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  1. Saturday 21st watches

    Terrible lume shot, but it’s 06:10, and I’m in need of more sleep! (Tag Carrera)
  2. Watch Pics with Other Things.

    Carrera goes nicely with lots of things... (Other Carreras, Comics, Coffee, Circuits, and Colouring pens!)
  3. Hard to tell, as I suspect the seller is using a combination of real and fake items.
  4. Great question... Lots of variable factors, but generally I will look straight away, I will usually check the case and crystal, bracelet and straps I'm not hugely bothered about, the most heart stopping moments I've had were... *I borrowed a friends watch, and I wore it to a wedding, I felt my shirt sleeve go heavy, basically it had become detached from its bracelet and was bouncing around the sleeve cuff. Luckily it was big watch (Bvlgari Assioma) so it survived and didn't drop out! *At work I dropped a shelf, and it landed on my wrist/Breitling!! Luckily both survived with only a scratch, but I was panicking it was going to smash the crystal! It also felt like it happened in slow motion... *My Nixon 51-30 Chrono, awesome watch, but soon after I got it, it just didn't realise how big it was, so fumbling around in the engine bay of my car, walking through doorways for example, it experienced several knocks and bangs. But it survived pretty much in tact!
  5. Fantastic plastic

    Me too! Looks so retro and 1970s, thumbs up from me!
  6. Vulgar Watch photos...

    Ewwww, too flashy... I only like 2 of the watches here (2 tone Sub on his left wrist and the Skydweller at 1 o'clock)
  7. Why so many mistakes?

    I work in retail myself, and it annoys me so much that people can't be bothered to learn about the products they sell, including online. I'm passionate about the products I sell, and I will admit I don't know every question which I'm asked, however I will do my best to find out/investigate. Our online store lists "lambswool jumpers" that can be machine washed at 40oC (which is incorrect!) I've reported it many times but it falls on deaf ears. Back to topic... someone needs to stop "copy and pasting" descriptions on websites, and definitely a freshen up of product knowledge for staff in stores. Online listings/staff saying "automatic quartz watch" which is it then!? I'm an amateur watch collector, but I feel like I often know more about the product than the staff/website. Rant over... Happy Tuesday!
  8. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

  9. We don’t have fakes on this site... it’s just a Homage to a Carrera... Nice Seiko though...
  10. Oh, I've never pricked mine...
  11. Monday 16 Oct watch thread

    Carrera and Colouring today...
  12. What a difference a flash makes!

    Yes! Breitling Pro2 Bracelet... "Scratch Magnet"
  13. Togged Up

    It depends on the outfit/attire of the day... I own a £9.99 Casio and a £2k+ Breitling (I do wear them both actually!) The most expensive outfit I own would be a Savile Row dinner suit (£700) , but I also own and wear £2 t-shirts from Primark! I've just purchased a leather jacket, that was more expensive than I would usually pay... but I saw it as an investment, as I'm not going to buy one every season...
  14. Happy Birthday Craig!
  15. Chips, Chicken, Carrera

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