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  1. HAGFA!! Spring has sprung, hey ho Sunshine!
  2. Well done on the 2k posts, I'm in and thanks, for the opportunity! Cheers Martin
  3. Omega Mariner today [emoji4]
  4. What is better? With mass production and supply and demand, and the vast numbers of watches now produced, some are not as good quality as some vintage. Just look at the recent quality control issues with say the Seiko Padi, I think there have been several members on TWF that have had bezel problems... I am not saying all vintage watches are better, but different. Size, quality, more in house movements, lower production runs, and often better quality. All IMHO of course. Cheers Martin
  5. Vintage. Vintage and vintage. For many reasons, i dislike the dinner plate offerings of a lot of new watches. I think you can get a lot more for your money if you knowcwhat to buy. And i like wearing a watch that may be different than most. But i do like some new watches. But i do not own any. Cheers Martin
  6. Congratulations Craig!! Wear that lovely watch in great health, my friend!! Cheers Martin
  7. So sad it has come to this Alan, but hopefully the name and shame will cause a positive reaction. That is if he logs on... Cheers Martin
  8. The dreaded rust... I hope you can salvage it, I quite like the look of it! Good luck Martin
  9. That bracelet really suits the watch! Stunning! Cheers Martin
  10. Nice one Roy, whatever the competition is, i'm in!
  11. One of my favourites vintage quartz today More info here And a song from the same era
  12. Been restoring this for the past few years It looked like this, also did a full camper interior (I cant the pics at the moment for that), and a full engine rebuild.
  13. TZUK, WUS, SCWF, OMEGA, but here is home! Cheers Martin
  14. I suppose there is only one that has deep sentimental value and that is this 3rd generation Omega! Which was the catalyst that launched this madness passion. #
  15. When I was looking to buy a box for my SMP, I found on Google some China company selling brand new Omega boxes, guarantee cards & papers.