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  1. Tuesday timepieces

    Monochromatic / Black Goth Look today... Speedy Tuesday!!
  2. Lost and Found

    It wasn’t, it was around 12 years ago now! Unfortunately the gym wasn’t responsible for loss/theft of personal items apparantly... I did find out that another gym member had their car keys, wallet, watch etc stolen. I won’t name and shame, but I just stopped going there soon after!
  3. Speedy Restoration

    Thank you!
  4. Speedy Restoration

    It’s a 2004 Model
  5. Lost and Found

    Really chuffed for you! Awesome story! I have never lost a watch, I’ve had one stolen from a gym though (Seiko SKX007)
  6. Watches with any bit of blue on them! (Dial, Hands, Markers, Strap...) Breitling Superocean Chrono for me and a 12 Hour shift awaits...
  7. I have a modest collection, but I’m constantly swapping them around, and now I’m even swapping with mates! It’s great to have a variety! There’s always an itch to scratch...
  8. Young Watch Sunday.

    I’ve swapped my Speedy for my mates Carrera CV2113, lovely little watch!
  9. Saturday Watch Display~17th Feb.

    Speedy Weekend...Lots to do, so little time!
  10. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think a quartz watch could lose that much time... call me naive but I thought all quartz watches were accurate unless they had been magnetised or the battery was on its way out! I wouldn’t be too concerned about 6/7 seconds really, that’s less than a minute a week!
  11. Omega Speedmaster Professional.

    Look how beautiful it is! I can vouch for that! They are an awesome watch, beautifully made, aesthetically pleasing, classy, and being automatic is a bonus. I would recommend! @JIMMYNo1
  12. Speedy Restoration

    Honestly, this may sound lame, but I am truely thankful for such positive comments and feedback! Thank you to all who have taken time to read my modest post! (PS) I’m happy to do some tarting up of your watches lol
  13. new in today

    Nice one!! (Or two!!)
  14. Speedy Restoration

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Hugh! Agreed, it’s like I’ve polished away the original owner... it’s mine, all mine now! That’s correct, I used masking tape, and I used electrical tape for the bezel and smaller areas as it was stickier.
  15. This isn’t something I would usually do, but I just wanted to share with you the restoration work I have done on my newest acquisition. This watch was a bit of a risky purchase, I have longed over the Speedmaster Pro, for some time, but it’s always just been “out of reach” in terms of budget. The Speedy Automatic/Reduced seemed like an ideal alternative. I received this watch on Saturday, initially slightly disappointed as it was a bit of a blind purchase, the watch itself serviced in in 2012 is mechanically sound, however cosmetically, it’s scuffed to bits. However I did not let this downhearten me! I took the plunge and immediately bought some “Polywatch” A cape cod cloth, and Fine Grit Wet and Dry sandpaper, and I’ve atttempted a cosmetic restoration myself. I started by taking the strap off and masking off the bezel as I did not want to damage any of the print off the tachymeter, and then carefully started to sand down the scuffs and scratched from the brushed parts of the case. Then with a finer gauge paper I kept a steady hand and applied light pressure to restore the brushed stainless steel finish. This took approximately an hour to do both sides of the case. I then masked off the areas I just finished, and then I polished up the highly polished areas with a cape cod cloth, this was much easier and more satisfying as it was a smaller area to do and also you can see the results quicker! I then did exactly the same with the bracelet. Finally I repolished the acrylic crystal, using references from TWF and YouTube, I applied a couple of blobs of polywatch and slowly worked it into the crystal. After a quick rinse to remove residue from the Cape Cod, Polywatch, I gave my Speedy a buff up with a micro fibre cloth. I just wanted to show you the results from only a couple of hours work and the refinishing for under £15! Im super happy with the results, with my 7” wrists, I feel like the Speedy Automatic looks better on a leather strap (IMO) so for now it’s staying off the bracelet. Happy Friday!! Finished Result Crystal Before Crystal After Bracelet Before Bracelet After Clasp I love mechanical things... Pop of colour

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