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  1. synchro

    Sayings That Make You Laugh

    I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, it some bar steward with a torch bringing more work.
  2. synchro

    Viennese Long Case Regulator.

    Hi dsk, just had a look at your link but I don't understand German or Norwegian. There is some information about Burk Masters here http://www.hvtesla.com/masters/burk.html as well as other types. As far as I know a thinner spring will not make much difference, I find it better to set the clock to run slightly slow then add small weights - washers work well - on the top of the pendulum to bring it up to time. This method only works if you have flat top to the pendulum of course. Some clocks had a tray half way up the rod to place weights on. Hope you get it to keep good time. Regards
  3. synchro

    Viennese Long Case Regulator.

    I have one slave running from it at the moment. My other master is later model and I have a rare 14 circuit distribution board to go with it. No pictures of that but it is capable of driving one second slaves as well as the thirty second type.
  4. synchro

    Viennese Long Case Regulator.

    I know there is at least one other member on here who has an interest in master clocks, so here is picture of one of mine From 1951ish, made by Synchronome - hence my user name - and keeps time to within a couple of seconds a week depending on barometric pressure.
  5. synchro


    Having trouble with t'internet, but google 'barometer world' in devon then lock away your credit card
  6. synchro

    Rolex And Their Image

    " Anyone can follow fashion, but few understand style " From Dick's sig. above sums it up. It is not what watch you wear but how you wear it that tells more about you. Yes, we have all seen the "salesman" type flashing his ***** about so you see how good he is at selling, does not impress me and is more likely to make me walk away - if he thinks I am going to fund his next watch he can think again. The bloke down the pub wearing the same watch - different thing altogether, bought it because he likes the design and effort gone into making it. Yes, I wear a relatively expensive watch to work, why, because I like the watch it serves a purpose, I need a chronograph most days often several times a day. It is not being able to afford a *****. If we put our minds to it we probably could. It is being able to justify spending that much on a watch. Some people have asked why spend that much on a watch "You could have a bl**dy good hoilday for what that cost" yes I could and and a fortnights 'pleasure' in some God forsaken hole full of ar***oIes and a few photos. Instead I have something on my wrist that gives me pleasure everytime I look at it and will continue to do so for many years to come. My one and only post on this subject, breath, and fetch my medication - "I'll have one of each and two of the yellow ones please nurse"
  7. synchro

    Watchmaker Screwdrivers.

    Buy cheap - buy twice ! Get the best quality you can afford, for all things.
  8. synchro

    Ugliest Seiko

    A bit more effort and they could have obscured the dial so you can't see the time !
  9. synchro

    Thought For The Day

    On the internet you can be anything you want... It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid
  10. synchro

    Ebay Very Worrying.

    *groan* +1 Getting tiresome
  11. synchro

    Best Photo

    Read my signature !!
  12. Depending on who's wearing it, I may rather see the wet T shirt :tongue2:
  13. Without a picture we will never know
  14. So, two years ago it was six pounds, today it is still the same price. They must still be making a profit today at six pounds so two years ago you got ripped off !! :D Way to go Mike :yahoo:
  15. DOn't know why, but I'm not keen on black leather straps, don't know why - just not! (there again, I don't actually own a single black piece of clothing!) Each to their own, I prefer strap and face ( or collars and muffs cuffs ) to match :lol:

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