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  1. Burty, Tefloturn can machine custom crystal gaskets, not cheap but worth it if you're stuck.
  2. bry1975

    Methods for securing a watch dial

    Luke worth trying fleabay and Ali baba for dinky screws.
  3. bry1975

    Omega SMP Bezel Removal

    Yar the latest remover as above is quite good.
  4. bry1975

    Omega SMP Bezel Removal

    Updated vid> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0U_fzm0pGo&feature=youtu.be
  5. Chaps, Just produced a video to show my Omega bezel remover should work 90% of the time>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-SqTmxREnI Have a good Monday. Bry
  6. bry1975

    Crystal rings that... grow?

    Crystal gaskets are always tight, the glass should be approximately 100microns larger than the gaskets I.D. Inside Diameter!
  7. bry1975

    Methods for securing a watch dial

    Imo a plastic spacer will give the mech movement more shock protection versus a metal spacer.
  8. bry1975

    Methods for securing a watch dial

    Hi Luke, Maybe try modifying a Tag H movement spacer type design
  9. bry1975

    Odd Scratch......advice.

    Mirrored stainless steel ALWAYS SCRATCHES best leaving alone imo.
  10. Imo 10-20x max was always plenty for dial relume work.
  11. bry1975

    Tag Heuer Dimensions

    Yes just after a selection. Ty
  12. Hi guys,Tag heuer caseback dims PLEASE. PLEASE MOVE IF NOT IN THE RIGHT PLACE.Thanks
  13. bry1975

    3d print watch case

    Most send 3d printed parts to be printed at 3D vendors as MUCH better printing kit.

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