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  1. Davey P

    40 years watch

    Excellent stuff, that looks like a quality piece mate, and well deserved after 40 years of work
  2. Davey P

    Friday WRUW

    Fancied a change, so I've switched to this lovely Swiss Legend, which was a gift last year from the very generous RWP - Cheers Rog
  3. Davey P

    FREE DRAW for boxed set

    Er, who's the other one...?
  4. Davey P

    Choose a single Seiko

    Not sure if you've looked in our very own sales corner, but there's a nice looking SKX007J up for grabs at the moment...
  5. Davey P

    Choose a single Seiko

    I haven't got any Seikos in my current collection, but I did have a BFK for a while, which was quite nice However, I did own a gorgeous Seiko Perpetual Calendar for a few years, but ended up selling it because... er... well, looking at the photos I can't even begin to imagine why the hell I let it go It's not one to wear every day, it was just too heavy for that, but it's still probably one of the best looking watches I've seen in real life. Anyway, here it is for your consideration (sorry, I don't know the model number): I can't remember the size, but it was almost certainly bigger than your required maximum of 42mm, and it weighed a ton
  6. Davey P

    Friday WRUW

    Not worn this one for a while, it's one of a joblot that started me off on this weird and wonderful watch collecting journey, and therefore has great sentimental value:
  7. Davey P

    Spring bar help required

    My advice, for what it's worth, would be to take the easy option and send it to @simon2 and get both sides sorted at the same time
  8. Davey P

    Where do you rate yourself?

    I'm going to need a category lower than 1.........
  9. Davey P

    Five forgotten watches

    It doesn't count if you just forget to wear one... I know where they all are, but sometimes I'm in a rush to get to the airport and forget to grab one before I go, that's all. Yeah, that's it, I'll blame Ryanair
  10. Davey P

    Sell or not Sell.

    I'm happy to sell if it means funding something else I've got my eye on. Typically I'll let 2 or 3 go to fund something more expensive. I've also done a few straight swaps on here, which always works out good for both parties
  11. Davey P

    Five forgotten watches

    Some nice looking watches there, especially the Ben Sherman and the Accurist
  12. Davey P

    Thursday timepieces.

    Lowering the tone with a bargain fashion watch from those famous tee shirt salesmen: I'm currently bidding on another one, the auction runs for another week, I just can't seem to get enough of 'em
  13. There's a shaving brush on the table in the background mate

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