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  1. Review: Steinhart Nav-B Chrono II

    I’m not polite because I need to be Jay, trust me when needed I can be a nasty piece of work. Ps I like the watch except the hands are a bit thin for my liking.
  2. Avia: Forgotten but not Gone

    Thanks honour great review as always. Mans @chrono555 many thanks for your input too, I’m sure honour will be happy to learn of your information.
  3. Review: Steinhart Nav-B Chrono II

    Thanks mate. Good review if a little long but was a pleasure to read, informative and engaging also entertaining.
  4. I see where your coming from Richy, but for me if there were so few made and they would increase in value then that makes them rare imo. And obviously the term is very much a matter of perspective. Thanks
  5. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

    @martinzx I don’t think I’ve see you post a watch I didn’t love. Thanks man.
  6. So what does “highly collectable” mean? Your words. Tell me because I’m not seeing a difference between that and rare?
  7. I think your being pedantic, for something to be collectable imo should have a uniqueness or rareness about it. What’s gonna make these black bays “highly collectable” As you say? The fact that they were supposedly produced in low numbers? Hence rare.
  8. Masonic Hamilton

    Harry Photos please
  9. I can’t see it personally, rare and collectable to me means not being able to find one anywhere for some time then one pops up and everyone is on it. Can’t see that happening with these. Imo ofc
  10. Going Deep: The First Fifty Fathoms'

    Fantastic as always. Thanks for the time and effort. I take my hat off to you.
  11. Struggling to decide

    Buy the rollie and if you don’t get on with it than sell it. I’m sure you’ll make your money back or very close to it.
  12. Thanks for the review. Looks interesting there I’d like to go myself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. My exact thoughts. Bored of one member starting same questions on a 6 week rotation, I too now mostly use TZ-UK. I do love TWF tho.
  14. He called it ups and downs on TWF then talks about personal things unrelated to watches so yeh glad it’s been moved.
  15. Vintage movement ID please

    I did think a landeron of some sort, maybe a variant. Thanks

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