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  1. Water pump / Flow help

    ok abit of an update on this one. I changed the pump and bought a different one with a better head height which helped but again once connected up it didnt work so then I started to look at the micro irregation pipes and changed the tube size that goes down to the plants and I had alot better flow. I have 5 feeds coming off the main pipe which flows good but somehow I need to take those 5 feeds and water about 25 plants so I am thinking of using each feed to fill a coke bottle and then take a further 5 feeds off each bottle to water the plants individually via gravity. Does anyone have any better ideas?
  2. new torch

    Looks pretty good, Im interested, how long does it last on a full charge?
  3. Shed build questions

    thanks all. I think it will be a couple of weeks yet until I can do the base as the weather is still abit intermittent but at least I have a good few ideas here on what to do and where to start. thanks
  4. Shed build questions

    Great, you made that sound so simple ;-) Now I just need to try and do it LOL thanks for your help mate. Colin
  5. Shed build questions

    Thanks mate. I think building the square frame should be ok its the roof I might struggle with. But I am still thinking of maybe getting it built for me. Either way I still need to sort out some kind of base for it to sit on. So you say just do a square out of 6x2 timber with no supports in the middle and then fill with cement upto 5 inch height so I wont need any hardcore rubble stuff then? thanks Colin
  6. Hi I am thinking of building a 17.5' x 8' workshop at the bottom of our garden. Does anyone know of a good site for free plans or does anyone have any? Also I need to sort a base first and guess concrete is the best option but how thick does the base need to be and should I use hard core and concrete or just concrete? thanks all Colin
  7. Water pump / Flow help

    Thanks guys, William, isnt that mains pump? I cant get mains to greenhouse really so need to have battery which is why I ended up setting up the solar panel and stuff. Im going to try and spend some more time experimenting this weekend so keep the ideas coming guys. thanks
  8. Water pump / Flow help

    Well I need to connect a reducer to allow me to connect the 28mm pump hose to the solenoid then it comes out the solenoid and stays in the reduced width hose to then go around the greenhouse. As I said Im not sure im doing it right which is why im here, actually I know im not otherwise I wouldnt be here LOL. thanks Colin
  9. Water pump / Flow help

    ok small quick update. I had half hour to kill so quickly connected a 6" length of 28mm hose to the pump and then reducer and then 5ft of garden hose to then connect to the solenoid and got same problem although flow seems great before and after connection to solenoid. Then I swapped and connected 6ft length of 28mm hose to the pump and then connected a reducer and 6" of garden hose and then connected to solenoid but still exact same problem. I have ordered a 28mm hose connector which is used to connect two water butts together so I will connect the pump to the 28mm connector at the bottom of the butt and then try getting the water outside of the bottom of the butt and then have it go up into the greenhouse but that could be a few days before it arrives before I can test this. thanks Colin
  10. Water pump / Flow help

    It already has!!!! Thanks mate, the butt is only 1 ft away from the greenhouse glass. Im not sure I can raise the butt much more because I need it to fill up from the guttering around the greenhouse. I have purchased a 28mm hose connector which I can drill into the water butt to allow the water to be pumped straight out the side and then up into the greenhouse instead of pumping it up 3ft out of the butt. (hope that makes sense). The butt was empty and filled from garden hose but may have had abit of crud but not alot but at the weekend when I do my tests I will strip everything back just to make sure all pipe work etc is clean and clear. thanks again.
  11. Water pump / Flow help

    Thanks for the responses guys I will try to answer a few of the questions. The pump is situated at the bottom of the water but and the water butt has been sat at ground level and ive also tried it sat on the decking which is 2 ft about ground level. The pump is powered by two 12v batteries in parallel but not sure of how many amps. The pump has the 28mm hose connected to it and pumps the water up out of the water butt (approx 3ft) and then over the top then it flows down about 6" into the greenhouse where it is then connected to a reducer with a 6" normal size hose pipe on it with then a hoselock connector which allows me to connect that hose to the input side of the solenoid. The other side of the solenoid then has normal hoselock connector and garden hose fitted to it which is connected around the greenhouse at waist height (length approx 15ft) and then coming off this hose pipe is the 4mm irregation pipes with sprinklers and these are coming of the hose pipe about every 2ft. The sprinkers dont sprinkle they drip which defeats the purpose of this setup
  12. Water pump / Flow help

    Unfortunately I cant really tell, I did contact the author but as it was done 2 years ago I havent had a reply and doubt hes even online anymore. Im gutted because I bought the exact same stuff and have spent two weeks putting it all together (chuffed with myself) and now I have this slight issue.
  13. Water pump / Flow help

    yeah I was thinking that using a smaller pipe should increase the pressure as the pump wont need as much power to push it up through the smaller hose. I will try adjusting it this weekend and see what that does. thanks
  14. Water pump / Flow help

    Well the pump is meant to do 1100 GPH but it just doesnt seem to have any pressure once it hits the flower bed
  15. Hi All Im hoping you may be able to help me as im abit stuck. I have been trying to build a solar powered watering system for the wifes greenhouse but the water doesnt seem to have enough pressure. Im following this instructable - http://www.instructables.com/id/Automatic-Solar-Powered-Greenhouse-Watering-System/ I purchased this bilge pump which is placed in a water butt next to the greenhouse - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111886457841?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I fitted the 28mm hose to the pump which pumps up out of the water butt and into the greenhouse (total length about 4.5ft) and it then connects to this solenoid (to stop syphoning water when off) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/350868670434?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The otherside of the solenoid is fitted with normal size garden hose and then off the hose is the micro irregation pieces. When the pump runs it has good flow at the point of before the solenoid, its also fairly good coming out of the solenoid but once all connected then the flow to the plants is really poor. Is there a way to increase the pressure? If I was to only use 1ft of the 28mm wider hose and then the converter to the smaller hose would that be better? Any ideas? thanks

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