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  1. Bummer, I could have done with knowing that a couple of days ago........
  2. Sorry mate, but the best option for this one is the standard Seiko black rubber strap IMHO
  3. Thursday watches

    I've got another Fat Face "f*shion watch" from ebay on the way, so I thought I'd wear this one today:
  4. In answer to your questions, I did have a few falls, but none were captured on the GoPro unfortunately. I'm not so vain that I'd edit my crashes out - They are usually the best bits! And yes, that song is the same on quite a few of my previous videos, for the simple reason that it's all put together using GoPro's editing software, on a template which has royalty-free music included. It's just a quick way of putting a short video together, to give a flavour of the holiday. Also, the transitions and clip lengths on the template are fixed, so they all match, which speeds up the editing process and avoids using clips that are too long. If you want to use normal music, Facebook will block it (don't ask me how they can tell the difference) so it can't be uploaded, and Facebook is how I share it to my friends and family. Obviously the friends who were skiing get an uncompressed and decent quality version for their phones/tablets/iPads etc, but for anyone who wasn't there, this is a quick and easy way of sharing it. I usually do a full length 1 hour version as well, just for my mates who were there, but I haven't got round to doing that yet.
  5. I don't think this will be of interest to the vast majority of members on here, but for anyone who wants a quick peek into the world according to Davey P, here's a 5 minute video of last month's skiing holiday, with all the usual carnage and mayhem you've come to expect St Anton 2018 GoPro Edit Note: I'm the one in the burgundy jacket and red framed goggles Any comments welcome, as always
  6. Just feels right ..

    These two TW Steel Mavericks are pretty special, both for comfort, and just feeling "right": I bought the lighter coloured one first, then just had to have the black version as well, so that was acquired shortly afterwards I've swapped the straps over, so they now look like this: Makes more sense to me In fact, I'm quite surprised the black version is not offered with a black strap, which would be even better And here's the gratuitous wrist shot:
  7. Some Old Quartz Watches are Blooming...

    You might find the dial was repaired with Super Glue, and the watch was reassembled before the glue had set. Fumes from Super Glue can cause a crystal to fog up if the watch case is closed too quickly after the glue is applied. I should probably add, this has never happened to me, but it's one of those facts that seems to have found it's way into my brain sometime in the past, and has stayed there until it was needed. I had a quick look on t'internet to confirm this, and the only place I found a reference was here (see answer #9): http://www.thewatchsite.com/34-watchmaking-tinkering/35838-spinning-face-5m62.html I hope that helps anyway
  8. What a difference a few mm makes!

    It's no secret on here that I prefer larger sized watches, but I hadn't given much thought to the actual size range in my collection. I was quite surprised to discover there's not much difference between the largest and smallest Smallest is the Bulova Military UHF, at approx 42mm: And largest is the iTime Phantom, at approx 50mm: That's only 8mm difference, but the Phantom looks massive compared to the Bulova Most of my TW Steels range between 45 - 48mm, and again they absolutely dwarf the Bulova. I've come to the conclusion that my sweet spot for watch size is around 45mm these days
  9. Excellent stuff, that Bulova strap looks excellent and suits the watch nicely, well played Sir
  10. What's next?

    Nothing specific on my wish list at the moment, I'm quiet happy with my collection as it stands these days. Having said that, I've ordered a cheapie from ebay this morning, just an impulse buy that I thought looked pretty cool, so I put in a cheeky offer and it was accepted. And so it goes on......
  11. I use mine to time thread resurrections - In this case, 15 years...
  12. Cheers mate (you're still a git though)
  13. I was away celebrating my birthday at the weekend matey, and I've only just recovered
  14. Blimey, this bridgeman geezer is starting to get on my bleedin' nerves now....

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