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  1. tyrannes

    Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Rolex AirKing with date...
  2. tyrannes

    BH Saturday..... WRUW?

    My happy spot today...
  3. tyrannes

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    My latest acquisition..... just love the radiant blue of the dial.
  4. tyrannes

    Its Thursday WRUW

    Seiko 200m divers today.
  5. tyrannes

    Thursday Time Tellers

    seiko this long bank holiday weekend
  6. tyrannes

    Sunday newbies. (After 1990)

    Tried a patriotic strap.. but not a good look.
  7. tyrannes

    Friday Display~ 27th April.

    Tudor today....
  8. tyrannes

    Longines hydroconquest

    Owned one a blue dialled auto, sold it in an attempt to purchase a more expensive watch but that has traded as well and I miss my Longines terribly. keep watching the sales forums to get another but in vain, they never seem to come up for sale.
  9. tyrannes

    Saturday Specials (7.4.2018)

  10. tyrannes

    Best watches at Baselworld?

    Love the new Seamaster recreation from the 50/60’s the new Longines divers watch is stunning. The Tudor GMT is a winner. So is the Rolex GMT pepsi. some other stunners as well.
  11. tyrannes

    Good Friday WRUW

    Easter special airing this old one ...... Lovely old one not too fussed about the 2 minute loss per day. As it’s a holiday weekend. happy Easter too one and all.
  12. tyrannes

    Thursday Autos.

    Some lovely watches yesterday.
  13. tyrannes

    Saturday Watch Parade 10.03.18

    Tag Heuer Carrera today.
  14. tyrannes

    Saturday Watch Display~17th Feb.

    This beauty this weekend.

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