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  1. Automatically Thursday...19.10.17.

    Vintage Zenith automatic Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Song Titles Game

    The End - The Doors
  3. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    I need another watch box...
  4. Song Titles Game

    In the Summer-time - Mungo Jerry
  5. Wednesday Quartz ~ 18th October 2017.

    Vintage Citizen Crystron diver from 1977 today [emoji106]
  6. Song Titles Game

    My Way - Frank Sinatra
  7. Song Titles Game

    Parallel Lines - Blondie
  8. Song Titles Game

    White Lines - Grandmaster Flash
  9. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

    Afternoon changeover Vintage Omega Connie f300 [emoji106]
  10. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

    Vintage Roamer Rockshell this morning [emoji106]
  11. Watch box packaging

    The more I spend the more I desire better quality boxes. It is nice to have good packaging with cheaper watches. It may make you think the watch is of little value if lots of the cost goes on boxes etc. Cheers Martin
  12. Watches and debt.

    I personally would not buy a watch on credit... Cheers Martin
  13. Saturday's watch parade~ 14th October 2017.

    Well done that man!!
  14. A sad day

    LOL ...

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