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  1. Kutusov

    Smoking To Vaping?

    New Pico 25 is out... well kind, of. Pico 25 that takes 21700 batteries and looks like the original one... except bigger. http://www.eleafworld.com/istick-pico-21700/
  2. Kutusov

    Smoking To Vaping?

    I guess there's not much choice anyway, I've looked at the new ones from major brands and what the hell happened?? They are all fugly huge things with enough lights to pass for an UFO. I'm half curios about the Siren 2, and the Ares and the Zenith from Innokin, all 24mm tanks. I should at least get the Zenith, I currently don´t have a pre-made coil tank worth a damn (or get a Plato, I know, I know...)
  3. Kutusov

    Smoking To Vaping?

    How do you find that Pico 25? I'm tempted by a couple of new tanks but the damn things all come now in 24/25mm (or 22mm but TPD 2mm...). I'm not over the moon with its looks, I much prefer the black and SS of the original one and people say it feels... plasticy. It's either that or the Joyetech Primo mini but at this point I´m much more used to short and wide than thin and tall. And as you know I use a lot of very long RTAs....
  4. It is. I should get a regular Amphibia, sold them all but now I'm missing having one
  5. Kutusov

    Add Your Latest USSR Editions

    So many it's hard to point one, especially if you go with a used soviet one from ebay. They are getting old now and the latter soviet models might not be all that good to withstand the test of time, as the system was colapsing they were using cheaper metals, etc. I say you get a new Vostok Komandirskie or a Vostok Amphibia. Both affordable, both tried and true excellent watches.
  6. Kutusov

    Smoking To Vaping?

    Fasttech and Heavengifts are also two places to look for parts. Got me a Kayfun Prime but I don't know... tighter than a 5 but not really getting the benefit from it over a 5. Skyline and Hussar are still my favourites,followed by the more everyday convnience of my Kayfun 5 with the bigger bulge tank section (bigger liquid capacity, all SS).
  7. It's a bit smaller than the Ipad Pro, has a 9.7" screen but it's ok for me. One can always pinch and zoom a little bit of a particularly intricate illustration. On the plus size, it's smaller an lighter and maybe the better screen makes up for the smaller size. It really is an impressive SAMOLED display with incredible viewing angles. HDR ready but that's wasted on me, I'm not really going to use it for media consumption.
  8. First impressions are that the Galaxy Tab S3 runs much faster than other Android tablets I've tried. It's snappy like a flagship smartphone from last year (no wonder, it runs a Snapdragon 820). Runs Android 7 but, as per usual, it looks like a blown up version of smartphone UI. Samsung did a good job trying to minimize this with their skin though but it still isn't as nice as an Ipad or a Windows 10 device. Screen is amazing, probably better than the one I have on my S7. Transferring files is easy, it's just like having an external drive connected to your PC - connect via USB, create folders, copy/paste. Not amazingly fast transfer speeds but I'm putting everything on a micro SD card and I've bought a conservative UHS-1 Class 1. Still nice that has an expandable storage capacity. There's Google Drive too. Samsung's stylus is very nice and haven't run into any problems or inaccuracies, etc. Battery life seems pretty good and it has adaptive fast charge, it fully charges the 6000mah battery in about 2 hours, very quick to get an emergency 30 to 40%. Loading and browsing books is not snap fast, it might take 3 or 4 seconds if you open a heavy ilustrated book of over 1000 pages and jump straight to page 500. No problems after loading it fully. Now it's a bit up to what app to use, I'm using Xodo and it does a good work cataloguing all the books and has a nice interface. OneNote also seems to work fine (in my (small) experience Android works fine with Microsoft Office). Happy so far but time will tell... and I'll tell you then
  9. Well, I'm sorted, I hope. I ended up making an impulsive buy of a Galaxy Tab S3 just a few hours ago because it was on some weekend sale in a store I happened to pass by. I know it's not the best choice but the price was ok, I do trust Samsung and I'm used to Android OS. It will have to do, I ended up organizing myself a bit better and I'll be using this thing for accessory textbooks, I don't really have all that many "Bibles" so I can have those in hard copies - I'll be using those for a long time. Thanks for all the answers and for putting up with my basic questions (on tech forums I essentially got "oh lordy, not another of these questions, do your homework!" .
  10. Thanks, I'll have a look at those too. I've seen them on stores and they are really expensive but a windows OS would be nice. Got to play a bit with an IPad Pro during lunch and it feels nice, although the OS is a bit alien to me. Oh, and small correction to what I said above, I don't know what IPad I was looking at but the price of a Pro is around the same as a Samsung and a Surface (all expensive).
  11. Ah, that sounds just like what I need, thanks! BTW, what's the size of your Pro? I'm guessing the 10.5"? The other one is huuuge
  12. Thanks for the input, I had missed your reply. It seems to me that Ipads are actually the best solution and I might have to go for one. I've been buying hard copies, wasted a couple of toners printing some materials and it's just not working. Too much money or too long waiting for a book, I'm not keeping up. That pen thing it comes with... can one take notes over the PDF, highlight stuff or turn a non-editable PDF into an editable one easily? I'll have to google these stuff up but if you could give me an idea of what to expect, that would be helpful. I've seen a colleague doing that with a Microsoft Surface, I believe Samsung's tablet does that too but they cost a fortune compared to the IPad.
  13. Thanks for the idea, I do have something like that, an HP Spectre x360. When I posted the question I was under the impression that there were already coloured e-ink e-book readers (apparently it's going to be a thing in 2018). Since then, and because they are text books, I just gave up on the idea of reading them on a screen. I just can't do it, I need them in paper and be able to underline and write notes and stuff like that. It's just the way I'm used to study for decades. If I can't scribble on the margins, I can't keep focused. So I just went ahead and printed some of them in B&W and bought the ones I need in colour. Ongoing (big) expense but used books are dirty cheap and in my new field a lot of stuff doesn't change much from 2014 to 2017.
  14. I have tons of PDFs from scanned big books to study from. I always resisted going the digital way and just bought the damn physical books but now there are too many and they are very expensive medical books. I have no clue what is out there regarding e-book readers, tablets, etc. What I do know is that: - I hate reading books on a big screen - I hate not being able to make annotations or underlining text. - I own a 32' screen which is too big and a 11' laptop/tablet 2 in 1 thingy which is too small. - I need because of diagrams, anatomical sections, etc. - I also need some way to have them available, so either the device has a big capacity memory or needs some sort of easy way to transfer files (External HD via USB or something). Thoughts or suggestions?

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