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  1. OUCH. I can imagine how that nut watch will feel on the wrist. Best of luck to you.
  2. Mafws Game

    Signal Quality Usually Above Delimiter BOART
  3. Unrealistic Expectations

    Some patrons of our HOA community pool have asked if we can somehow prevent bugs from landing in the outdoor swimming pool. From time to time we get amazing requests from our member/homeowners. We have a clear sign on the gate stipulating that "a working pool cardkey is required to enter the pool." People with non-working pool cards are directed to call the property manager. Mostly these are cards that were deactivated when reported lost/stolen, or deactivated because the tenant/owner moved away. Still, people plead with the attendants and other patrons to let them in. I had a woman last month inquire about her card, I asked her the usual questions. Then, "Is it possible you've been behind in your dues payments, that's a reason cards are deactivated?" "Oh NO, we're always current and on time with our payments." When I checked, sure enough her household had been in arrears for two months and just paid up 3 weeks earlier.
  4. Dipping into Digital: A Seiko C359-5000

    I had one of those 2000 watches that I wore as a radioman of the watch in teh USCG ... I had it programmed with message codes and other useful references for when I was sending TTY messages on an old Model 80 Teletype machine. Alas, I discarded it in 2000 or so thinking it was no longer useful or collectible. D'oh!! All it needed was a battery, I had the user manual and all. :P
  5. Battle of the Crocs: Lacoste, and its Watches

    I say sir, shouldn't this be in your own section where your other fine articles are? http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/82-honours-topics/
  6. Watches and a Sartorial Touch.

    Haha, I just read this again. I have been buying some high value low price clothes from Costco (their buyers will contract with factories to make clothes as good or better than name brands, often the same factories, then sell them at or less than 14% above cost), including Egyptian cotton polos, and this year some fine chinos. The chinos, at US$17, are an exceptionally good value: soft, durable, nice features (coin/watch pocket!), and classic colors. I've splurged on three pairs in the cream/stone color, and two in the tan/khaki color (one more in graphite). My comfy wear this summer must be similar to yours. I have 3 of the black polos, two in sky blue (nice dupe of what Sir Sean wore in DR NO), some others in navy and sky blue. On any given day, I'm wearing stone or khaki chinos and a blue polo, with my Mk II Kingston on a 18mm Phoenix Real Bond strap, and find myself humming "Underneath The Mango Tree." All I need are some canvas slip-ons and an Airsoft Walther PPk. Have thought of getting a Fred Perry polo (his wear in Thunderball) but for those prices, I get Sunspel pique polos when on sale (one in black, one in red brick). Their Riviera shirts (navy) and pique LS shirts are so nice in humid NC summer weather.
  7. Holiday's at home.

    If you mean the shopkeeper who fired a rifle when some "naturists" at a local beach wouldn't put clothing on, that sounded like more than just ill feeling. Hopefully he gets the book thrown at him, he hit one woman in the leg. Could've been very tragic (like our own US bad news du jour).
  8. Dive Watch Myths.

    One thing the Hodinkee writer missed ... most people do not, or are not permitted to, say "waterproof." Water resistance is estimated by the design and testing. You wouldn't want to wear that fully waterproof watch that Rolex made for the deeeeeeep dive.
  9. Watches and a Sartorial Touch.

    Matching watch and cuff links FTW.
  10. Twit.

    OMFG. You got your dive watch wet. Horrors!
  11. I've reported the other thread to admin. Admin or mod should be able to merge one topic into another, it's a basic function of forum software. On a car forum, one owner in the NE of the US told of an Acura (Honda's "luxe" brand) dealer charging people for the air (nitrogen mix) in the tires of new vehicles. The buyer said, You should've have received the car with the tires inflated. Adjusting the inflation pressure shouldn't charged. Oh no, the salesperson insisted, we receive them with regular air, we deflate them and fill with Acura nitrogen. Sorry, most people use a nitrogen mix now. The salesperson boasted, Oh well we inflate with Acura high performance nitrogen. I would've asked to see the air bottles for this. Or just said, "I didn't agree to buy that, deflate tires and reinflate with regular, free air." Some dealers have no limits on their snake oil they'll try to sell.
  12. IN this day of touchscreen computers in our pockets, wireless access to a global information network, instantaneous communication between individuals around the world, or individuals to the masses,... the concept of machine- and handmade timepieces constructed of mechanical constructs is positively anachronistic. Mechanical watches are archaic. Younger people won't necessarily get it.
  13. Not sure what I was worried about

    It appears to have nice long lugs, which will help in keeping the watch stable on the wrist. If that's what anyone means by "wears well." That's such a subjective evaluation, I've never heard anyone define it.
  14. Nato recommends for Seiko 5 SNXS77

    The web site should ask you if you want to edit the post or the topic title. Look for the EDIT link. ;) \\ Posted from an iPad Mini kybd — intelligibility is circumstantial //
  15. Tapatalk

    Roy's other post was the first one I saw on Tapatalk this morning.