draw to win an awesome Casio watch. I can't guarantee it will save you any money, but it might mean you can reinstate your self imposed ban for a while if you were the lucky winner................

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