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  2. Have you considered buying a Badger mini sandblaster kit plus small compressor.
  3. The case looks rather HEFTY and solid.
  4. Hi, Why not check youtube for maths lessons.
  5. Enjoy the vid guys(Eddie Hall)>>>
  6. Hi gim, Just make a replacement from the damaged, made lots of replacement TH ratchets springs this way.
  7. No idea BUT they're SUPERB value for money and very sturdily built IMO. Don't forget to include CRESSI...
  8. Hi Taffyman,


    Sorry paypal payment hasn't been received, I've PMd you 1-2times. :(

  9. Guys just had an update with regards CWC diver bezel inserts from machine shop>>>Ok not 100% aligned but getting there>>>
  10. repair

    Hi Tom, Why not email Steve Burrage Leicester.
  11. Sounds like the steel used in certain Japanese steel is ANNEALED so essentially softened.
  12. IMO Alpha are what they are, AND if you get a fault with the watch they'll OFTEN send you a replacement part which could include HALF of the watch absolutely FREE.
  13. Hi, Hardlex glass isn't really anything special, if you want scratch resistance go SAPPHIRE.
  14. Hi, Its free wire. Spring wire is usually very hard temper.
  15. Hi, Just emailed an old wire manufacturer they'll send out some 0.3mm and 0.4mm HARD wire.
  16. Hi Chap, Will try and get you some 0.3mm and 0.4mm etc.
  17. Gimli, Pretty sure a Tag bezel wire will be suitable.
  18. Gimli, Please measure wire diameter with verniers-micrometer. Thanks
  19. Paul, 1970s would've been NC machines(ticker paper tape with machining code) thats if they existed back then.
  20. Some very interesting work Garkan.
  21. Whats the brand and model name. Also worth emailing John Senior