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  1. Friday wrist attire

    Seiko today.
  2. FRIDAY again. HAGW all.

    One of my oldies, losing a minute every 2-3 days but still a beauty.
  3. Friday Fun

    Longines today.
  4. It's Friday again!

    Longines a lovely elegant chronograph.
  5. Saturday 19th August

    Love this Omega
  6. Friday 4 WRUW

    This old one today.
  7. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    lovely little chronograph made by JeanRichard
  8. My dream watch just arrived

    Theses are amazing watches Seiko proving the Swiss are not always the one and only.
  9. Friday!

    GMT once again today
  10. Friday watch you wearing?

    GMT once again. HAGWA
  11. Fri 19 5 2017

    HAGWA Needing service but brilliant watch loving its time keeping as well 40 year old watch 15 seconds a day not bad.
  12. Tudor on right side and Apple Watch on the left.
  13. Sunday young things

    One of my fave's ......
  14. It's Friday again!

    Again an old faithful... .
  15. Saturday 11th March Roll call

    Loving the old Longines

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