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  1. What the Elle! Small Box - Big Story

    Excellent timing, sir. I know someone who could use a watch with two time zones, to avoid the jet lag of traveling to UTC+9 to UTC-4. Best of luck with surgery and post-op hijinks.
  2. A Little Disappointed With Cousins

    If you paid with your credit card, your card issuer may offer help if Cousins doesn't play ball. Faulty goods is faulty goods. Presuming you checked it out on receipt before fitting it. "Just a tenner" irritates, this is how some companies learn they can "get away with" defrauding customers. e.g. Sony VP stating to the press that "most of our customers don't know what a rootkit is, so don't care" when they were caught installing computer malware when their music CDs were put ina computer. I've boycotted Sony ever since that idiot made his pronouncement to the buying public.
  3. I've never gone wrong with Hirsch. And Gary at Watch Obsession is a nice feller, had good dealings with him.
  4. Black Bay 36mm.

    A "real" dive watch might have to be worn outside a wetsuit. That a dive watch out of the case might not fit a nude wrist unless you "buy" addtional links is, to me, ludicrous. Not just a money grab (I'd speculate that the retailer actually removed links so they could sell them back onto the watch), but a major dent on the brand credibility. That's why I'd walk out the door. Unless you've got tree trunks for wrists, a dive watch more than £1000 should fit any man's wrist, period. I'd count links and then contact an AD or the HQ and inquire how many links are SUPPOSED to be on the bracelet. My recollection is that the 80s were all about complications and features and applications. With advancements in quartz movements and microchip innovation, more and more could be put into a watch if there was room for teh gearing. G-shocks and similar became all the rage when they fit altimeters, barometers, compasses, memory recall, etc, into the dang things. The mania for huge watches seems to be a more recent trend, perhaps a retro nostalgia for the big clunky dive watches of the 60s and 70s. Funny, I thought my Seiko H558 was "clunky" when I bought it and wore it, compared with my Seiko 5 7009 and 7A48.
  5. Help me decide!

    7s26-04Y4 R2. (7S26-01X0 on the caseback) My recollection is that it didn't sell well, then became desired after the fact. The black dial version is lovely. Think it's called the "Samurai?" Google will help. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the SM's second crown/HEV is an anomaly. Makes an otherwise elegant watch look like a clunky ploprof. I much prefer the heritage (whatever they call it) SM300 homage that Omega released about hte time of SPECTRE. Even the "Bond edition" version was nice. That would be my choice, not the SM on view here. But then, almost all my watches are vintage looking.
  6. Black Bay 36mm.

    It looks a little likethe minute hand on the 36mm is too long. But I concur, the proportions are good. That clasp looks solid … and thick. I'm appalled that that they charge extra for an extra link if it doesn't fit you. In that price range, they should make it fit, or sell to someone more gullible. Spare links don't cost that much to manufacture. If I was buying a watch and the bracelet was too short to fit me, I'd head for the door.
  7. Help me decide!

    Either are great watches, it may come down to how it feels on your wrist … or how it looks in person. I can understand your concerns about Tag Heuer, I'd be put off the brand for life if that happened to me. Good of EJ to take it back after multiple repair visits (for a new watch, yet). Here's a radical idea. Get a Seiko diver — far more economical, and same superb VFM IMHO — and put the rest into a diving vacation. Go somewhere exotic to wed that watch with some memories other than trips back to the retalier for warranty repairs.
  8. Purchase Advice

    If you want to "buy British," get a Christopher Ward and put the balance of your budget into long-term investment with a good UK bank (Lloyds?).

    The widget's a little funny in it's reaction, but I see that you simply have to "double-tap" the icon to "like" a post.
  10. Odd. I know I donated £5 to the forum earlier this year, thought I used the "gallery upgrade" option, but I don't have the "Add images" option in the Gallery. Did I click the wrong link?
  11. my photo close up problems.

    "First world problems."
  12. Too late to edit, and can't seem to find how to attach images on the site. Here are my notification preferences: And here's what pops up when I click "Follow" Oh, I see. It's not a preference for all "follows," just automatic follows. Oh, bother.
  13. Do you remember "MY WATCH"?

    Went much of my life like this. My Seiko 5 (or a Casio ani-digi model) in college, a Seiko H558 on-duty in the USCG (occasionally donning my 7A48 for dressy occasions), then a 7S26 diver post-divorce. Only since joining here did I start collecting a menagerie, and "picking today's watch."
  14. Not sure if this is new for the update (I use Tapatalk 98% of hte time), but the posts don't have the number. Most forums let you specify a post #, e.g. "check out Bill's comment in post #17." Some software will link anythign like #[nn] to that post number automagically. I don't see an option to set your default "follow" notification. I prefer "via control panel" or "no e-mail notification" but the FOLLOW button doesn't "remember" my last choice.
  15. Dare to Wear

    I suspect 99% of people don't notice your watch, and if they do it's because they know your hobby and want to make conversation. That Lorus MM is a classic, I'd wear that with dinner jacket and batwing black tie. Easy.