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  1. T W Steel....Rant or Rave

    No skiing until next month mate.......... No time to put together a proper reply to this one, there's a Wetherspoons full English breakfast with my name on it that needs my full attention, but I'll try to answer properly later tonight if I get time. My views on TW Steel are fairly well documented on here anyway
  2. Get your kicks where you can

    I don't bother getting into disputes on ebay, it's not worth the hassle, and has the potential for a negative "tit-for-tat" feedback from them, which would be a pain. I've got a 100% positive feedback score, and would like to keep it that way. I never buy anything on there that's expensive enough to worry about these days anyway. Mostly it's just stuff like watch batteries for a few quid, or laser printer toner cartridges (the refilled ones are good value at about a tenner, whereas the original new OEM ones are about 60 quid... ). The most expensive thing I've bought on there in recent months is a TW Steel Goliath for £75, and that turned out to be a beauty. Oh, and my drum kit of course, which was only 80 quid for a full set in immaculate condition, making that the bargain of the century I reckon A few weeks ago I purchased what I thought was going to be a pair of cymbal stands. When the parcel arrived there was only one inside. When I rechecked the ebay advert it was quite vague, with the photo showing two, and the title "cymbal stand", but it stated "2 used no frills cymbal stands get the job done" in the sellers notes. Reading between the lines it could just about be interpreted as a single stand which happened to have a 2nd one right next to it in the photo, and 2 mentioned in the seller's notes by mistake... I was a bit annoyed, but it was still a good price, so I took it as a carelessly written description, and gave him the benefit of the doubt. I didn't bother leaving any feedback though.
  3. Can he do it?

  4. Speaking of copies aka f@#es

    Er, according to my calculator, 76,000 divided by 250 = 304, not 30,000..........
  5. Christmas Day Watch

    No plans for me, I'll treat it like any other day, and just randomly pick out one that takes my fancy That's assuming I remember to put one on, of course.......
  6. Any one watch people on here.

    Bloody Muppets?
  7. Friday 15th December watch parade

    I'm not going to bother changing mine until tomorrow.......
  8. The Perfect Collection

    There are great collections, and there are large collections, but there's no such thing as a perfect collection IMHO. Some collections are expanding, some are shrinking, but they all have one thing in common: They have the potential for "just one more incoming" for no better reason than you want it, pure and simple. Some people have a grail (I don't), and some people think they've found that grail (they probably haven't!). The one common factor at the end of the day is we all enjoy owning and wearing our watches, and that, my friends, is all that matters. Next question?
  9. Hi from me!

    Welcome to the forum mate, it makes a nice change to see a new member who (a) clearly loves his watches, and (b) isn't joining here purely to get a free valuation on a watch he's just inherited, with a view to selling it ASAP, and then disappearing.... We get a lot of that around here, and it gets a bit boring after a while Your Seamaster stands out from the rest for me, it's a beauty, but every other watch you've got there is excellent, well played that man
  10. Thursday WRUW. 14.12.17.

    Looks good on you mate, nice one
  11. Dropping a Watch

    I'm pretty much the same It also depends on the surface it lands on. I was cleaning up one of my TW Steel Goliaths the other day (the non-chrono model), I'd bought it used from ebay and hadn't got round to giving it a proper going over. I noticed it had a faint scratch on the left side of the case, so I took the strap off and gave it a light polish with Autosol. Then, after squirting it with some anti-bacterial kitchen spray, and using an old toothbrush to remove the residue, I went to dry it on a soft cloth and... yep, it slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor! Lucky it missed the sink or it could have caused some serious damage - To the sink, that is! No harm done, fortunately the floor was cushioned vinyl though and not tiled, or it could have been a very different story....... Here's the watch in question, which seems to have cleaned up nicely (I didn't take a "before" pic, because I didn't think it would be that interesting. Er, it turns out I was probably right!). The scratch was about 10mm long just left of centre: To be fair to the seller, it was in pretty clean condition anyway, so didn't really need much of a polish, and the scratch came out easily
  12. You're right, that does sound weird mate
  13. I agree, I've found this week quite liberating without wearing a watch...
  14. View this Giveaway Davey P's 9000th Post free prize draw..... Just in case the current Timberland digital prize draw is not up your street, and at the same time to celebrate my forthcoming 9000th post, I'm putting an additional analogue watch up for grabs, The prize is a Fly53 quartz, in a sort of "flieger" style I guess. It's a nice looking thing, with a black case and comfortable rubber strap, and features an unusually large diameter engraved crown, which is pretty cool I think Fairly large and pretty thick, as you can see (talking about the watch there, not me, before anyone says it! ), and the dial is nice and clear with an unusual hand set (who couldn't love that lightning bolt seconds hand!). I must admit, I really like this one, but I've got far too many watches so I'm happy for it to go to another forum member I've set the end date for this coming Sunday at 6:00pm, so let's see who's paying attention.......... Submitter Davey P Expiration Date 3 days and 6 minutes Submitted 14/12/17 Category Giveaways  
  15. Watch sericving

    Simon has got one of mine in at the moment for a crystal change and a dial repair. Quite a simple job compared to what he usually does I'm sure, but he's been keeping me fully informed throughout the process via PMs, and the cost is very reasonable. I've never used him before, but from what I have seen so far I wouldn't bother using anyone else for watch repairs. I will post a new thread when I receive the watch, which should be when I'm back in the UK on Saturday

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