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  1. Never seen on the wrist

    Is that a watch on a librarian's date stamp?
  2. Spinnaker watches

    Seen them advertised heavily on social media. As someone who did a lot a yacht racing, something resin cased is a lot more durable on board.
  3. Real or tribute?........

    The only Tribute I like comes from St. Austell brewery.
  4. 'Battle of Britain Day'

    As a child I once was allowed to sit in a Spitfire. It had been a gate guardian for many years and had just undergone a restoration program. Wonderful experience.
  5. 'Battle of Britain Day'

    Just wondering what would aircrew of the time have worn?
  6. Watch World Tour

    Festina of Spain. Adi of Israel
  7. As a foolish youth I bought a watch from a shop called Ratners, yes them. I went for a shower and put the watch on the windowsill. The condensation was enough to wreck it.
  8. Please to be telling us when you will be on holiday and we will ensure something.
  9. Dating my Tudor

    Well that Elizabeth the first was always playing hard to get.
  10. I find this one fairly easy
  11. 20170913_080238.jpg

    From the album Marts watches

  12. Marts watches

    Some watch photo
  13. British Leyland long service

    A look at How many left shows there are still taxed and tested Allegros on the road
  14. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172859981917 Only BL would give it's employees a watch modelled on the square steering wheel.

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