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  1. I'm not normally one for chronos, but this one I like.
  2. New in Orlogin

    Excuse poor photo. Orlogin 17 jewel hand winder. Made in Israel, probably 50s. ( My guess) based on all the references I can find are a text book on the first ten years of the Israeli economy and press articles from the tos in American Jewish press.
  3. Clearly James May's choice
  4. As HMT aren't made any more, it' getting tricky to find one that hasn't been 'refurbished '
  5. Been scared to open it in case bits fly eveywhere.
  6. Check the lume on this

    If what you are doing in there can be bottled, it may be time to cut down.
  7. Any Mido owners?

    Got an all dial as well. Quite well made. As said above lume is good on hands, but only hour markers 3 6 9 and 12. Not marketed in Europe so bought second hand from the USA
  8. Le Jour brand?

    I used to have a 70s Le Jour, that was Swiss made. Wonder if this is one of those brands that has been resurrected?
  9. Ressence Watches

    So this of equip your extended family with Rolexes. Hmm...
  10. An obvious refurb, and not what I ordered, but not bad for ten quid.
  11. Saturday parade~28th October.

    Is that Alan Sugar's watch?

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