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  1. WOW Rolex content

    That article is short on details. So this was/is ... a 5513 with a 3-6-9 dial? Not many made, I guess, so I'm some mad Rolex collectors have been lusting for one. A tulip you can tell the time with (IF you wear it). I doubt the "orange numerals" are what made it valuable, but the patina and condition of the dial. I wonder if the Italian buyer had to pay customs on it returning home with it....
  2. My New Old Porsche Design Watch: What's Yours Like?

    Cue the theme song to "Who Dares Wins."
  3. If wishes were horses,....
  4. Mobile phones....love 'em or hate 'em....?

    Not a matter of the data allowance on the account, but the actual technology of the SIM card itself. You did say a 19 year old SIM? There are frequencies that are being phased out in the US, might be the same over there. I would just go into a carriers storefront and ask them if the 19 yo SIM is still supported fully. If they answer you anything other then "Absolutely, sir," feed that back to your IT department with a chiding that they might want to upgrade from Windows 98 on their computers, as well.
  5. Mobile phones....love 'em or hate 'em....?

    In the US, you'd need a new GSM SIM card to enable higher data rates and reliability on newer phones. E.g. I had a Nokia 6682, with a 3G SIM card, when I learned I could get an updated SIM card (same phone #) to enable 4G, I got one free from my carrier store, and zOOM, my phone worked faster. You should be able to get a newer SIM without any change in your contract plan. Bear in mind, I'm basing this on US carriers. ... a 19 year old SIM card ... that's almost certainly outdated. Even if your phone is 8 years old, you could benefit from a more current SIM.
  6. Post from Finnish vintage watch brands

    It may have already been pointed out, if so please forgive me. This forum is not a place to advertise your blog ... feel free to post your articles HERE for us to read as well as your own blog. You can still retain copyright — they’re your words after all — but when you just post here trying to get traffic to your site, I view that as advertising on the forum, which is a misuse. If Roy and the mods have given you a green light to do so, carry on. If they haven’t, then you’re walking on an unsteady plank, mate. Peace, love, and herring.
  7. Brilliant PB fix

    The hack may be busted already. I saw some ransomware PB image placeholders today.
  8. Have a question

    Never came back, did’e?
  9. Heuer watches made for Abercrombie & Fitch

    TAG? Whozzat? \\ Posted from an iPad Mini kybd — intelligibility is circumstantial //
  10. International day of non violence.

    WTF is going on in Spain?? Cops pulling people out of polls, some being pulled by their hair? Don’t even know what to say about Las Vegas. Just insane. \\ Posted from an iPad Mini kybd — intelligibility is circumstantial //
  11. Shaving tools

    Have used old fashioned DE razor blades for years, decades. Either an antique Gillette razor, or a newer heavier model from Crabtree & Evelyn (made by another firm that I can’t remember). Had a Merkur from school finally threw it out in disgust (idiot; they cost nearly $70 US) when it never failed to slice me. Blades: used to prefer Wilkinson, but they’re so dear, trying others. Cream varies from Cremo, to Pro Raso, to Claus Porto, to Lucky Tiger. I get queasy whenever I see the prices for those multiblade monstrosities. Incredibly overpriced and wasteful (all that plastic going into landfills). [emoji20] FYI, this topic has come up before, use the Search tool, you’ll find I’ve answered at least twice…. ;)
  12. Which Watch Gets People Talking To You

    We yanks like to show off at the table. A huge turkey, sitting on a serving platter, a nice sharp machete to whirl about, flinging perfect slices of turkey breast onto grandma’s plate to the delight and amazement of all present. If could only find a serving platter big enough for the dumb turkey in teh White House.…
  13. Hard rubber pinch.

    YIKES. Boiling water. I'd say water heated to 130 degrees F.
  14. Which Watch Gets People Talking To You

    Turkey carving plates are indeed thick, to support the cutting.
  15. New to nato advice please

    I have some from Phoenix (mickie500 on the 'Bay), some RAF style from Maratac including their S-series striped straps. I have a tutorial on the forum for turning a G10 "NATO" style strap into a 1960s style strap with a cloth keeper. Looking for it....

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