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  1. Seiko Raffle

    Yep, that was pretty clear mate
  2. Seiko Raffle

    I know, it's moving isn't it...?
  3. No problemo mate, good luck in the draw
  4. Cabot g10

    That was your first mistake mate... The main advice on here from most people would be: never EVER take a watch in to Timpsons for any reason. They repair shoes and cut keys, that's what they are good at, and trained for. I've never heard anything good about them regarding watch battery replacements, only horror stories. The crown and stem can be replaced. You will need the movement number, and if you're not confident in doing the work yourself, get someone on here to fit it for you (simon2 is highly recommended). You will need 50 posts under your belt before you gain access to the messaging system on here though.
  5. Henley watch prize

    Excellent stuff, I like the Henley watch I won from our illustrious leader as well
  6. Where do you keep yours

    Yes. Get some more stuff immediately, or face a possible ban from the most discerning watch forum on t'internetz
  7. Slim Watches

    Nothing slim in my collection either, only big and chunky allowed around here
  8. I'm not expecting a massive turn-out on this prize draw, so you stand a pretty good chance of winning mate Note: On the photos it looks like there are some marks on the left side of the case. I can't see these in real life, so I think it must have been a finger print or some dust. Rest assured, the watch is in excellent condition
  9. Timex expedition

    If it makes you feel any better, I've just organised a prize draw and I couldn't work out how to add the prize at first either. I was only able to add it after I'd posted the prize draw, and noticed the number of prizes was showing as "0". I had to edit the post, and only then could I see an option to add the prize. I blame that dodgy geezer Roy, I never did like him...
  10. Where do you keep yours

    I keep my tools, plus a selection of spare straps, in a large plastic cantilever tool box (sorry, no photos). It's got a good mix of small compartments for fiddly bits like spring pins and bracelet spare links, and a large lower compartment for the bigger stuff like my case back press and various case back removers. I keep my selection of batteries in a shoe box
  11. View this Giveaway Free Sekonda up for grabs - One for the ladies! I've got this very nice Sekonda ladies' watch up for grabs. It's been sat on my desk for a while, ticking away and keeping perfect time since I changed the battery, so it seems a waste to leave it there unused. Ruthie doesn't want it, so if someone out there would like to give it a good home, just enter this awesome prize draw and I'll pop it in the post to the lucky winner. Size is approx 185mm long, as you can see in this pic next to my worn out metal ruler (must get a replacement sometime, that one dates back to the late 1970's I think...): The watch head is approx 27mm excluding crown, and thickness is approx 7mm. Condition is more or less unmarked, apart from a few desk diving fine scratches on the clasp. This prize draw is open to anyone with 50+ posts under their belt, as always. The bracelet has got 4 removable links, and there are 3 additional holes for adjustment on the clasp, which has a nice crisp action and a working safety catch: I hope this one will go to a nice new home and be worn, instead of sitting unused on my desk Good luck you crazy kids Submitter Davey P Expiration Date 6 days and 22 hours Submitted 22/09/17 Category Giveaways  
  12. Friday Fun

    Fossil for me today:
  13. Timex expedition

    If that is the case, I'd like to take back my previous statement of "worst... prize draw.... ever!" and replace it with "that's a lovely gesture mate, and I'd love to enter your most excellent prize draw, thanks very much"
  14. Winner, winner, just inner.

    Excellent stuff Rob, congratulations. I've had one of those in the past and it's a nice looking watch, with the added benefit of Wavecepter technology
  15. Do I or Don't I?

    I can't argue with that...

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