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  1. Older phone, so available very economically (my last phone was a refurb that cost me US$160), but getting the current version of Android. You don't always have ot go to the carrier and get the lastest phone by signing a 24 month contract.
  2. Holy cats, didn't realize that was COSC certified in addition to a 5 day reserve. Woohoo, very nice watch.
  3. But, sorry if I sound snarky. Wear it in good health! A functional and reliable "daily driver" watch is always a boon companion.
  4. In the original 6542, I believe, the 24h hand was not moved independently, so the 48-click bezel was required to indicate another zone. E.g. local with 12h hand, and UTC with the 24h hand. I have a Seiko like this, and an internal, movable bezel is used to show cities. Simple to use. Line up your local city/time zone against your local 24h chapter ring time (in the pic, 16 - 1/2), then read the 24h ring against the city you're interested in. In the pic, local time is -5 from GMT. Here's my 6542 homage in original config, the 24h hand is indicating 1400 local, and the bezel is rotated to show 1800 GMT. Later movements from Rolex and others let you move the 24h hand independently, so you could have it always indicating a 2nd time zone. The movable bezel now lets you show a third time zone. E.g. local, GMT and Paris. Using that info, and telling you that in this next photo the 24h hand is on UTC, what time zone is local ? what time zone is read on the bezel? So you can see that 24h bezel has a very specific use. The original was based on a Turn-o-graph and fitted with a modified 48-click spring. A watch that has that bezel but no 24h hand or indicator for it to reference is, to me, sort of "illiterate watch design." It quite literally does not correspond to anything. Just IMHO.
  5. Pics, please.
  6. I'd be nervous using Brasso on a watch, esp. getting the oil near the seals. Just my 2p.
  7. Applause for Mel, .
  8. They sell some Bergeon equivalent tools that they say are made in the same factory: the 6111, 6767, I can vouch for their quality (first rate) ... between those, some spare tips, a couple of handy Horotec tools, you can make that order minimum easily.
  9. WatchRecon is your friend. ;)
  10. I just turned a year closer to the min. requirements of this club.
  11. Hm. I think it was the SKX009K2 I saw at my [Durham, NC, USA] store, but Amazon beats their price. (My memory might be faulty.) Odd, Costco has a policy of not selling for more than 14% above cost, guess Amazon is only making pennies of profit. :-\ Disclosure: I've been a happy Costco member for 23 years, still own and use things I've bought there due to value and durability. Some "hidden" member benefits like the extended warranties on computers, and double-rebates on the Exec Membership and charged on the Costco credit card, make purchases better than even online sellers. Depends upon what you're buying. News this morning: they're returning $3B or so in dividends to shareholders in a time when most b&m retailers are suffering.
  12. Yea, verily LMAO
  13. Not sure I follow you. I've got chronos with 12 hr registers. I rarely time for that long, but may time for a few hours. If you mean the GMT function on a watch with a "basic additional [24h] central hand on the dial," I've used that in the past and still do. (switched to more appropriate pic) Sometimes us dumb yanks need to know when it's (edit) afternoon tea time in Old Blighty, whut. "Yo, Bubba, we're outta crumpets and Earl Grey agin…"
  14. Not sure if this would be available in your market, but a 2015 phone will be getting Android "N" updates shortly. Sometimes after 24 months or so, phone models get dropped off of updates.
  15. That's ALL you're worried about?? Then the answer is No. Watches below US$1000 or £1000 are not going to be "more prone to tarnish." Silly question, actually. Sounds like you've never put on a snorkel and flippers and dove down below the £2000 price market. Come on in, the water's fine.