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  1. Alignment help

    You already knew the answer. I'm chill as can be, but I'm not going to tolerate brand-trolling.
  2. Alignment help

    I dunno, I didn't wait that long. Maybe you're thinking of Project 300, which has been the caboose behind 2-3 others (Kingston, Key West, Graywater). Oooookaaaay, let's not hijack this thread anymore? You don't have to plant a flag in every mention of Mk II with a snarky snort. It's BORING.
  3. Alignment help

    It is indeed, sir. Many are the WIS who attest they'd never wait so long for a forum LE project watch, but once I had it on the wrist, the years melted away and I became like a little boy again.
  4. How good are CW watches?

    Oh, is that all?? Are you sure you don't want each watch to come accompanied by a chocolate sundae with cherry on top, or a foot massage, or.... You've never heard of Stowa. Think I'm seeing some logic here. BTW, I've always suspected the reason for their sales was that they needed to get rid of old stock that wasn't selling, or had old logos, or ... rewarding faithful customers who keep an eye on the site. What's wrong with that? I have to add though, @Robden's post shows no less than three unique logos (and one partial, making four kinds of dial marking), and I just want to smack the company and say STOP. STOP changing your brand marking. Settle on one (even if you don't like it) and stick with it for several years. The new one is bleh to me, totally boring and without any character; looks like a newbie kickstarter logo. I wouldn't wear a watch with that marking if they paid me to.
  5. Alignment help

    A Maratac Mil-series in maroon ... ... or perhaps a S-series red stripe? What's the lug width? (I'd suggest the blue stripe, but they're sold out. )
  6. In-coming...Maserati Quattroporte...content

    Very sexy Italian car ... and in a right good ol' British racing green? Or is that hunter green? 928s were underappreciated in their time, I think. It's a design that just hasn't dated IMHO. One in black/black screams "Batmobile."
  7. Seiko SPB053J1 arrived today!

    Classic, and classy. Well done.
  8. Alignment help

    I don't see it badly, even at 3 and 9. Rotate the bezel 90 degrees, and compare. But honestly, I only worry if the index pip doesnt' line up. Bear in mind this is a super macro photo, you're bound to find a few things at that scale.
  9. watches for london

    ... Used to be London, most of England, was a fairly friendly, un-xenophobic place. Times have changed?
  10. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    I missed out on getting one of the classic Seiko automatics at a USCG exchange store in 1985, opting for the James Bond-like H558,but later picked this up... And love it. Lume that lasts all night, bright as hell coming out of daylight.
  11. Seiko Pogue

    Use the forum SEARCH function. You can search on posts by specific users. I think it’s either Roger the Dodger or Mach… who have one ... Sorry, I can’t link their usernames, I’m on Tapatalk at the moment. But when you start typing the name in the username field, the forum will offer to autocomplete.
  12. Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    :ummm9uh: Okay. Good luck with that.
  13. Wow, so cheap they couldn’t fit a PVD crown to the case. I think this post is in the wrong section, surely it was meant to be in the Jokes section...?
  14. Vintage Omega ID please

    Take it to a local watchmaker/jeweler, ask them to open it and let you take macro photos with a good quality camera.
  15. Steinhart Ocean One Vintage

    Click the link?

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