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  1. Does this mean I won it...............?
  2. Davey P

    Thanks Roy and the mods

    I agree it doesn't get said enough, and the efforts of Roy and the Mods is very much appreciated, so thanks and keep up the good work
  3. Davey P


    Bugger, my Nemesis has done it again Congratulations mate, and cheers to brummie for offering up such an excellent prize
  4. Congratulations Chris, and cheers to the Boss for yet another excellent and generous prize
  5. Davey P

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    TW Steel Maverick for me today: Have a good weekend guys, and............ COME ON ENGLAND!!!
  6. Davey P


    That's a lovely gesture mate, and typical of the generous members around here, nice one
  7. Davey P

    Not been around here for a few days...

    Thanks mate, mine hasn't been passed yet so I've got that to look forward to... The consultant showed me the CT scan on screen, and you could clearly see the stone that's causing all the pain, stuck in the middle of the tube between the kidney and bladder. There were a few more stones on both sides, but they are inside the kidneys and therefore not causing a problem at the moment. They will be investigated at a later date. My treatment is the same as yours, with tablets to relax the tube and hopefully allow nature to do the rest. The alternative was to insert a stent to bypass the stone and allow it to break down, but that meant a general anaesthetic, so we decided on a "conservative" approach instead. I'm still in a bit of pain on and off, but the painkillers help - and I found out today when I went for another blood test that I can top them up with paracetamol if they start wearing off, so that helps as well. In the grand scheme of things, and compared to a lot of other people with worse ailments, I guess I shouldn't complain. That's no consolation when I feel like I've been kicked in the nuts though...
  8. Davey P


    It's too small.
  9. Davey P

    Thursday Wrist wear 21.06.18

    TW Steel CEO Canteen, given to me by one of our generous members in exchange for a line drawing I did for him a while ago: Still loving it
  10. Davey P

    New arrival

    Stunning watch, but the mesh bracelet spoils it IMHO. I should probably add, I don't like the look of mesh straps on anything, not just that one. I get the impression there aren't that many fifty five fathoms mods around, so that's a great find, well played that man
  11. Ha ha, excellent! Cheers for the heads-up mate, nothing for me in there at the moment, but who knew Victorinox made so many nice watches? This one in particular is a beauty:
  12. Davey P


    Same difference
  13. Davey P


    Yeah, nobody can deny it's lazy marketing, designed to be both shocking and memorable. Unfortunately, it works, a bit like annoying TV adverts with repetitive jingles (Yes "Go Compare", we are talking about you... ). Again, lazy marketing IMHO, but I guess someone out there has worked out how effective it can be, so we're stuck with it. Getting back to the OP, nice one bridgeman and PC-magician, despite some negative comments on here I think the watch looks OK. It would be better if the hands were filled instead of open so they were clearer to read, but I'd happily wear something like that - And obviously, my sense of style and good taste is legendary around here

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