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  1. Your Favourite Perfume or Fragrance

    Not sure, she looks a bit dark to be Shrimpton, didn't she have lighter hair and eyes?
  2. Rare Watches

    Here's my Seamaster 120 it looks big on my wrist but it is only 30mm
  3. Rare Watches

    My "rare" watch is an ladies Omega Seamaster 120 from about 1968 - I have never seen another one and neither has my other half, I will ask him to take a pic of it tomorrow
  4. Your Favourite Perfume or Fragrance

    Oooo she is nice
  5. Why aren't more Ladies WIS?

    Most of my friends don't wear a watch, they use their phone. I only have two ladies' watches, a Yacht-Master 169622 which is 29mm in diameter and a vintage (and rare) Omega Seamaster 120 from the late 1960's which is about 30mm, I agree with what you are saying about size and much prefer a 32mm or 34mm for everyday use although my ladies watches get worn on special occasions.
  6. Why aren't more Ladies WIS?

    It's true not many of us are watch enthusiasts, I would never call myself a WIS but do enjoy having a collection of mainly vintage watches. I like wearing a piece of history on my wrist and knowing it isn't powered by a battery; I don't wear ear-rings I only have a couple of discreet rings and a couple of fine chained necklaces; I have more watches than jewellery. Handbags (purse), yes I like, but being petite and living in a city plagued with pickpockets (three times, once successful twice they failed) I usually carry a Pacsafe and when I buy a handbag now security comes first and design second. Shoes, I wear flat shoes, don't like heels and I have some nice ones but don't go mad, It does exist
  7. Your Favourite Perfume or Fragrance

    Very true, some also should be consigned to history, like the 80's power-perfumes that some older women continue to wear, don't do it ladies
  8. Your Favourite Perfume or Fragrance

    Chanel Mademoiselle although I have been using Chanel Chance which somebody bought for me, also very nice, more citrusy than the Mademoiselle
  9. Gender and watch collecting.

    I have two women's watches and the other half dozen are small men's watches so plenty of choice, but yes you are right I think. Not many women's watches for sale on forums although you can get a reasonable selection at pre-owned dealers. To be honest I like smaller size vintage men's watches best in any case.
  10. Women's Hair and Watches

    Is that pic still around somewhere? I have others but probably shouldn't post them
  11. Gender and watch collecting.

    Yes it is hogwash, all of my watches are pre-owned
  12. Gender and watch collecting.

    Yes, I know several I don't post often as many of the threads are, well, not very interesting, I like looking at the daily watches and @mach 0.0013137 's oldies (as I wear one of Mac's oldies I thought I better say that)
  13. No, every man [sic] do not make jokes about punching the wife, even those who go to the pub without their wives, idiot
  14. Collections with Quartz watches

    I must be in the 1% then, I wear quartz sometimes but prefer a mechanical watch

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