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  1. Zenith "Defies" its Demise

    Great write up sir. I have a great affection for Zenith, I have the captain Chronograph amazing timepiece.
  2. Recommend me

    Seiko SNXS75K Gent's 5 Watch Automatic Analogue Grey Dial Steel Strap Grey https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0058VK95M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_X4kLzb3V051HZ Robust plus looks nice too. A classic imo.
  3. Recommend me

    @WRENCH I was going to say a seiko 5 too.
  4. Battle of the Crocs: Lacoste, and its Watches

    This deserves more than a "thanks" button. But all I can say is thanks was very interesting and you have certainly worked extremely hard on this. Good job.
  5. thursday 10 08 2017

    I missed this one, wow amazing find.
  6. Big thankyou

    I'm waiting for one for @simon2 to fix. Can't wait to get it back. Your looks great.
  7. Secure Watch Display

    Intonation, had to look that up. You learn something new everyday as they say.
  8. Secure Watch Display

    Somehow I missed the context. Apologies
  9. Secure Watch Display

    I have to say that this is extremely bad advice to give out on a public forum, not only is it dangerous if you don't know what your doing there are a whole host of dangers involved including fire risk to list but a few.
  10. Secure Watch Display

    Jesus @Daveyboyz have to say that looks amazing especially since your not a chippy. Good on ya
  11. SuperOcean Return

    Well you know what I think of it. It's horrible man put it on sales corner asap seriosly I think a black mesh would look the nuts. Good health.
  12. Steinhart Repair

    Personally I would get it looked at even if by an independent for peace of mind. Sorry to hear that mate.
  13. Seiko 5 sport diver

    I mean if a watch is rated for 100m then surely you can dive to 99m with absolutely no problem? Unless I'm missing something?
  14. Please help me

    Send it back, your obviously having second thoughts or you wouldn't have asked. Plus if you thought you was getting an auto then you should get an auto. Just start a case stating not as described. Good luck. Was posting as you posted your last reply. Good to hear.