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  1. In-coming...Maserati Quattroporte...content

    Well done Nigel!
  2. Young Watch Sunday.

    Obris Morgan today
  3. Friday watches 16/2

    Obris Morgan Explorer I today
  4. Which SEIKO model you love best

    Another couple A Landmaster more info here Seiko A628 LCD more info here
  5. Valentine's day Quartz watches 14.02.2018

    I am still very much enjoying a new to me Eterna Galaxis And a song for Valentines
  6. Incoming Quartz Diver

    I have the Aqualung, excellent value indeed
  7. Which SEIKO model you love best

    Going on then, I love the brand! A ouple of my vintage favourites Somewhere in between a Grand Seiko and a King Seiko, more info here 1965 Sea horse, more info here
  8. Wow.. . I can't wait for the reveal... Any clues? And of course, congratulations!!
  9. Sector ADV 3500 GMT

    A little more research seems it is a 1980's model... Not much info around... I am having some trouble removing the bezel... Any ideas? Cheers Martin
  10. Monday WRUW

    Swapped over to a new to me arrival, A Sector 300m GMT diver
  11. Sector ADV 3500 GMT

    Just picked up a 1990's Sector ADV 3500 GMT, its a quartz 300m GMT diver. Sector made half decent watches back in the 1970's- until late 1990's, they were known for sports watches designed in Italy and Swiss made. Not sure when they were bought out by the Chinese maybe late 1990s or early 2000's. Its not quite the 1000m Titanium chrono diver with the valjoux 7750, which have shot up in price recently. This ADV 3500 GMT diver is just a beater, but I think it has loads of character and different enough from your average Sub-u-like case shape, with the big crown guards and big lugs, and a signed clasp. I need to take off the bezel and clean the gunk... so please excuse the reflection, I am hoping it is a reflection ... What do you think?
  12. Monday WRUW

    Still wearing this Eterna
  13. good independent article on Parnis.....

    No I did not say that, you missed the word 'may' out. Parnis are border line fakes IMHO all they ever do is copy show me one watch design or movement they have not copied? I doubt you could. They take the word homage to a whole new level. If you or others like them quodos! Personally I would not have one given.
  14. Seniors Sunday - made before 1990

    Stunning! Thanks for posting!

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