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  1. I don't remember ever binning any watches from my collection, but I have binned quite a few from various joblots that weren't worth saving, either because they're too badly damaged, or simply not working after a battery change. Even then, 9 times out of 10 they end up in the "spares box" rather than landfill
  2. I just pick mine at random, normally a different watch every day - unless it's a new incoming, in which case I might wear it for 2 or 3 days in a row. If I go away, either for a weekend or when I work in Austria for a week, I'll only take one along, normally something decent from "The Top Twenty" drawer. If I'm just working from home on the PC, I'll usually pick something cheaper or a freebie from the forum (there are plenty to choose from... ). If I see one that needs a battery, I'll sort it out, and then wear the watch for at least a few hours to make sure the timekeeping is OK.
  3. Now fitted with a black rubber strap, which I had it on previously, and is much better than the original green canvas one IMHO:
  4. Not worn this one for a while, quite small by my usual standards, but utterly gorgeous in the flesh and a firm favourite: Now back on it's original canvas strap as shown in the photo, but I think it's much better on rubber, so that will get changed again soon:
  5. I haven't got any direct experience with him, or any affiliation either, but a quick search on here will show you that Silverhawk is definitely the man for the job. If I were you I wouldn't even bother looking anywhere else, just contact Paul and accept that the repair might take a while. There is a backlog for a reason mate, he is the best in the business
  6. Photos required mate....
  7. No, just watch straps, nothing else
  8. I've got a couple of leather straps in my collection, but the vast majority are on rubber or their original bracelets. The leather strap on my TW Steel is probably the best quality I've ever seen, nice and soft so it's flexible enough to be instantly comfortable, but extremely hard wearing and still looks like new after a few years of wear:
  9. I bloody love that watch ^ Someone had the red version up for sale on here a while ago, and I was soooooo tempted to pull the trigger. Can't remember why I didn't, I think I must have been skint at the time, that's the only logical explanation If anything, the blue one looks even better than the red
  10. Sorry mate, the leather doesn't go with that watch at all A better option would be a non-tapering black rubber IMHO. A quick search on ebay for 26mm rubber straps returned 180 results (UK sellers only) with prices ranging from £4 to £40. If you're feeling flush, Hirsch do one for 40 quid (tapers 2mm at the buckle end though). If you want something different (very different!) there's a seller offering custom straps made from fire hoses, also 40 quid. At the other end of the scale, for £5.89 you can have this silicone strap with a choice of stitching colours: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Soft-Touch-Silicone-Rubber-Watch-Strap-With-Coloured-Stitching-24mm-26mm-/371632866491?var=&hash=item56870b84bb:m:mXQjGaC1ANOuLIjVwfLI39A In fact, the cheap one is probably what I would go for, with red stitching to match the highlights on the watch face.
  11. Yes you will
  12. Not necessarily true mate.............
  13. Christopher Ward had a sale recently, but that is getting mixed reviews on here... With a budget of £200, I'd do a search for all men's watches on websites like The Watch Hut and Shade Station, then put the results in order "high to low" and work down the list... No point doing that on Amazon, unless you want to trawl through about 100,000 search results You could, of course, narrow the search down by selecting any of your preferred brands first. In my case, a £100-£200 budget on The Watch Hut specifying Bulova (my favourite brand) brings up 27 watches, with at least 3 or 4 that I'd be happy to buy.