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  1. Mart

    Been on holiday..

    But if you went at Christmas it would be tricky to charge the lume up.
  2. Mart

    Fun facts about watches

    A Swedish Count commssioned a Swiss watchmaker to make a watch for the Austrian born queen of France. It now resides in the museum of Islamic arts in Jerusalem.
  3. Mart

    Where do you rate yourself?

    Noob level is "but it's a vintage Swiss watch, I was surprised it was shipped from Beijing, but there must be a reasonable explanation" Ooh look a weather balloon...
  4. Mart

    Best tool watch under 2k

    So he is thinking of selling his Rolex 11600 to fund his tool watch, don't use the Rolex much due to poor visibility, silver hands on steel coloured dial. Another friend of his has suggested changing the dial to black and putting in Mercedes hands from the explorer and voila you have a super visible explorer(ish) watch
  5. Mart

    Best tool watch under 2k

    With a rotating bezel, date, and looks quite large...
  6. Mart

    Best tool watch under 2k

    You are quite right. He says field watch style, no rotating bezel. Must be waterproof, no need for day or date. Max size 40mm. Good automatic movement and the more legible the face the better.
  7. Mart

    Best tool watch under 2k

    I'll forward these on and see what he says.
  8. A friend of mine posed me this question. He fancies a tool watch under two grand and on a bracelet preferably. He likes the Damasco da36, but what other options are there?
  9. Mart

    Looks good from behind !!

    Roland Kemmner Turtle diver
  10. Mart

    Todays Watch (NOS, 2nd time round) & thanks

    A watch named after a cheese!
  11. Mart

    Watch straps

    If you look up the German company Speidel, they do a range called twist-o-flex
  12. Mart

    Anyone bought a woodwatch before?

    Well if I saw a woodwatch on eBay I would watch it.
  13. Mondaine Lobster
  14. Mart

    Cheapo Divers

    Think this was around 30 quid second hand.

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