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  1. Do you find G Shocks too big.

    There's a simple explanation for that mate. The bars look crap, and most people take them off On the subject of size comparisons, here's the Protrek I mentioned previously, next to the equally gigantic Fossil Nate: Both watches were just about at the limit of what I find wearable, size-wise, but I've since moved them on to pastures new
  2. Phantom Bezel Turner

    Send it to me, I can sort that out easily enough mate
  3. wearing my watch on the wrong (right) wrist

    Ouch, I've never had that, but a couple of my mates broke their collar bones on a skiing holiday a few years ago, and they both said it was bloody agony. Obviously I made sure their xrays featured in the DVD for that year Hope you mend quickly mate, I think it took about 4 - 6 weeks for them to heal, but apparently it's easy for the bone to break again while it's healing, so take it easy and - as Karrusel said - make sure you milk it as well
  4. Raffles potential problem

    How convenient!
  5. Do you find G Shocks too big.

    42mm? I think you've got the ladies' model there mate G-Shocks are fine, none of mine were too big, but I did have a Casio Protrek a while ago that was bleedin' ma-hoo-sive, even by my standards...
  6. Raffles potential problem

    In that case, is too late for me to cancel my latest "Awesome Davey P prize draw"...?
  7. New arrival!

    Yes you can, the grey looks better But a gorgeous watch, whatever strap is on it
  8. Er, I'm already pretty old mate But I'm quietly confident on this one, I can sense it won't be long before my well deserved prize arrives.................
  9. Still waiting...............
  10. Raffles potential problem

    Oooh, I like the sound of that... tell me more....
  11. No, no, no, it's not possible to fiddle the new system, it's all automatic, that's the whole point
  12. Wonder how long it will take to post my free watch from Indosnesia........
  13. I think I messed up my first attempt at organising the raffle on Roy's new fangled system... However, he seems to have sorted it out, so if you go directly to the "Awesome Davey P 7500th post prize draw" via the "Raffles" tab at the top of the page, you should be able to enter
  14. View this goveaway The Awesome Davey P 7500th post prize draw... Up for grabs in the "Awesome Davey P 7500th post prize draw" (missed it by 70 posts, but let's not get bogged down in the details.........) is my excellent Secret Santa gift from last year, the mighty Lorus Sports Lumibrite Miltary Quartz This is a really nice looking watch, in virtually unmarked condition, and if it was slightly bigger than 37mm excluding crown I would definitely be keeping it. With my bloated wrist this one just looks a bit lost IMHO, so I thought it would be better to move it on to someone who will appreciate it more. Someone with a... let's say... less manly wrist than mine...? It features day/date display, and a full lume on the face, which is pretty cool: The rubber strap is a loose fit on my 7.5" wrist, with about 5mm extra available on the clasp adjustment, and it can be reduced in size by cutting sections out of the clasp ends of the strap (I hope that makes sense?) but it can't be made bigger, obviously. Lug size is 18mm, and the lugs are drilled, so a replacement strap would be easy peasy to fit. This prize draw ends at 5:00pm on friday, and as it's my first time trying out the all new raffle system, I've got no idea what will happen after that Open to anyone with over 50 posts, for obvious reasons. Good luck guys Submitter Davey P Expiration Date 3 days and 22 hours Submitted 26/06/17 Category Giveaways