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  1. Thanks for the idea, I do have something like that, an HP Spectre x360. When I posted the question I was under the impression that there were already coloured e-ink e-book readers (apparently it's going to be a thing in 2018). Since then, and because they are text books, I just gave up on the idea of reading them on a screen. I just can't do it, I need them in paper and be able to underline and write notes and stuff like that. It's just the way I'm used to study for decades. If I can't scribble on the margins, I can't keep focused. So I just went ahead and printed some of them in B&W and bought the ones I need in colour. Ongoing (big) expense but used books are dirty cheap and in my new field a lot of stuff doesn't change much from 2014 to 2017.
  2. I have tons of PDFs from scanned big books to study from. I always resisted going the digital way and just bought the damn physical books but now there are too many and they are very expensive medical books. I have no clue what is out there regarding e-book readers, tablets, etc. What I do know is that: - I hate reading books on a big screen - I hate not being able to make annotations or underlining text. - I own a 32' screen which is too big and a 11' laptop/tablet 2 in 1 thingy which is too small. - I need because of diagrams, anatomical sections, etc. - I also need some way to have them available, so either the device has a big capacity memory or needs some sort of easy way to transfer files (External HD via USB or something). Thoughts or suggestions?
  3. Smoking To Vaping?

    2 years not very long ago.... but might have to think about quitting this too, TPD overhear is making it hard to find 12 or 18mg and I still vape that. Still have about 3 to 4 litres to go through, so if they don't go bad, that's something I have time to go through.
  4. Incoming!

    Handy for when you are in Siberia, some underground bunker or nuclear submarine
  5. Incoming!

    The one in the link is the MkI, these with iridescent, smooth dials are the MkII.
  6. Incoming!

    It's not big and it's a darker red in real life, I don't think it's on your face at all. But they did make them with a blue dial but good luck trying to find one of those, Roger looked for ages for one. I looked for ages trying to find one for him.
  7. Incoming!

    Glad you are enjoying it! Just a quick note regarding this watch, it is not a Vostok (the Russian Christopol Vostok). Vostok Europe is in Lithuania and their connections to the Russia Vostok come from the time of the USSR and them making precision parts for several factories, they were some sort of factory of components for scientific instruments. I'm not sure if they made parts for Vostok or stuff for their machining tools. The movement inside the Red Square was produced in Christopol but VE requested several modifications, verifications, extra care with the finish, movements had to have much tighter accuracy tolerances than a "regular" Vostok, etc. To the point when the Russia Vostok just told them they couldn't keep producing movements like that and now they use (or used to use) Seiko and Miyota movements. They parted ways about the pivotal time where the Russia Vostok could go extinct or move to the point they are now, so they were in trouble and couldn't handle custom jobs. Anyway, it's made by Vostok but should be better than a Vostok
  8. Smoking To Vaping?

    No, that's a... above-ohm? Sub-ohm is not so much of a thing as people used to think of it, doesn't matter much at least until you start going below 0.5. The new Nautilus coils are 0.7 (so sub-ohm) and they are MTL coils. I personally vape between 0.8 to 1.2 and ends up not being much different, just depends on the tank and if I have to use 28 or 26g wire.
  9. Smoking To Vaping?

    True . No one believes me but I still think that for that sort of vaping Joyetech's CLR coils are the best ones. And you can trow them away or rebuild them. Kanger's 1.2 horizontal coils on the original Subtank Mini were pretty good also.
  10. Smoking To Vaping?

  11. Smoking To Vaping?

    £38??? I might have to get one myself, never saw one that cheap, not even directly from China. As to the rattle, something broke or simply came out of place. You can try to open it when you get the new one, I bet it's just the board that came lose or some supporting plastic plate that needs to be fixed. For future reference, there are not many tanks that take the Nautilus coils, these are the ones that I know that do: Nautilus 1, Mini and 2 (obviously); Triton Mini, Beyond Vape Silo MkI (probably long gone); Vika Fantasy; House of Hybrids Kabuki and (I'm not sure about this one) Billet Box Rev.4. Remember the rule!! Always have a backup for your backup!! I know this overkill but that's what I have in front of me as I type
  12. Couldn't agree more, said it before but this watch sort of gave a heavy blow on my watch thing. I keep comparing everything else to this and couldn't really find an alternative to it yet. On the wrist right now A lot of people do get put off by the RMC logo when considering this watch but it truly is tinny, I can barely read what's inside the green banner if I bring it up close to my nose. Oh, and lume is amazing also.
  13. Smoking To Vaping?

    Right, here's another Skyline: Two things with this one... very versatile fixed airflow but very expensive in itself, even more if you get all the airflow inserts available and that make it that versatile. It's amoung the best, up there with the Kayfun 5 and Hussar.
  14. Saturday 8th July

    I really like those old military styles... full numbered dial, full minute track, cathedral hands and everything simple and clean Are Seiko Kinetic movements still a PITA to keep running or did they got better?

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