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  1. Er, who's Alan...?
  2. Questionable which one is most likely to come and bite you on the arse as well...........
  3. You might need more than a bloody St Christopher to keep that bad boy on the road mate... I'm kidding of course, I'm sure it will be fine, and you seem to really know your stuff when it comes to motors, so that helps a lot (where were you when I was buying my RX-8 a few years ago? )
  4. In-coming...Maserati Quattroporte...content

    Excellent stuff, and good on ya for such a brave move mate, I hope it will be as reliable as the Mercs (Note: it almost certainly won't be )
  5. Well, I am counting down the hours to the absolute highlight of my year... The skiing holiday is only hours away, and Davey P is outta here! We are going to St Anton in Austria this time, which makes a nice change from France where we normally go. It has the added advantage of me being able to speak the lingo, and the beer is awesome as well - Get in! Setting off at around 3:30 tomorrow morning, and driving in my mate's car to a hotel for one night, which is about an hour from our resort, so we will be fresh and ready to ski on Saturday morning. I was quite surprised, the journey time should be about the same as our usual drive to France, I think it's about 10 hours from Le Tunnel. Not sure if we will have wi fi in the apartment, so I might not be around on here for a while. No great loss for you lot, I know! The inevitable GoPro movie of our antics to follow as soon as possible after we get back, obviously... 'Ave it!!!!
  6. Do you care?

    I've been putting cream on it for ages, but nothing seems to work mate... I'm happy in my own little world though, so that's all that matters
  7. Your Favourite Bulova

    Easy choice for me: Closely followed by the now infamous "Davey Pee":
  8. Do you care?

    Still don't get it - Sorry guys (My ban on here is imminent... )
  9. Fifty fathoms style watches

    To me, that looks even better than the original ^
  10. Do you care?

    It's not that I don't like 'em mate, I fully appreciate the skill that goes into making them, but I just can't be bothered with resetting the time and date every time you wear them. Plus the cost of servicing is more than I would spend on most of my normal purchases for new watches. Sorry, I just don't get it. But good on the majority on here who buy and enjoy them, that is great
  11. The Official Kiss-and-make-up thread

    I don't think I've offended anyone on here, but if I have, you can feck off, you probably deserved it
  12. Do you care?

    Good luck finding them mate
  13. Do you care?

    Nope, unsurprisingly I don't give a sh!t. Next question?
  14. Would you, wouldn't you?

    The correct answer is still to keep the Omega and save yourself 3 grand. However, I think that statement ^ says it all, and you've already made your mind up, so wear your new Rolex in health matey
  15. New Christopher Ward C5 Malvern

    Looks like a nice enough watch, but not my cuppa tea I'm afraid, for a couple of obvious personal reasons (too small, and powered by witchcraft instead of a proper battery ). Plus, it just doesn't look like 600 quids worth of watch to me. Whether that's a valid reason or not is probably debatable, and obviously some members on here with deeper pockets than mine would regard £600 as small change... The main problem I can see is the fact that you can get a very similar look for a fraction of the price. My first impression was that it looks like a 100 quid Skagen, or even... dare I say it... a Nixon "fashion watch" To my uneducated eyes, the Accurist Clerkenwell shown above looks better than the CW Ward as well. Just my personal opinion, of course, which is probably worth bugger-all around here

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