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  1. Stainless steel scratches

    Oh, it's simple. You're a scratch-magnet. Maybe take the watch off when banging your wrist on things. Or learn to embrace the wabi-sabi. Many large watches are called "door frame magnets" for good reason.
  2. How to wake up a dormant Forum member

    Marooned. Richard Crenna, and ... Gene Hackman?
  3. First snow of this winter

    Yes, but they can be seen in the forum post regardless.
  4. Touch of Class

    Very interesting design. "Made in Germany." Refreshing to find a crowdfunded watch that doesn't claim to be Swiss ecstasy in jewelry form.
  5. Tell me if you've heard this one

    I don't know what to think. Some of the watches are butt fugly. "Coming soon to a cheap fashion mall near you?"
  6. Snupps

    Hrm. Materialism in the digital age? Though using it for watch collections seems far more useful than cataloguing one's shoes, or clothes, or ... stuff.
  7. Feedback about my kickstarter project

    You don't seem to detect sarcasm very well.
  8. First snow of this winter

    Might as well just paste the image link and not the link to Flickr, the photos are private and can't be viewed. (I mean the whole IMG 20171211_12345 by Paul on Flickr bit.)
  9. Bulova Accu-Swiss Tellaro chronograph

    Nothing's in question. I see what it says. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_made https://www.ablogtowatch.com/swiss-made-2/ http://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-a-swiss-made-watch-2017-1
  10. Bulova Accu-Swiss Tellaro chronograph

    Those lugs have a definite Omega-sexiness to them. Such a lovely watch. FYI, "Swiss made" and "Swiss Watch" can have very specific meaning. One of the experts like @Always"watching" can tell us for sure, but some watches that say "Swiss" on the dial aren't all sourced in-country. Doesn't make them any less of a watch.
  11. Get it Off Your Chest.

    Here's one you probably recognize. I was watching Michael Mann's The Insider in a theater in 1999ish, and admiring the cool nouveau safari jacket/parka that Al Pacino is wearing in the beginning, and then later in a scene in Berkeley or NYC. Then I see the pocket on the back. Realize the costumer had used a Willis & Geiger Summer Field Parka, with the color bleached a little, the very same jacket I had draped on the seat in front of me at the Rafael Theater in San Rafael. Cool. I'm watching episodes of Sherlock on streaming, and from time to time I see ... my car. Well, a silver Honda Euro Accord, the CL9, the same that I drive here rebadged as an Acura TSX (I took off the two extraneous badges, though). Seeing one's own car in a movie or telly show is startling, i'n' it? From time to time I see a film with characters getting on or off a midsize corporate jet, and my sixth sense kicks in, and I think, "Wait, I know that plane." Yep, sure, it's a Falcon 20, what I spent some 1200 flight hours flying in, pre- and post-flighting, not to mention probably twice as many hours working in and around. Kind of like seeing your own bedroom, you just know it on sight. I was watching Chance with Hugh Laurie (one of your national treasures, amirite?) on Hulu, it takes place in my hometown of San Francisco. Seeing locations familiar to me is nothing new when you grew up in the old part of the city. But there's a scene in a cafe and I instantly felt "at home." Yep, Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe at 566 Columbus Ave, 2 blocks from home. Spent many hours there. Same when watching Bullitt with Steve McQueen, I'd never noticed before the blu-ray that the signature car chase goes right past the North Beach Public Library branch on Mason St a block from home, then guns into action on Chestnut at Columbus, in front of Bimbo's 365, my own street. ... YOu know where we're headed. You're watching a movie or tv show at home. You stop the film. You rewind. You hoot with glee that you recognize a watch a character is wearing, or you recognize your own watch on the wrist of a character. Those around you are confounded. Who cares? How could you possibly have recognized it? It's like some form of dementia. That happened to me when watching Commando with Schwarzenegger. The gag watch for closeups was a mockup with digital countdown timer (the real Seiko H558 didn't do that), but the watch he wore for most of that film, and in Raw Deal, and in Predator, was the same watch I bought at the USCG TraCen Cape May post exchange store when I graduated from Basic Training, and wore throughout my career as my primary work watch. I dont' think other aficionados experience this, well car nuts probably do, but ... anyone else? I doubt it. "It's a WIS thing, you wouldn't understand."
  12. Mickey Mouse - Bulova Accutron

    As is said here many times,... we don't do valuations. Among other problems there was once a lawsuit threatened (or filed?) after someone made an offhand assessment. Use eBay as your guide for what the market will bear (search on completed auctions).
  13. Watches in the Snow.

    Yeah, but after being in the frigid water for a few minutes, you don't care so all's well. We had a dusting of snow here in central NC Saturday, was lovely to go jogging in. Nothing like what you all got. What is THIS? I don't think I've seen one before. A gold-tone Flightmaster, or... no, a Speedie but with a 24h register I've not noticed before. How does that 24h register work, is there an indicator under the hand? T'is lovely.
  14. Timex Is Sometimes The Better Option

    Young tyke sporting the 9,000 quid Rolex probably waved it about and talked it up like it was his supermodel girlfriend. In other words, "Please rip me off." Long sleeved shirts and jackets can do wonders for keeping a low profile. @Nigelp You're just catching up with Roger Moore Bond flicks? Yeah, Seiko had the watch promo niche for a few years. But it fit in with the more light-hearted Bonds. Watches with ticker tape messages, down-cleavage TV cameras, and so forth. Fun stuff.

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