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  1. Car/Racing inspired watches

    Carreras! My CV2010-3 and my mates CV2113
  2. Good Morning! I’m looking at different options of leather strap for my Tag Carrera. I have sourced a deployment buckle/clasp, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a site where I can source a strap from? Also show me your deployment buckle/clasp straps! (Especially Tags!)
  3. Display Backs

    Carrera guts and gubbins look alright I spose...
  4. Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths

    Cape cod cloths are amazing, especially because they’re inexpensive and you need no additional tools. I find it really satisfying seeing the “before and after” of polishing up a watch.
  5. Ultrasonic cleaners.

    Has anyone tried putting a leather strap in an ultrasonic cleaner? If so what were the results?
  6. Tea and ferrero rocher

    I’m drooling over the speedy!
  7. Needful Things

    I’m living in a material world, because I am a material girl (boy) Omega Speedmaster (Moonwatch) Persol 0714 Sunglasses New car... (unsure which one yet though...)
  8. I used to like “stealth” watches, I used to own a TW Steel... it was a pretty awesome watch to be fair! Not my taste now though... https://www.flickr.com/gp/62655723@N06/510g9L
  9. The Friday parade~ 3rd November.

    New watch stand... not sure how long it’ll last... Carrera for an airing today...
  10. Has age changed your taste?

    Tastes change all the time... 10 years ago (watches with red seconds hands) 8 years ago (watches PVD coated/black) 6 years ago (white dialled watches) 4 years ago (G-Shock/Digital) 2 years ago (Massive oversized Chrono watches) Now - Tag Heuer!
  11. So annoying......

    Go digital... avoid that annoyance completely.
  12. Pumpkins

    I’ll do one next year...
  13. Two watch mini collections

    I love how both watches are in sync... That satisfy’s my OCD
  14. I always do it the morning, after I wake up, usually in a horrible daze, wondering wether or not my phone did it automatically!? Then I stick BBC News on, I know that will display the correct time!

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