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  1. Watches to disagree on.

    I'm not going to open a can of worms... If you like it, and you're happy wearing it, then that's all what matters!
  2. This may sound silly... but I'll say it anyway! I think these days people are more aware of "the value of something" for example, the internet, eBay and look at TV shows like Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip, Flog It, etc... Items such as watches come up fairly often on these shows, and people know the value these days, because of the above TV Shows and the internet! All it takes is a quick google/eBay search... So in conclusion, it's likely that when stock comes in, anything "decent" never makes it to the shop floor... (regardless of men's/women's watches) Thats probably why nobody really sees watches in charity shops anymore, shame really.
  3. Not necessarily "watch making tools" but this is what I tend to use most frequently. Bracelet/Strap removal tool A set of various small head screwdrivers (shortening/lengthening straps/remove backs) Capecod Cloth Microfibre Cloths Old ultrasonic toothbrush
  4. Too tight, too loose or just right?

    I need a Rolex in my life... Fancy letting me borrowing yours Monty?! ;o)
  5. Too tight, too loose or just right?

    It's never really perfect... Id rather it be too loose than too tight... I would just have to wear the watch slightly further up my wrist, or let it twist around a bit.
  6. The Monday Chronograph Show

    So many Speedmaster and I don't have one... and it makes me want one even more!
  7. Expensive interests

    Eating out is an expensive hobby I have... even something like a KFC can cost around the £10 mark!
  8. Giddy

    Craig! Congrats! You totally deserve that watch! as Mary Poppins once said... "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"
  9. Borrowing to buy.

    I'm in two minds about this... When I was 18 the first thing I did was get a credit card and a few store cards and I bought myself New clothes, a digital camera, a holiday... all on plastic! It took me around 6 years to pay it all off! I reckon I've learnt from my mistakes. So I tend to save up to buy things these days (I have a credit card for contingencies, but I try not to use it) If you can't afford it... then you shouldn't really be buying it... Although I would consider a 0% finance (with a reasonable about of time to pay it off) If I was absolutely desperate for something... I know some people who are 26/27 in age, who have a Rolex/Hublot, drive a Range Rover, always have a new outfit on for the weekend, have flashy holidays etc... with very modest jobs... (Retail/Teacher) but still live in their parents box room, and can never afford to get a round in! (Posers!) But regarding watches, I would just keep on squirrelling money away here and there, keeping my beady eye open for the watch I wanted... If I have the cash when the right watch comes along... then it's meant to be! Rant over...
  10. Rolex Oyster stolen in burglary.

    Hope they've found the B@$#@*d who took it in the first place as well! Im very happy for you Kristy!
  11. Bulgari

    My brother in law has a Bvlgari Assioma, (Black dialled/Chrono) it's a really nice watch, very well made, the strap feels solid, chrono hand sweeps super smoothly, incredible detail on the dial, something "a bit different" he got his at a very favourable price, it was around £1700 (10 years ago)
  12. There's two number threes at the 3'o clock position!
  13. Breitling SuperOcean 44 Ltd Ed

    Hi Stiver3 Welcome to the forum Both great options you have narrowed it down to there! It's a bit of a catch22 situation here... Clearly you've got your heart set the Breitling... But the rarity of it means it'll be difficult to get a hold of... Then the Omega, you could get hold of one easily, if you want to change the look, it will look amazing on its Original Bracelet/Mesh/Rubber/NATO/Leather! It's a very versatile watch (I used to own a 45.5mm)... I have a Breitling Superocean (Chrono) and in my opinion I feel the Breitling is a better watch (quality/time keeping/maintainence) which is why I still own it. My advice to you: 1) Try on another Breitling Superocean, and try on some Omega PO (42/45mm) or better still ask your friend to come with you/borrow his Breitling Superocean so you can compare then side by side and get a feel for them! 2) Go for what you want! Don't settle for second best... It's a fairly big purchase and there's nothing worse than thinking I've lost x amount on this watch, or I'm stuck with this now... hope this helps!
  14. Average age of TWF Inmates.

    When I was a kid... The Blue Peter pets were Boni/George/Kari/Okie... You got toys/prizes in your cereal... Odeon was £3.60 a ticket... Freddos were 10p... There was a rumour that if you drank too much "Sunny D" you'd turn orange!
  15. I am absolutely fascinated at the variety of jobs people have on here! I've never heard or thought of many of these jobs! I am a retail manager, I'd be lying if I said I loved it, but it pays the bills, and allows for a few horological treats now and again I don't have a "daily" watch really, I have a modest collection, and I tend to rotate, or change watch depending on the occasssion/outfit I suppose. At the moment I'm wearing a TW Steel