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  1. jizzle


    Great watches!
  2. Nice read! Thanks for sharing!
  3. jizzle

    Evolution of personal watch tastes

    My tastes have changed massively... here are a few examples... It will sound ridiculous and so fussy, but I promise you it’s true! (Not really in any order, just what springs back to mind!) Digital / G-Shock Black watches / Red seconds hands Seikos Chronos Divers Military BIG / MASSIVE WATCHES Quantity Quality
  4. jizzle

    Thank You!!

    Hi all, just wanted to say a massive thank you to @Rob.B for my little competition win - Timex Compass Watch. Not only is this my first competition win (on TWF anyway, but generally in a very long time!) But It wears well actually and I love the rubber camo strap! Merci!! Justin
  5. jizzle

    New arrival!

    Lovely watch! Even more satisfying is that the date is the 6th and the window is at 6 O’clock....
  6. jizzle

    Thursday timepieces.

    Beautiful watch though! I’m sorry to hear about the shocking service you’ve received.
  7. jizzle

    Mass extinction event

    I did a similar thing around 7/8 years ago, I got rid of around 20 watches! Unfortunately I desperately needed the cash at the time, I got rid of a few which I wouldn’t be able to replace now... never mind, no point dwelling on the past!
  8. jizzle

    New arrival, don't get too excited!

    Any new arrival is exciting! Enjoy your new purchase!
  9. jizzle

    What a shame...

    Me and a mate were very underwhelmed by Baselworld releases as we discussed over a few pints on Sunday afternoon... Yawn...
  10. When this thread started, I was still at school, an Omega Speedy was around £1800and a Tag Carrera was around £1500. Top of the pops was still on TV and TaTu was number 1. Jeez!
  11. You go and use your phone, or buy a £2.99 LCD thing, whilst I’ll go and enjoy my Chrono watches...
  12. jizzle

    Every day carry (EDC)

    I haven’t done one of these for ages! This is a typical day-to-day EDC... Ray-Ban Wayfarers (needed from the bright glare of the sun driving in the snow over the weekend) Pen/Biro (I write in Black only) Wallet (probably no cash in it, lots of coffee shop loyalty cards!) iphone USB Charger Parecetemol/Pain Killers Headphones Car Key/House Key/Lego Starlord Keyring iphone 6s (please judge my choice of apps!! Also note the “colour spectrum” of the apps) phone is shrouded in a belkin/Lego case Watch - Tag Carrera CV2010-3 at the moment!! Also I usually have a chapstick this time of year, but I’ve lost mine...!
  13. That would look superb on a shark mesh!
  14. I didn’t wear a watch back in 2000... However, I would occasionally wear a mates swatch chronograph.
  15. jizzle

    *** and ***** watches

    No, if you want a Rolex/Omega then I suggest you save for one... NO FAKES OR REPLICAS!

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