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  1. Well, if they say so....
  2. A shaving brush is a poor substitute for a camera lens brush, or bulb blower. I’m not sure what the photgrapher was thinking....
  3. Chromejob

    In this morning

    INteresting design, never seen it before.
  4. Chromejob

    Which watch!

    Some of your questions are quite common, using the forum SEARCH function you may uncover some prior discussions that touch on the same concerns. Buying a high end watch can be a real safari, if you can get a reasonable discount from an authorized dealer (AD), then the watch may hold value (depending upon the model). But like cars, buying as an investment and holding value is speculative and requires some deep knowledge of the market and the item. I recommend you buy with your heart, use your head to get a good deal, and forget about the investement equation.
  5. Chromejob

    OCD.....or not ? Synching hands.

    Stopping the second hand? I'm unsure if that's doing any good or harm to the watch. I just wait until :55 and then advance the minute hand where I need it. I can hit that mark in five to 8 seconds, which is "good enough for government work" to me.
  6. Chromejob

    SOTC - where to go from here

    You've got some classics in there, several actually. But no GMT type watches. Maybe the Tudor BB GMT that just came out? Or a vintage GMT-Master (1970s perhaps)? So many people took off from Rolex's original 6542, there's a wide variety of styles and brands to select from. If you need a good reliable watch to swim in (and take in the sauna? really??), just get a Seiko pro diver. Cheap as chips and dependable. I wore mine in pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, flying, diving to 187', the works. Never had a problem. I side with others, get the Rolex checked, new seals, and that would be a fine dunking watch. But if it's older, I can understand your hesitance. You can pick up a Seiko for less than servicing that Rolex!
  7. Chromejob

    Спасибо RWP

    This is why you buy affordable leather straps that can be easily cleaned off, hold their own, let them breathe and "rest" after a day's wear (I didn't do that for my Hirsch shark, part of my recipe for its demise). When it finally gives up, swap out for a new one.
  8. Chromejob

    Movie watches.....

    What brand of underwear was the lawyer wearing? http://watchesinmovies.info/movies/jurassic-park-1993/
  9. Chromejob

    What does this mean?

    Many of those Seikos have dual-mode hands. Press or press-and-hold a button and a sweep second hand becomes a charge indicator on Kinetic models. As other smart bunnies determined, it's the "chrono" indicator. I was going to guess it meant chronicle.
  10. Chromejob

    7s26 ?

    Someone sells an app for iOS that you can lay a watch on a EarPod microphone and the app will pick up the ticks and display a timegrapher-like display. Yeah. Right. Uh-huh.
  11. Chromejob

    Short question, date change.

    New toy, give 'im a break. Don't you obsess about your new toys? I do.
  12. Chromejob

    Big screw Little screw

    Holy thread revival, Batman. Costco has Capstone/Duracell light pucks (each powered by 3x AAA), they have a remote that lets you set the dimmer, off-timer, etc. I have them in my medicine cabinet, under teh kitchen cabinets. QUITE handy, just the thing for RWP's new watch storage.
  13. Chromejob

    Short question, date change.

    Most of my date wheels change over from 23:59 to 00:02 or so. With ETAs it can depend upon hand movement. Yes, if it's quiet enough I can hear it click over. Cassie, my Seikos generally change the date at midnight, then the day changes over the next hour. My Orient ... slow, steady date change from 11:45 to 00:30. What's the rush, eh? Do I sit there and watch? Not since I was about 12 years old and had a Timex diver watch with date, unless it was the various LCD models I had until I bought myself a Seiko 5 in my last year of high school. Yep, I'm sure I watched the Seiko 5 click over a few times, then lost interest with my confidence that it was working A-OK. Rog, if your Roamer date switches over at 11:30 predictably, then it could use a little adjustment. Any watchsmith can advance the movement to the moment the date wheel clicks over, then remove and reposition the hands to 00:01. Simple, maybe a 10 bob job?
  14. Chromejob

    Can't view some pics

    As the butler said in The Blue Hand , "ExCEEDingly odd."
  15. Chromejob

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    I could grow to like that ... but would never find it easy to READ. Sorry, Omega, EUR9,000 for a watch I have to squint to read, no.

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