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  1. The only Monaco I've owed is the Seiko But I am indeed a fan. But I do have this Heuer dual stop watch DSC05897 by Martin, on Flickr
  2. Another option uploading pictures into threads directly via mobiles using Tapatalk which is quick and seamless. Available on IOS & Android. You can search to add 'thewatchforum' one word in Tapatalk. Cheers Martin
  3. Seiko own Orient BTW
  4. Vintage Constellation f300 today [emoji4]
  5. This is talking about watch buying Commander not drinking
  6. I am less impulsive than I used to be, I think that is down to knowing what I want, the condition is paramount, and how much I want to pay. I am also willing to let watches go by if I am saving or searching! Cheers Martin
  7. Wearing this Vintage Connie f300 today [emoji4]
  8. Vintage Constellation f300 [emoji4]
  9. Very nice Steve, but where on earth did you pull the JLC from, that is a belter!! Cheers Martin
  10. If I remember correctly USSR SeKondas were export Poljots, actually very good watches particularly the automatics & the famous Space Chronographs. Not to be confused with the Chinese tat watches of today. Mach got a white Sekonda badged one, or maybe even two... the black one below is a Poljot of course.
  11. I use a Sony one, can't remember the model number off hand, but cost about £60. I have been very pleased with it. The menu is a pain though, but once set up it works well. Cheers Martin
  12. I got so fed up with PB going down constantly, I dumped it altogether. I always use adblockers never had issues with ads. I use Flickr to auto upload all my mobile pics. My macro shots I host them on my own site. Cheers Martin
  13. Since they abanded their pro-price plan Imgur is good, easy to use and has decent apps available for mobile support. I still personally prefer Flickr's interface and 1 Terra Bite of free storage! It takes some beating IMO.. Cheers Martin
  14. Agreed. I would not bother with PB, register free with Flickr it is much, much better! Cheers Martin
  15. Take no notice of me, Hugh, I just love them beaters! I hear you Hugh, life is too short!