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  1. There you go mate, I pressed the "like this" button on that one again, on your behalf. You're welcome It's the mighty Bulova Sea King UHF for me today:
  2. Nice one Pip, the Seiko looks great I've done a bit of tinkering in the past, but I never work on anything expensive due to the "unpredictable" outcomes...
  3. Same in Austria. My work colleagues out there always laugh at me when I say the UK comes to a standstill if we get 2cm of snow...
  4. I think the idea is to use the mute button as a temporary measure, for example if a TV programme was on that kept triggering the device. Not been a problem so far, but I can imagine a scenario where the main character in a film is called Alexa, or something very similar. Also, if you were in a room full of villains plotting a bank heist, and didn't want the Rozzers to hear what was going on...
  5. We had our first snow flurry on friday. Lasted about an hour, and this is the view from my kitchen window just after it stopped: Can't see what all the fuss is about...
  6. I don't know mate, mine has got the ordering function switched off, so I haven't tried it. The Amazon website has got one-click ordering though, so I guess it might be similar to that?
  7. The dolls house story is quite well known, and is only made possible by leaving the voice activated ordering function switched on when setting up the device for the first time (the problem is, that's the default setting, and not everybody reads the instructions...). You can set a PIN number, which would effectively stop it ordering random items. Better still, simply switch off the ordering function completely, which is what I have done. It does pick up speech from the TV, obviously, and words similar to Alexa can trigger the listening mode, but there is a mute button which switches it off if that becomes a problem. Personally it doesn't bother me at all.
  8. So.... I take it nobody is interested in this then?
  9. Just out of interest, has anyone else on here invested in the Amazon Echo system yet? I've dipped my toe in the water over the past few weeks and bought a few toys to play with. It's been amazing, and a bit mind boggling at the same time, but everything is now set up and working fine (which was a surprise! ). For anyone that doesn't know, the system is basically a voice activated controller which can be used to ask questions, control lights and heating, play music etc using the wake up word "Alexa". Full details can be seen here: https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Echo-Bluetooth-Speaker-with-WiFi-Alexa/dp/B00X4WHP5E My kit so far comprises: 2 Echo Dots (1 in the main bedroom, and 1 in the lounge) A Philips Hue bridge and 6 Smart bulbs A Philips "Hue Go" colour changing lamp I've got bulbs in 2 bedside lamps and 1 in the ceiling pendant light in my main bedroom. No plans to add any more upstairs at the moment. Downstairs there are bulbs in 2 table lamps in the dining room, and 1 in a table lamp in the hallway, plus the Hue Go lamp in the lounge, which adds a nice colour wash onto the walls. I will add a few Smart plugs to power a couple of table lamps in the lounge at some stage, but they are proving difficult to source at the moment, probably due to high demand... Other than that, I'll stick with what I've got for now, and see how it goes. My "investment" at the moment is around 300-ish quid, but the costs can soon get out of control if you're not careful (a bit like watch collecting in that respect... ) I've also hooked up an old Panasonic home cinema amplifier and speakers/sub woofer, with a bluetooth receiver (which I already had), and that works perfectly as well. I'd be interested to hear of anyone's experiences, good or bad, or even if anyone is daft enough to fall for all the marketing hype like I have
  10. Motion seconded
  11. By sheer coincidence, I'm wearing the "swapsie" for that one today - What are the chances?: I've also worn the Momentum quite a bit since our deal. Both looking good I reckon
  12. Probably worth mentioning, the converters only allow fitment of a one piece strap (i.e. Zulu or Nato) and not a normal two piece type. Personally I hate Natos, but the strap in that photo looks pretty cool
  13. I'm not even going to post a pic on here because everyone must be getting sick of seeing it, but the Bulova "Davey Pee" offers plenty of bang for buck, especially at the price I paid
  14. The most I would ever spend on a watch would be around 500-ish quid, and even that is quite unlikely. Ironically, I've got more money now than I've ever had in my life, but I still wouldn't splash out more than that amount on a single piece. Sorry guys, they're just watches at the end of the day. Maybe I'm just not taking this hobby seriously enough?
  15. Get in!