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  1. Both ankle Sunday

    There is someone here to see you @RWP
  2. Venus Watches: An Enigmatic History

    Interesting article, just one thing, the watches psted the other day weren't from Lampoc. APOLOGIES DEAR MART. I have now edited the topic and included your picture as well.
  3. Sooo a new watch and a holiday, you must have been supporting him a lot.
  4. Should these hands be lumed?

    Classy she may be but the Venus Dr Milo is 2100 years old. "Minute " markers, 31 of them,
  5. Venus

    2 from me. The second one is running
  6. Should these hands be lumed?

    Quote is £150 including replating the case. Same man who did my Girard Perregaux, I'm impressed as that was a wreck
  7. Should these hands be lumed?

    Well I have another Venus, and I believe another member has one too. They were better known for their movements. The dial marking is because it' a date pointer.
  8. Should these hands be lumed?

    One thought that did occur to me , having had a good look at it through a loupe is that the numerals may have been gilded and someone has blackened them to increase he contrast
  9. I was talking to a watchmaker about getting this Venus cleaned up and running. He asked if I wanted the hands 'e-lumed. Got the loupe out, can't see any lime debris on the hands. But would it have been lumed originally?
  10. Been wearing this a lot this week. Now on a Fluco strap
  11. Do they cut the Mustard?

    I prefer lumed that can be used as an emergency torch so I can pretend I'm Ray Mears
  12. Not Homages but.........

    Just the other day I passed a jewelers trying to sell an almost exact copy of a Tevise Perlative Ceronometer. You wouldn't believe the price they were asking either
  13. Look Hard Watches

    Adi, IDF parachute brigade.

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