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  1. There you go Roy, I have corrected that for you. No need to thank me.
  2. Oh God, I hate these competitions - Why can't you just draw names out of a hat like a normal person? There's no way I'm going to spend hours trawling t'internet trying to find the answer to this one, so I'll just say it's either a heater knob from a car, or a volume knob from an amplifier/home cinema/stereo system. And... I'm out!
  3. Excellent stuff, and typical of the brilliant forum spirit, nice one Rob.
  4. Unless he was in Tignes last week that is pretty unlikely... For information, I only took one watch skiing, and that was the mighty Bulova Sea King.
  5. Next video release will follow shortly, snappily entitled "Tignes 2017 Limited Edition Director's Cut" or something like that
  6. Yeah, I know all that, I was just playing down my high probability of winning...
  7. Fossil for me today:
  8. We have a 21 year old cat, so my pic is likely to be an old cat sleeping next to a new watch - Hardly competition winning material mate
  9. Your home contents insurance should normally cover items away from the house as well, so might be worth a look at the terms of your policy when you get back home.
  10. Excellent stuff mate, and a very generous prize which I will do my best to win using my advanced photographic skills...
  11. Blimey Iceman, it looks like your autocorrect needs some work.... Congratulations on the 10K Rog, I thought in these situations it was customary to do a simple prize draw with names pulled out of the hat, which gives me an excellent chance of adding a Rotary Pilot Style Watch to my collection....
  12. Mate, you kindly gave that Ted Baker to me a while ago, and I have just passed it on to carlgulliver (I posted it to him today) as a "Pay-It-Forward" after I received a lovely Casio dress watch recently from graham1981. I love the way things go around in circles on here! Here it is on my wrist, just to prove it did go to me: It's a really nice watch actually, and the photos don't do it justice. The outer band which goes between all the numbers is a sort of mother of pearl effect, which hasn't been captured at all. Here's the Casio that prompted me passing on the Ted Baker:
  13. Excellent stuff, and a big improvement putting it on the rubber strap, nice one mate
  14. No problem mate, the Ted Baker quartz watch is yours - When I return from my well-earned skiing holiday, of course....
  15. Blimey, if I'd known it was an old one I wouldn't have bothered... Yes mate, it will (although I'm not ruling out changing the strap for something a bit more... er... rubber