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  1. The Saturday display~ 20th January.

    Landeron 149. Enjoy your day [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Watch Lottery , Anyone game for this ?

    This sounds like something David Brent would say lmao. But jokes aside there’s a very scary movement happening whereby people are afraid to say or do anything that will upset another. I call it the snowflake effect. As David Icke says “we’ve out sheeped the sheep, we don’t need a sheep dog we get other humans to do that for us”
  3. Watch Lottery , Anyone game for this ?

    More than enough information. Thanks
  4. Incoming (yesterday)

    Very nice. I like the heritage feel of the Oris.
  5. Watch Lottery , Anyone game for this ?

    Good idea actually you just went up a notch in my book and that puts you on notch 0 jokes aside illegal raffle on a watch forum for a bit of banter and fun?? Who cares you really think they care of even got time to arrest 25+ people in for what? Nah remove stick from arse
  6. Davey I agree, the likes of CW having sale after sale etc, but your previous post generalised, “solid brands” i took that as brands I think are solid ie Rolex AP etc. But I agree that’s why they maintain resale value well.
  7. I have nothing against them, and have never even fondled one either which I’m gonna hazard a guess and say most other in thread haven’t? and I must disagree with @Daveyboyz on discount. You can get discounts on most watch brands that I know of including AP which someone said today in my Glashütte thread. Does it take away anything from AP? I got my dad a discount on a bi metal rollie etc etc. Edit in the uk.
  8. Wanted to post a new arrival

    Life is short and time is precious. Just saying.
  9. Watch courses

    Also mate, there’s a guy online mark lovik his name is he does an online course. Check that out.
  10. Watch courses

    Doesn’t the BHI do there own course im sure I saw it somewhere.
  11. Gibraltar holiday

    Why do you guys insist on feeding the troll?? shame on you.
  12. Wanted to post a new arrival

    Ain’t the JLC you’ve been pining formis it mate? Come on bit more info don’t keep us hanging lol.
  13. Glashutte Original.

    Gonna find some time and go down Wempe Bond Street, that way I can at least try on and see exactly how it looks and feels. I can also try and bag a discount but if not it will be a waiting game for the one I want, on the various selling sites. Thanks
  14. Glashutte Original.

    Thanks @yokel, what’s the RRP and can I expect a discount by haggling? Thanks
  15. My first acquisition of the year

    And their next one will be along sooner than you think ? OP, stunning looks and chronometer too. I like it.

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