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  1. The Canon Man

    What does this mean?

    My guess is that it indicates that the sub-dials are in chronograph mode, rather than indicating the alarm status.
  2. The Canon Man

    Jump Watch

    If you had taken the same approach as me to the royal wedding, you would now be able to enjoy a beer in a garden with neatly trimmed hedges and lawn after eating a rather good home made curry.
  3. The Canon Man

    A Pair of Japanese Giants: IJN Yamato and Musashi

    There is a Japanese movie in which the Yamato is extracted from the Pacific sea bed, and sent into space to fight with aliens and save humanity. Honestly, it's not as bad as it sounds.
  4. The Canon Man

    DIY LED clock kit

    You need the rosin flux to make the solder flow properly. As you are making small electrical joints you can use rosin cored solder. That makes things easy. Your solder is hollow and stuffed with the stuff. If you are a plumber and making copper water pipe joints you might need to heat a large area at once, that's when you are going to use your box of flux. You will be using a blow torch rather than a soldering iron. Don't panic. Your kit will turn out fine.
  5. The Canon Man

    DIY LED clock kit

    I am among the old hands at this sort of thing and still solder at work on a regular basis. Lead free solder is fine but you need a hotter iron, otherwise it doesn't work properly, my large Japanese employer removed all lead from both the electronics and optics about 20 years ago, and to be honest I noticed very little difference. I personally am a "sucker" not a "braider" but I can happily use either if there is no sucker available. Soldering is one of those skills you think nothing of if you can do it, but my brother always drives from the other side of town to bring me any soldering that needs doing, and he's pretty sufficient in most things. Enjoy building your kit, I am very tempted to build one myself during wet lunch breaks. I could use a little clock at work.
  6. The Canon Man

    Dimensions ( layers) to Watch faces.

    This has been moved on now, but the step in the dial coupled with the way the minute markers appear to grow up from the watch face always gave a very interesting 3D effect. However the 43mm case with no bezel made it wear far too large for a dress watch, so it never got worn.
  7. The Canon Man

    The last time you were naked.

    For once. This Thread Is Better Without Pictures.
  8. The Canon Man

    Something else annoying.

    Seriously though Roger, most modern Quartz movements incorporate a battery low indicator of some sort, usually a double tick on the second hand. That usually gives you a month warning to sort out a battery change. My Ronda powered chronograph doesn't have an indicator, but when it is getting near time for a new battery, the chrono keeps needing to be adjusted as it misses zero on reset, so again time to order a new battery in ready, after a quick look at the spreadsheet to see if it due and what type it is of course. The only ones that really catch me out are the smart two handers favoured by my wife. No second hand so no warning.
  9. The Canon Man

    Tag Heuer Dimensions

    Slightly smaller if it's the ladies model.
  10. The Canon Man

    Something else annoying.

    Start one now. It would be perfect for you. You could add information like price paid, and highest & lowest price advertised, you could also add a "last time on TWF" coloum, that way you won't get the grumpy members of this forum complaining about you repeating your posts.
  11. The Canon Man

    Something else annoying.

    Why don't you just check your watch battery spreadsheet? Not only gives you that date of the last change and the battery type, so you only have to take the back off when you have the correct battery in your hand. But also gives you documentary evidence next time we have a "whose battery has lasted the longest" thread.
  12. The Canon Man

    Holiday watch?

    http://www.creationwatches.com/products/casio-analog-352/casio-classic-analog-mtp-1335d-1avdf-mtp-1335d-1av-mens-watch-6817.html I think this ticks your boxes. Smart enough, but no tears will be shed if something happens to it.
  13. The Canon Man

    The Onerous Aspects of WIS.

    Huge V-twin with drum brakes. It'll go better than it'll stop!
  14. The Canon Man

    Beverly Hills polo club

    Beverly Hills Polo Club is a sort of pretend brand with inflated rrp intended to appear as good value in duty free in-flight sales.

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