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  1. martinzx

    Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    An original vintage Orient King Diver circa 1973
  2. martinzx

    Rolex lmt ed??

    Yes there was and very nice it was to, possibly @dapper ? If my memory serves me correctly...
  3. martinzx

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    Changeover to a Vintage Tissot T12 automatic from 1969
  4. martinzx

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    Me likes Is it solid gold?
  5. martinzx

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    Some truly lovely timepieces this morning A Vintage Seiko HiBeat Chronometer from 1973 for me...
  6. martinzx

    Friday's here again...

    Change over M.L Moonphase
  7. martinzx

    Friday's here again...

    SMP automatic today, old pic same watch
  8. martinzx

    Any help to identify very old watch

    Looks like a red 12 trench watch Better pics will help with more details.
  9. martinzx

    Thursday Wrist wear 21.06.18

    What a peach!!
  10. martinzx

    Thursday Wrist wear 21.06.18

    Obris Morgan
  11. martinzx

    New arrival - and it took me 45 years to save up for it

    Happy Birthday and what a watch to celebrate with! A true classic and a very beautiful watch and it looks stunning on the bracelet IMHO.
  12. martinzx

    Watch Makers Logo.

    Great link, many thanks
  13. martinzx

    Watch Makers Logo.

    Serkisof is a retailer I think... Some pics
  14. martinzx

    Feeling blue

    Fixed that for you
  15. martinzx

    Monday wrist attire

    Changed over to this Tag Heuer

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