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  1. Redwolf

    Friday's here again...

    Nice photo, lovely watch.
  2. Redwolf

    Friday's here again...

    Still this. Old picture hagwe.
  3. Redwolf

    New arrival

    Lovely. That looks smart
  4. Redwolf


    Not my cup of tea. But you like it so of course that’s what matters. Ot- what is going on with the forum and pics? tvis thread the photos are massive happened last night too. Is Tapatalk still broke?
  5. Redwolf


    A friend of mine has his fathers Datejust from the 70’s worn everyday by his father and by him for the last 10 years. So constant use for 40 odd years and only ever had it serviced 4-5 times. Watches are supposed to move. Make your own conclusions there really isn’t a wrong choice.
  6. Redwolf

    It’s about time I bought a camera.

    Best get reading then... thanks.
  7. Redwolf

    It’s about time I bought a camera.

    Thanks, I get your point and I think I’ve got a good enough grasp on taking decent pictures. If I had a decent camera other than my iPhone maybe my photos would look even better. Add to the fact that I would e more inclined to go out and take photos and practice etc something you cannot do with a phone.
  8. Hi guys For the longest time I just haven’t ever had a proper camera. I really wanna be able to take good pictures of my watches , and also macro shots. Plus I want to possibly film in HD/4K. Anyone got some suggestions? Thanks Ps I should add I’m also a complete beginner
  9. Redwolf

    Incoming today

    3 lovely watches. The biggest problem is what to wear now!
  10. Redwolf

    Zenith, which colour?

    Indeed a good idea. Blood red I think. Or ox blood red?
  11. Redwolf

    Zenith, which colour?

    I wish. Boring brown I’m afraid. Thanks
  12. Redwolf

    Zenith, which colour?

    Thanks guys I see a pattern evolving. Blue wins. Ill stick it on the Zenith Deployant
  13. Redwolf

    Zenith, which colour?

    I thought the same regarding the blue on the Moonphase disc. The indexes and hands are actually silver but the hands appear black in certain light. The dial and hands etc really plays with the light.
  14. I recently got some new straps for my Zenith, as the original brown wasn’t wowing me. What colour do you guys prefer? I bought the blue as a wild card but to my eyes I can’t believe how good it looks. Thoughts? and the blue. thanks.
  15. Redwolf

    make a choice

    Pulsar. Classic

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