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  1. Mate, you have already answered your own question there, just flog the Rolex and get the Merc - Sorted
  2. This is our 21 year old cat Gypsy, on a rare occasion when she's not asleep The look on her face says "You woke me up for THIS???"
  3. Worst... competition... ever!
  4. As others have said, if they asked Roy's permission and submitted a couple of watches for members to review, that would be fine. However, from what I have seen that almost never happens, and they just join the forum with the sole intention of getting free advertising. Sorry, but that is out of order, and totally goes against what this forum stands for. Apart from anything else, it's just plain rude and extremely disrespectful to Roy, who has put so much time and energy into this community. Personally I don't think there should be a separate section for them either, because that would only encourage more of the same behaviour. They should contribute towards the forum, and not just use it as a free advertising resource. Just my 2p worth, obviously.
  5. Blimey, there's some nice looking hardware on display today chaps, excellent stuff I decided to wear my favourite watch today, because I haven't worn it for a while: Still can't imagine ever owning anything better looking than this one, at any price
  6. Ah, I see what's going on here, you say it's not me but really.... it is me isn't it?
  7. This can only end one way................
  8. Oh my God, wait for it... It's me, isn't it?
  9. A recent pic of me doing what I love best, while, er, "working" in Austria:
  10. I'm a self employed technical illustrator, and I don't have a preferred daily watch, but my Bulova Precisionists are my favourites in the collection. If I had to pick a daily wearer though (and thankfully, I don't) it would probably be this T W Steel, which is surprisingly comfortable considering it's massive bulk:
  11. There you go Roy, I have corrected that for you. No need to thank me.
  12. Oh God, I hate these competitions - Why can't you just draw names out of a hat like a normal person? There's no way I'm going to spend hours trawling t'internet trying to find the answer to this one, so I'll just say it's either a heater knob from a car, or a volume knob from an amplifier/home cinema/stereo system. And... I'm out!
  13. Excellent stuff, and typical of the brilliant forum spirit, nice one Rob.
  14. Unless he was in Tignes last week that is pretty unlikely... For information, I only took one watch skiing, and that was the mighty Bulova Sea King.
  15. Next video release will follow shortly, snappily entitled "Tignes 2017 Limited Edition Director's Cut" or something like that