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  1. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    Helvetia Beatmaster today
  2. Have I missed something

    Roy, i really like the look of the forum update! It is nice and fresh! Cheers Martin
  3. Wednesday 21st June quartz!

    Afternoon change-over, I am wearing this FSJ logo diver, 'Football Association of Yugoslavia' i purchased this about a year ago for historical purposes, but actually it wears quite well, I like the textured dial and seahorse logo...
  4. Just saying.

    Also the joining date is missing.
  5. Wednesday 21st June quartz!

    I am still wearing this Vintage Connie
  6. An essay in overindulgence

    What a great post Steve! I am happy you are enjoying the watch. It is funny sometimes until you try a watch on and handle it how different the experience is from just pictures online. BTW I much prefer it on the bracelet, well from the pictures i do... Wear it in great health! Cheers Martin
  7. Tuesday quartz

    Tuesday Quartz? It just so happens I am wearing such a watch [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. New In - A Supprise!

    Congratulations on your purchase, wear it in great health! Cheers Martin
  9. My favourite is usually my latest purchase. But generally speaking the more costly do tend to be better quality watches , does that correlate with being favourites? Probably, so we can justify the cost.
  10. Help on identifying Rado Purple Horse Deluxe

    Two tiar dial... Lol. Come on Sherlock, it is elementary!
  11. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Some lovely watches on show today gentleman ! I was wearing this Dynamic mk1 earlier [emoji106]
  12. Watches You Regret Selling

    A Monaco and Vintage Citizen 600m Diver... Are my biggest regrets...

    Afternoon changeover Vintage Connie [emoji106]

    Good morning watch lovers, a 3rd generation Omega for starters. [emoji106]