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  1. This is a great Roamer resource, you find all the need to know here. Cheers Martin
  2. Happy Humpday watch lovers, a pretty crappy week so far, Aqualung today!!
  3. Constellation f300 this morning [emoji3]
  4. Aqualung today [emoji106]
  5. Awesome collection Steve!!
  6. Lovely!!
  7. Wednesday Quartz day! Mariner Mark 1 for me [emoji106]
  8. Cosmic 2000 for starters! [emoji106]
  9. Changed over to this 1978 Crystron Diver [emoji106]
  10. Happy Easter, MegaQuartz for starters [emoji3]
  11. Happy 60th @Caller.
  12. Helvetia Beatmaster circa 1970's
  13. They are usually frankens, made up of junk parts. And serviced means oiled when put together, as of why so cheap, because the majority are junk, and £20 is a hell of a lot of money in India for a junk watch. I would avoid. You maybe lucky that it works reliably. But that's it....
  14. Vintage Zenith Pilot circa 1945-46 this morning [emoji106]
  15. Vintage Seamasters more info here if anyone wants...I really like the bracelet on these models,